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William Whitney

William Whitney, a native of Sately, Huntingdonshire, England, born in 1808, at the age of 19 married Elizabeth Taylor of Bourn, Lincolnshire, and moved to the United States in 1832. Their first residence was in Pennsylvania; from there they removed to Indiana, and in 1847 joined the emigration to Oregon, having at this time a family of 6 children. Whitney settled in Marion County, and in 1848 went to the California mines and met with good success. He died at Butteville June 1, 1878, 3 years after his wife, who died April 4, 1875.

Rev. P.J. McCormick

Rev. P.J. McCormick, who came to Oregon in the ship L'Etoile du Matin, before mentioned, was a man of very plain parts, and of an Irish family of not the very best blood. On arriving at Oregon City he was stationed there for some time, where he was compelled to perform every menial service, even to washing his linen, though a man of accomplishments. Falling ill from this cheerless way of living, he was ordered to the uplands of Chili, where he resided 20 years; thence returning to Oregon, he resided there until his death in 1874, well known for his talents and virtues. Portland Bulletin, Dec. 14, 1874.

William McKinney

William McKinney was born in Howard County, Missouri, Aug. 20, 1820. In April 1847 he married Matilda Darby, and started with the emigration for Oregon, settling in Marion County. He died Oct. 20, 1875, leaving a family of 11 children, to whose welfare he was truly devoted. In losing him the community lost a good citizen. Portland Oregonian, Nov. 6, 1875.

James Fulton

James Fulton, born at Paoli, Orange Co., Indiana, in 1816, emigrated to Missouri in 1840 and to Oregon in 1847. His father laid out the town of Paoli, and with Blackstone, Hallowell, Lindley, and Hopper, built the Half-Moon Fort at that place in Gen. Harrison's campaign. Settled in Yamhill County, where he remained for 10 years, when he removed to the Dalles, his present residence. Mr. Fulton's Dalles and Eastern Oregon, MS., contains some instructive matter concerning the changes which have taken place since the settlement of the country, in the character of the soil and also in the climate. It furnishes, besides, some facts of importance concerning the title to the Dalles town site, which has been long in litigation.

Ephraim Adams

Ephraim Adams, born in New Jersey in 1799, removed in 1835 to Ohio, in 1839 to Missouri, and thence to Oregon with his family. Located in Yamhill County, he spent the remainder of a long life in Oregon, dying January 15, 1876, at McMinnville, respected and regretted by his acquaintances of 29 years. Or. Statesman, Jan. 22, 1876.

H.L. Aikin

H.L. Aikin, born in England in 1818, emigrated with his parents to the United States in his childhood. At the age of 29 he left Illinois, where his father was settled, to go to Oregon. He chose a residence in Clatsop County, where he lived a man of note in his community, dying at Astoria in April 1875, leaving 3 immediate descendants, a son and 2 daughters, his wife having died before him. Portland Oregonian, April 24, 1875; Or. City Enterprise, April 23, 1875.

Isaac W. Bewley

Isaac W. Bewley began the westward movement by leaving Indiana for Missouri in 1837, and thence on to Oregon. He is a brother of John W. Bewley, of Lafayette, Ind., and of Rev. Anthony Bewley, who was hanged by a southern mob in Texas, at the breaking-out of the rebellion, for his fearless advocacy of human rights. Mr. I.W. Bewley settled on a farm in Tillamook Co., Oregon, about as near sunset as any spot in the United States. Lafayette [Ind.] Bee, in Portland Oregonian, Oct. 31, 1874.

Tollman H. Rolfe

Tollman H. Rolfe, a printer, joined the Oregon immigration of 1847, but proceeded in the spring of 1848 to California, where he was engaged on the Star. Tuthill's Hist. Cal., 215. He was elected alcalde of Yuba Co., and afterward, in 1853, went to Nevada City, where he was employed on the Journal, and afterward started the Nevada Democrat, which he edited in company with his brother, I.J. Rolfe. When Austin was founded Rolfe went to that place, and for a time edited the Reveille, but returned to Nevada City, and edited the Gazette. He several times filled the office of city trustee, and about 1870 was elected justice of the peace, which office he held until failing health drove him to San Bernardino, where he died in 1872.

William Allphin

William Allphin, a native of Kentucky, was born Nov. 17, 1777. On becoming of age he removed to Indiana, settled at Indianapolis, and engaged in the manufacture of brick, furnishing the material for the walls of the statehouse in that city. In 1837 he removed to Illinois, and 10 years later to Oregon, where he located in Linn County, 8 miles east of Albany. He was twice a member of the territorial legislature, and held several other offices to which he was elected by the people. He died October 1876, within 13 months of the age of 100 years, leaving a memory revered. Corvallis Gazette, Oct. 13, 1876; Albany Weekly Register, Dec. 11, 1876; Salem Statesman, Oct. 13, 1876.

