Grant County, U.S. Census July 1870

Union Precinct - Prairie City

The following appeared at the end of the census:

"Plus 33 households of Chinese almost exclusively miners totaling 217. Grant County - Union district total 523 people of which 304 are while - 110 dwellings - 43 farmers with real estate claims - 24 children had attended school in the preceding year."

* Asterisk indicates individual household or dwelling

M. Byrne 37 M Miner Ireland
A. Mucilage 40 M Miner Switzerland
H.A. Dale 31 M Miner Indiana
Emila Dale 29 F Housewife Illinois
George Dale 12 M None Missouri
Ellen Dale 10 F None Illinois
Anna Dale 8 F None Illinois
John Dale 6 M None Oregon
Laura Dale 4 F None Oregon
J.A.B. Royer 38 M Teamster Tennessee
*S.B. Perine 44 M Lumberman New York
A.B. Marks 21 M Sawyer Missouri
*Henry Rivis 46 M Miner Canada
F. Moel 38 M Miner France
J.D. Martin 28 M Miner Italy
*D.G. Sensman 51 M Miner Prussia
N. Belden 42 M Miner Connecticut
*M.B. Davis 40 M Farmer Tennessee
A. Francis 23 F At Home Illinois
B.F. Francis 7 M None California
J.C. Francis 5 M None Oregon
Clara Francis 3 F None Oregon
E.E. Francis 1 M None Oregon
*William Farleigh 37 M Farmer Illinois
M.E. Farleigh 36 F Housewife Kentucky
George Farleigh 13 M None California
Emma Farleigh 13 F None California
John Farleigh 7 M None California
T.J. Keton 21 M Farmer Illinois
S. Williams 35 M Farmer Missouri
P.S. Keton 16 M Farmer Texas
*Thomas Mills 46 M Miner New York
M.S. Parker 34 M Teamster Maine
D.H. Dimmick 25 M Miner Illinois
*A.J. Smith 29 M Miner Portugal
Daniel Silver 25 M Miner Portugal
John Silver 23 M Miner Portugal
A. Bunzell 40 M Miner Portugal
John A. Silver 20 M Miner Portugal
Ah Keet 31 M Cook China
William Brodie 35 M Butcher Scotland
James Sullens 18 M Herding Missouri
*A. Clarke 61 M Hotel Keeper New York
Delila Clarke 55 Female Keeping House Virginia
*George Dollina 37 M Huckster Austria
*J.F. Cleaver 35 M Butcher Illinois
Sarah M. Cleaver 20 F Keeping House Michigan
Arthur Cleaver 1 M None Oregon
*J.W. Moody 39 M Keeping Hotel Tennessee
Jennie Moody 26 F Keeping House New Jersey
Eugene Moody 4 M None Oregon
*S.F. Chittenden 47 M Miner New York
Margaret Chittenden 27 F None Canada
Reuben Chittenden 10 M None California
A. Davis 13 M Servant California
*H.H. Hyde 56 M Merchant New York
T.G. Hyde 22 M Attorney Oregon
H.A. Hyde 18 M Clerk in Store Oregon
W.S. Hyde 14 M None Oregon
C.F. Hyde 13 M None California
*W.J. Couzens 37 M Blacksmith Missouri
Maria Couzens 31 F Keeping House New York
*James Cate 24 M Miner Arkansas
Sam Davis 48 M Miner Ireland
Jim Rinehart 45 M Miner Ireland
J.D. Daly 27 M Miner Ireland
H.S. Akers 28 M Miner Virginia
J.P.S. Kelly 24 M Miner Maryland
Jean Seignon 34 M Miner France
*James Sparks 37 M Teamster Missouri
*E.E. Turk 38 M Huckster Massachusetts
Carrie Turk 22 F Keeping House Virginia
*D.W. Church 42 M Miner New York
W.W. Wright 30 M Miner Tennessee
V.A. Hartley 31 M Miner Tennessee
S. French 38 M Blacksmith Maine
*E. Shaw 43 M Blacksmith Massachusetts
S.R. Shaw 42 F Keeping House New York
E.B. Shaw 19 M Herding Connecticut
Alice Shaw 8 F None California
Minnie Shaw 3 F None Oregon
*E. Daly 44 M Teamster Ireland
M.A. Daly 27 F Keeping House Ireland
Ellen Daly 5 F None Oregon
John Daly 4 M None Oregon
Margaret (no last name) 2 F None Oregon
*R.C. Reid 41 M Miner New York
S. Dragerbauch 22 M Miner Portugal
M. Crostopich 23 M Miner Portugal
*W. Brown 33 M Miner Scotland
O. Connor 23 M Miner Ship in St. Lawrence
Ah Sed 20 M Miner China
M. Richardson 38 M Miner Missouri
*F. Evans 36 F Keeping House Illinois
M.C. Evans 12 F None California
C.E. Evans 10 M None California
V.E. Evans 6 M None Oregon
R.M. Evans 1 M None Oregon
*William Kropp 42 M Miner Germany
Robert Ray 36 M Miner Georgia
*E. Tallison 25 M Miner Norway
H. Webb 58 M Miner Bremen Prussia
*John Dise 44 M Miner Bremen Prussia
H. Rodgers 41 M Miner Connecticut
*A.E. Starr 31 M Miner Ohio
John Crim 36 M Miner Kentucky
*N.W. Thornton 28 M Blacksmith Rhode Island
N. Holcum 53 F Keeping House New York
*Julius LeBret 35 M Driving Stage France
P.A. LeBret 22 F Keeping House Michigan
S. Rappe 34 M Carpenter Belgium
*J. Worwick 33 M Keeping Saloon England
F. Flageollet 44 M Keeping Hotel France
Louiza Flageollet 38 F Keeping House France
*W.P. Flint 33 M Butcher Maryland
Rebecca Flint 31 F Keeping House Pennsylvania
Cora Flint 9 F None California
*J.G. Mullen 27 M Mule Packer Pennsylvania
M.J. Mullen 20 F Keeping House Iowa
A.S. Mullen 6 F None California
H.S. Mullen 4 F None Oregon
W.F. Mullen 2 M None Oregon
G.E. Mullen 1/4 M None Oregon
*G.W. Patterson 40 M Farmer Indiana
E. Patterson 39 F Keeping House Indiana
Henry Patterson 15 M None California
Jenette Patterson 14 F None California
*H. Haven 36 M Farmer Arkansas
*W.H. Hartley 28 M Farmer Tennessee
*A.C. Junken 49 M Farmer Ohio
Elvira Junken 44 F Keeping House Kentucky
Thomas Junken 10 M None Oregon
John Junken 8 M None Oregon
J.A. Junken 5 M None Oregon
A.E. Junken 4 F None Oregon
S.J. Junken 1 F None Oregon
*Martin Nicholas 65 M Farmer New York
*Samuel Tucker 49 M Farmer New York
William Claflin 40 M Farmer Ohio
John Johnson 50 M Farm Laborer Germany
J.N. Welch 50 M Trapper Kentucky
J.M. Holcomb 25 M Farmer Michigan
*J.C. Gillenwater 48 M Farmer Tennessee
Sarah J. Gillenwater 38 F Keeping House Ohio
Joseph Gillenwater 17 M None Oregon
S. Gillenwater 13 F None California
G. Gillenwater 9 F None California
Virginia Gillenwater 5 F None Oregon
Hattie Gillenwater 3 F None Oregon
Emma Gillenwater 1/12 F None Oregon

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