Dear Aunt Nellie: I have read the letters for some time, and thought I would write. I live on a 160-acre farm. We have three little pigs, three horses, four cows and a calf and about 20 chickens. Our cows' names are Redda, Peggie, Betsy and Pansy. I have four sisters and two brothers, and I have a war savings stamp. I can't write very well, for I haven't written any since school was out. School was out on May 10, and we had a picnic. We have a car, and I like to ride in our car. I can crochet and tat, but I can not knit. I can sew, too. One of my friends just came, and I went to see her and my little sister, 3 years old, came here where my letter was and tried to write at the bottom of the paper. I am 11 years old and my birthday is January 6. Have I a twin? If so, I should like to hear from her. I will say goodby, Aunt Nellie, and all you dear Corner cousins. Gladys M. Culbertson, McKinley, Oregon.

Dear Aunt Nellie: I enjoy reading the letters very much and I am glad there are so many children living on farms and are helping to win the war. I was 13 years old June 6. Are there any cousins of my age? I will be in the eighth grade when school starts. I live on a farm with father and step-mother. I have one little half-sister who is 2 years old. We have rented a farm of 87 acres and bought 52 acres of another place and we are renting the rest of it. We have 27 head of cattle, four horses, 12 sheep and about 100 chickens. I have eight war saving stamps this fall. I would like to hear from any of the cousins. We have beautiful scenery here and there is much sport, such as fishing and hunting. I have two pets, a cat and a dog. The dog is nearly 23 years old and we have an awfully sweet canary bird that will fight us when we tease him. With love to Aunt Nellie and all the cousins. Florence McKenzie, Wallowa, Oregon.

Dear Aunt Nellie: I enjoy reading the letters very much. How many cousins are reading "Trappers of the Ozarks," in the Farmer? I do, and think it is a fine story. I will be 11 years old October 29. Have I a twin? I have three sisters and one brother. My brother and youngest sister are twins. Their names are Jennie and Wren, and they are 18 years old. One of my sisters is going to school at Monmouth. I have a baby bond and three thrift stamps. I hemmed a dish towel for the soldiers. My teacher's name is Miss Bertha Karcher. She is a fine teacher. I am in the fifth grade. I live five miles from Kent. A few weeks ago my cousin and I went to Buck Hollow to fish, and we caught 14. I planted a fourth of an acre of wheat to help win a victory for Uncle Same. Lyle Hogue, Kent, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: I am 11 years old and will be 12 March 23. I have brown hair and dark brown eyes. Have I a twin? If so, I would like to hear from her. I have four sisters and no brothers. My sisters are Mabel, Ada, Cora and Lucille. They are all married and most of them have children. We have three cows and a dozen horses. Do any of the cousins have to get all the meals for two or three weeks at a time? I do. The sister I am living with is away. What did the chicken say when the hen laid an orange? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? When is a cow not a cow? What would the men do if the women all went to China? That is all that I can think of now. Olive Jarvis, Enterprise, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: Our school was out June 1. We had a picnic on Saturday, but I could not go because I had the measles. The wild flowers are in bloom out here. We have sweet Williams, pansies, daisies and roses in bloom, too. I can knit. I have been out today and just came in a while ago. Dora Hoffmeister and I each got a book for having the most hundreds at school. I passed to the fifth grade. I did not have to take any examinations. I like the Children's Corner. I have four war savings stamps and four thrift stamps. I was 10 years old February 17. I wish I could find a twin. Allie Bartell, Boring, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: I like to read the letters. I have two brothers and one sister. My oldest brother's name is Harold, and the other is Arnold, and my sister is Elsie Ruth. I am in the fourth grade this year, but next year I will be in the fifth. Our school was out the 29th of May. My eldest brother is 4 years old, and the youngest is 2 years old and will be 3 in July, and my sister will be a year old next May. She is 11 days old today. Some of our neighbors are here today. We have one little pet lamb and four calves. Nellie Rose, Rome, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: This is the first time that I have written to the corner, but I have so enjoyed the cousins' letters that I thought some one might enjoy reading mine. I was 13 years old the 29th of January. I do so hope that I have a twin and that they will write to me. I have one war saving stamp and I wish that I could get more, but when you earn money and it is not given to you, one can not buy them very fast. We own two milk goats and I like to play with the kid. She is only four months old and knows so many tricks. I also have a big Scotch Collie dog, and a cat and both of them are very nice companions, especially the dog. I love to read, and play the piano, but I have so many other things to do that I have not much time for either one. Well, I must close now. With much love to the cousins and Aunt Nellie. Lora Putnam, Ashland, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: I have just finished reading the letters in the Farmer and decided to write. I am 15 years old and my birthday is May 31. Have I a twin? I will send a few riddles: 1: What is the difference between a stove pipe and a Dutchman? 