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Long before the discovery of gold ... long before the wagons, the white man, and the thunder of war, well over 10,000 years and 80 tribes ago, when only the soft impression of a moccasin crossed fearlessly with that of the cougar, the mountain lion, and the bear ... this was Oregon and these were her people.

In the year of 1775, Spanish Captain Bruno Hacetathe, steered a weary course and crew toward America's Northwestern States, leaving a new set of imprints in the sands of time. Then again in 1792, Robert Gray, proud captain of the vessel Columbia, placed stern and prayer and ventured his course up the wide green waters of the Oregon Country's most principal river. It would become the voyage of it's christening ... an imprint to cross no others ... the "Columbia," as strong and as mighty as it's namesake.

Lewis and Clark spent the winter of 1805-1806 near the rugged Oregon coast at what is now known as, Ft. Clatsop. They indeed, blew the loudest trumpet of all. With the ringing of their encouraging reports would come, mountain men, missionaries, fur traders, and adventurers; all contributing to the depth of the ruts marred across the face of the Oregon frontier .

The Oregon Trail had become the overland pioneer route to the northwestern United States. About 2,000 miles long the trail extended from Independence, Missouri, to the Columbia River in Oregon. For twenty-five years nearly 650,000 emigrants migrated westward on a long and dusty road paved in famine, hardships and tears. Arriving in the great Northwest, staggering, worn, and forsaken; those who could walk carried those who had fallen, those who had breath buried those who were breathless; those who had the strength began to clear the land; those who had the means began to till the soil; and those who had a vision began to see a state.

And henceforth, through the depth of lifes struggles and by the strength of great character, their imprints cross proudly with those of the moccasin.This website is dedicated to every man, woman, and child ... of every race and every creed that ever placed an impression, large or small ... softly or loudly, on the wide and beautiful face of ...

"A Place Called Oregon"
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