1870 Grant County Census

Granite Precinct, Baker City PO

My greatest appreciation to my mother, Vivian Vancil Camenzind for typing this census for us. Thank you Mom! Mom's researching surnames Vancil and the James Valentine Pierce Family of Eastern Oregon.

* Asterisk indicates individual household or dwelling

Born, John 28 m miner Ill
Bowers, George 27 m drives team La
Burke, W.E. 41 m miner NY
Church, J.M. 36 m butcher N.Y.
Clarke, H. 40 m miner Vermont
Conley, R. 43 m miner Ind
Dolan, Michael 53 m miner Ire
Du--lap, G.W. 37 m miner Pa
Eades, E. 16 m mining Ore
Eades, William I. 28 m miner Mo
E.A.E. F keeps house 18 Ky
John 23 m mining Or
Elder, I.N. 35 m miner Canada
Erikson, Jno C. 29 m miner Norway
Evans, C. 33 m miner Sweden
Fuller, M. 34 m miner NY
Gifford, B.H. 31 m miner Maine
Graham, Thomas 35 m miner N. Bruns
Griffin, Jerry 30 m miner Maine
Caroline, C. 27 f kps hse Maine
George W. 4 m none Maine
Griffin, Luther H. 36 m miner Maine
Harvey, S.N. 34 m miner Tenn
Henscom, C.S. 40 m huckster N.H.
Hillman, A.C. 26 m merchant NY
Holstead, Joel 33 m NY miner
Hughes, Lewis 39 m butcher Ohio
Irwin, J.R. 34 m sawyer Canada
Isaacs, A.J. 38 m miner Miss
James, John 26 m drives team Mo
James, Jno 29 m saw mill wkr Mo
Johnson, S.C or L.C. 40 m miner Pa
Johnson, W. 31 m miner Mass
Johnson, W.E. 37 m miner
Klopp, I.N. 29 m miner Pa
Lee, John S. 51 m miner N.J.
Lucas, W.W. 36 m miner Ohio
Mains, John 40 m --- Canada
Martin, William 48 m miner Va
Marcella 37 F kps hse NY.
White, George
(possibly in same household)
17 m miner New York
Miller, David 34 m miner Ohio
Monteith, A. 54 m miner Ire
Moore, Charles 47 m miner Prussia
Mullelly, John 35 m miner Ire
McCullum W.H. 32 m miner Ky
Owens, George V. 41 m miner Sweden
Pomeroy, Walter 38 m miner Ohio
Jennie 33 f kps hse Pa
Julia A. 14 f --- Ore
Mary C. 13 f --- Ore
Milton E. 11 m school Ore
Reeves, M.D. 26 m kps dairy Ind
Francelia 16 f kps hse Ore
Robbins, H. 36 m huckster Ind
Perlina 30 f kps hse Mo
I.H. 11 m none Ore
W.W. 9 m none Ore
S.L. 6 f none Ore
F.M. 3 m none Ore
V.P. (sic ?) 7/12 f none Ore,Oct
Schoanubert, William 48 m none Prussia
Seconsse, M. (odd name) 36 m blacksmith Ill
Sheppard, William 50 m miner Ire
Stevens, M. 39 m miner Ohio
Stillman, E.D. 42 m miner N.Y.
M.A. 35 f kps hse Ire
Eddy 9 m none Calif
Alphonse 6 m none Ore
Horace 4 m none Ore
Alzora 8/12 f none Ore
Thompson, A. 41 m miner Mass
Trebble,P.H. 31 m miner Mo
Tychson, F. 41 m miner Denmark
Van Aernaum, William 54 m huckster N.Y.
Watson, Jno M. 38 m merchant Scotland
Wegner, F.C. 28 m blacksmith Prussia
Wegner, Julius 24 m blacksmith Prussia
Weigman, J.F. 34 m miner Prussia
White, George (see Martin, William) none none none none
Wingfield, Jos 22 m miner Ore
Woods, William J. 33 m miner Ohio
Worcester, H. 42 m miner Vermont
Young, I.G. 37 m miner Va

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