2: He loved her; she hated him; womanlike, she would have him; what was he? I have two uncles in the service - one on the front in France [who has been shelled but not badly hurt], and one at a training camp in California. I have a service pin and we have a service flag in the window. I have no brothers, but one sister, 3 years old. Her name is Edna Mildred. I wonder if any of the cousins have the same name I have. Nearly every one thinks my name is Irma. Well, my letter is getting long, so I will close. Best wishes to Aunt Nellie and the cousins. Isma McIntosh, Grants Pass, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: This is the first time I have written to the Corner, and may I join the Corner, too? I am 11 years old and in the seventh grade. My teacher's name is J.J. Mills. We had a big examination in physiology and I got 100 per cent. I have a lot of pets. I have a singing canary; his name is Dick. I have two little dogs; one's name is Trip and one is Towser. I have four chickens too. Aunt Nellie, have I a twin? If I have please tell me. I have two sisters; one's name is Virginia and the other is Helen. Virginia is 5 and Helen is 18 months. I joined the Red Cross and have five war savings stamps. Here is a riddle: Why is a colt like an egg? My birthday is November 3. John Lehman, Oregon City, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: I have never written to the Corner before, but I thought I would write and get acquainted with the other cousins. I live about five and a half miles from town on an 800 acre farm. We have 14 head of cattle, including the calves. We have a pair of twin calves and they are the first twin calves I ever saw, and they are so cute. Their names are Pete and Polly. We have 18 head of horses and about 165 big chickens and 200 little chickens, four baby kittens, three old kittens, two dogs and two pigs. I like farm life fine. I have five sisters, but no brothers. I have a baby sister who will be 2 years old in June; she is very cute. I am a little boy 10 years old and I will be 11 October 9. I was in the fourth grade, but was promoted to the sixth. If I have a twin, write and tell me. Murl Cummings, Heppner, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: My father is a subscriber to the Farmer and I read the letters every week. I live on a farm of 41 acres; part of it is planted to barley and the rest is in alfalfa. We have three horses and seven cows. I own one cow and a calf. I also have $100 worth of war savings stamps and a Liberty bond. I have a war garden also. I have one brother who is 13 years old. School was out May 17. We have joined the Junior Red Cross and sent magazines, knitted and made game boards for the soldiers. The school has a Liberty bond. I will be in the second grade of high school next year. I have been busy haying the last week. I wish some of the other cousins would write to me. I will try and answer any letters I receive. Paul Jones, R. 2, Freewater, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: I have seen so many other nice letters in the Children's Corner that I made up my mind to write too. I am 13 years old and my birthday is October 9. I am in the eighth grade. I have 12 brothers and sisters. The oldest is 19 and the youngest about 8 months. My two oldest sisters are in Portland and my oldest brother is in California. We live on a farm of 320 acres and milk 14 cows, so you see we have much work to do. Our school closed May 30. Toward the last of school the sixth and seventh grades had a contest of four-minute speeches on thrift. There were only four of us in the contest. I won, and as a prize received a certificate. I have joined the Junior Red Cross and every Friday at school helped make gun wipers, snippings for ambulance pillows, and fun-books to entertain the wounded soldiers in the hospitals. As this is my first letter, I should be very glad to know what some of your prizes are. I think my letter is long enough for the first time, so will close. Martha Holzgang, Ruch, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: How are you and the cousins? I am fine, only a little tired, as I have been shocking some hay. My birthday is December 3. I will be 13. Have I a twin? I think I can answer several of the cousins' riddles. Lena Benson; Spell frozen water with three letters - I-C-E. Pepper, spell it without any p's - I-t. Gladys Lloyd: As I was going up the road I met a pig pining; and I said "Pork, you pine." - Porcupine. Mattie E. Moore: I rode across London bridge and yet walked across. - Yet is my dog. Here are some more riddles I can answer: Long legs, crooked thighs, little head and no eyes - prongs. As I went up the heeple steeple I met a lot of people: some were brown and some were black and some had stripes down their backs. - Ants. I will ask some riddles: 1. Why is the hub of a wheel like a speaker? 2. As I went across a bridge I met two shoes; one was a lace shoe and the other was a button shoe. The lace shoe said "how do you do?" But why did the button shoe not speak? I have five war savings stamps and three thrift stamps. I am growing some potatoes. I have an aunt who was in New York the last I knew, but sent the last of her things home, as she had orders to do so because she is a Red Cross nurse and expects to be on the water soon. Well, as my letter is getting rather long I guess I had better close. Yours truly, Margaret P. Ross, Tillamook, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: Papa takes the Farmer and I read the letters every week, so I thought I would write and see how I like it. How are you and all the cousins? I am just fine. We live on a farm of 320 acres. We have three cows, named Buttercup, Gyp and Spot, and three claves, Heart, Red and Blossom. We have 25 hogs and 12 pigs. We have 10 horses and one little colt. We have about 36 old chickens and we have between 70 and 80 little chickens. I have a war garden and in it there are peas, onions, turnips, carrots, radishes, lettuce, beans, tomatoes and corn. I have cultivated it once. My two brothers have a war garden, too. My mama is knitting a sweater for the Red Cross. I know how to knit, tat, embroider and crochet. I knit a little on mama's sweater. I live 10 miles from the nearest town and about 45 miles from Enterprise. I don't go to school very much, but next year I will be in the fifth grade. Papa has two Liberty bonds and one war saving stamp. Now I will ask a riddle. As round as an apple and deep as a cup. All the king's horses can't pull it up. I was 12 the 16th of July. Have I a twin? Love to all. Zelma M. Austin, Flora, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: I have been reading the cousin's letters for a long time and would like to join the Corner. I live on a farm of 160 acres. We have 14 cows, four yearlings, five calves and three horses and we also have a car. My mother and brother, Beverly, have gone to the Willamette valley to pick cherries. We have a few trees, but they do not bear very well. I am 13 years old and my birthday is October 3 and I am in the eighth grade. My teacher's name last year was Miss Blanchard, and this year it is Miss Conlogue. I just got over the measles and I have had them three times. We went to the beach the Fourth of July. We had a good time. We looked for the moss the government needs. What did you do the Fourth, Aunt Nellie? As my letter is getting long I will close. Alice Daniel, Mohler, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: As I have been very much interested in the Corner I am going to write to it. Lillian Ray said that she was 12 years old and that her birthday was July 16. I am 12 years old and my birthday is July 17. I do not know whether I have a twin or not, do you? I have found a twin for Marie DeShazer; it is a boy who lives near here; he was 10 years old July 8; his name is Wayne Barney; he is in the fourth grade and has one big brother who is going to war soon. I think Carries Jones looks very nice with her pet rabbit. I want to save all the pictures of the cousins who have their pictures printed. I will send you a picture of myself as soon as I get one. One of my brothers found a little baby goldfinch or canary the other morning; it was so young and cold that it could hardly fly. I like the color of goldfinches and bluebirds best of the birds I know, but I think all birds are beautiful. Which one do you think is the prettiest? We live on a farm of 118 1/2 acres and there are many birds here. I wish you could come and see me; I would take you all over our farm and show you all the different kinds of birds and animals that live here. I am sure you would like to see our dear little lambs, wouldn't you? I have a very sweet little sister; she is 2 years old. I wish you could see some of the pretty little actions she has. I have three brothers and two sisters; their names are Ira, Durward, Elvin, Elsie and Rachel. I have an Aunt Nellie besides you and I have a cousin Nellie, too. We have a very nice schoolhouse where I go to school. It is two years old. My father is a director and has been ever since the schoolhouse was built. Miss Laura Brenner taught our school the first two years and is going to teach next year. We all like her fine, because she always plays with us just as if she was no older than we and was just one of the school children. Don't you think she must be nice? As I think my letter is plenty long and mama needs help, I must close. I am four feet tall and have blue eyes and dark brown hair. I weigh 87 pounds. How tall should a girl 12 years old be? With love to Aunt Nellie and the cousins. Lelia Clark, Oregon City, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: I saw my name in print and thought I would write again. I received a letter from my little twin and was glad to hear from her. I had two thrift stamps, but I lost the book and them, too. I hate it very bad. I have a little war garden. I have three rows of beans, three of lettuce and one row of carrots. How many cousins have war gardens? My beans are in bloom now. I think the service flag is very pretty in The Farmer. I have three little chickens now, two white ones and one black one. We had ice cream for two days, Saturday and Sunday. We had company Sunday all day. I like to read the children's letter. When I go after The Farmer I can't wait until I get home; I open it to see if my name is in print. Isn't this war dreadful? My mother is knitting socks for the soldiers. I wish you could come and visit me a while. I would be very glad. Edna Crabtree, Stayton, Oregon.

Dear Aunt Nellie: I will write again as I saw my letter in print before. You asked me to tell what a combine was. I will tell you what I know about one. It takes five men to run one of the large ones like we have, and 21 head of horses. It cuts the grain, threshes it and sacks the grain all at the same time. You have to have a man to sew the sacks and one to drive. They just drive with two lines. They have to have a sack jugg, a man to tend separator and header man. That is all I know about a combine. I will write a riddle: What is it a wagon doesn't need and can't do without? I am 11 years old and will be 12 the 6th of September. Aunt Nellie, do you know how to make rose beads? If you do I wish you would write and tell me. I have a war savings certificate. As my letter is getting pretty long I will close for this time. Fay Downing, Wallowa, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: May I become a member of the Corner? We take The Farmer and I enjoy reading the letters so much. I am 11 years old and will be 12 December 14. Have I a twin? If so I should like to correspond with her. I am in the sixth grade; I like to go to school. I live in the foothills of the Blue mountains, 23 miles from Burns and 23 miles from Harney, 14 miles from Silvies, our nearest postoffice. I love the mountains. We have about 40 head of horses and eight head of cows. I have a little sorrel pony; her name is Goldie; I like to ride horseback. I have a sister of 13, a sister of 3 and a brother 17 months old. I am reading "Trappers of the Ozarks" and I think it is a lovely story. With best wishes to Aunt Nellie and all the cousins. Alice E. McCue, Silvies, Oregon

Dear Aunt Nellie: I have not written to you for a long time. I am glad Alvera Johnston found a twin; she is a very nice girl and I know her twin would like her very well if she saw her. I am now taking music lessons from Mrs. Corter; there are nine girls taking lessons from her. Their names are Amelia Woodbury, Laura Johnston [Alvera's sister], Anna Nordstrom, Ruby Johnston, Miss Cook, Miss W. Berg, Elsie Berkenfeld, and Pauline Lacy. Some of these girls are my schoolmates. Ruby used to be when I went to district 34. I have a little calf for milking three cows every night and morning. The weather is very cold. It would sprinkle a little every day, but it wouldn't do any good. I have three friends by the name of Ellen. One of them I have not seen, but have written to her - Ellen Santesson; the others are Ellen Rosenberg and Ellen Salmi. Papa is president of our farmers' association. I have not found a twin yet. I have two cousins in the service. One is in the army and the other is in the navy. I am learning to knit. I am going to send some riddles for the cousins to guess: 1. Round as an apple, deep as a cup and all the kin's horses can't pull it up. 2. What tree is always green? 3. Tar, pitch and turpentine, all begin with A? I should like it very much if more of the cousins would write to me. Edna Carl, Birkenfeld, Oregon Age 12, January 12.

Dear Aunt Nellie: My papa takes The Farmer. We enjoy reading the little letters so much. We live on a farm one and one-half miles from town. I have four sisters and three brothers and their names are Leona, Audrey, Bessie, Luella, Charles, Laurel and Ervan. We children go to school in the brick schoolhouse. I am 8 years old and in the third grade. My teacher's name is Miss Edna Snider. We have 20 little chickens, 28 goslings, 17 geese. Mama, Leona, Charles and Laurel pick the geese. Sister Luella wishes to write so I shall close. Dena Witty, Impler, Oregon

"A Place Called Oregon"