A.N. Locke

A.N. Locke, born in Virginia in 1810, moved to Mo. in 1820, and to Oregon in 1847. He was among the late arrivals of that year, 'having suffered incredible hardships.' He settled in Benton Co., a few miles north of Corvallis. There he lived for many years, and raised a large and interesting family. He was several times sheriff and county judge, filling these positions in an honorable manner, and enjoying the confidence and esteem of the county he served. He died on the 14th of October, 1872. Corvallis Gazette, Oct. 18, 1872.

Robert Houston

Robert Houston, born in Madison Co., Kentucky, February 1793, removed to Shelby Co., Ohio, in 1805, and resided there until 1847. In 1827 he married Miss Mary Brown, having by her 6 children. While residing in Ohio, he served as associate justice for 7 years, and filled other stations of trust with credit. On reaching Oregon in Sept. 1847, he selected a farm in Linn County, where he resided till his death in Sept. 1876, surrounded by his children and grandchildren, and esteemed by all. He lived long in the enjoyment of the simple pleasures of country life, as he had desired. Albany State Rights Democrat, Sept. 15, 1876.

Leander C. Burkhart

Leander C. Burkhart was born in Hawkins Co., East Tennessee, Nov. 14, 1823. Emigrating to Oregon in 1847, he settled in Linn Co., in company with his father, and a numerous relationship, amassing a large fortune without losing his high reputation for integrity, being possessed of a sterling worth acknowledged by all men. He died at his residence half a mile east of Albany, November 3, 1875.

Samuel Laughlin

Samuel Laughlin was born in South Carolina in 1791, removed to Missouri in 1823, where he resided until 1847, being twice married, and having 7 children by each wife, an equal number of boys and girls.

Mrs. Asenath M. Luelling Bozarth

Mrs. Asenath M. Luelling Bozarth, daughter of Henderson Luelling, came with her parents to Oregon from Indiana in 1847. She was the mother of 11 children, 4 sons and 7 daughters, 10 of whom survived her. She died at the home of her husband, John S. Bozarth, on Lewis River, Cowlitz Co., where she had resided 22 years, on the 30th of November, 1874, aged 40 years. Vancouver Register, Dec. 25, 1874.

Charles Hubbard

Charles Hubbard settled at what is now Hubbard Station, in Marion County, in the spring of 1848. Mrs. Margaret Hubbard died at her home in that place December 7, 1879, aged 68 years. She was a native of Ky., but married Mr. Hubbard in Mo. After marriage she resided in Pike Co., Ill. Had she lived a few days longer, her golden wedding would have been celebrated. She was the mother of 4 sons and 3 daughters. Portland Oregonian, Dec. 13, 1879.

Hugh Harrison

Hugh Harrison was born in Harrison Co., Ky., which county was named after his grandfather. He was for several years in the Rocky Mountains with Kit Carson, but settled in South Salem in 1847, where he died at the age of 76 years, May 27, 1877. Portland Standard, June 1, 1877.

Joseph Merrill

Joseph Merrill, born in Ross Co., Ohio, Nov. 15, 1818, removed with his parents to Ill. at the age of 10 years, returned to Ohio when he attained his majority, and married the next year a Miss Freeman of Chillicothe, the ceremony being performed by Justice of the Peace Thurman, afterward U.S. senator from Ohio. Merrill subsequently returned to Ill., where he resided until 1847. In the spring of 1848 he settled in Columbia County, Oregon. He died at his home May 6, 1879.

Mrs. John Fisher

Mrs. John Fisher lost her husband at the crossing of the Platte River, June 6, 1847; and on Snake River she buried her little girl 2 years of age. She arrived late in the autumn at Tualatin plains, where during the winter she met W.A. Mills, who had arrived in 1843. He proposed marriage, and they were united in 1848, continuing to reside near Hillsboro. Mrs. Mills had 5 children, 2 sons and 3 daughters. She was born in Wayne Co., Ind., April 20, 1822, and died Dec. 11, 1869. Salem Farmer, March 26, 1870.

William Glover

William Glover settled in Marion County. Mrs. Jane Jett Graves Glover was born in Pittsylvania Co., Va., in 1827, removed with her parents to missouri in 1830, and was married to William Glover in 1843, with whom she came to Oregon in 1847. She died Dec. 31, 1876. Id., Jan. 12, 1877.

Leander L. Davis

Leander L. Davis was born in Belmont Co., Ohio, and crossed the plains in 1847, settling in Marion Co. He served in the state legislature in 1866. He died June 29, 1874, at Silverton, aged 48 years. Id., July 4, 1874.

Mrs. Olive Warren Chamberlain

Mrs. Olive Warren Chamberlain was born in Covington, New York, Feb. 12, 1822. While she was a child, her father, an itinerant Methodist preacher, removed with her to Michigan, where in 1843 she married Joseph Chamberlain, and came to Oregon. She was the mother of 10 children, 8 of whom survive her. She died Oct. 27, 1874, at Salem. Salem, Or., Statesman, Nov. 7, 1874.

Mrs. R.A. Ford

Mrs. R.A. Ford, who settled with her husband in Marion Co., in 1847, after becoming a widow studied medicine, and practised in Salem, educating a son for the profession. She died in March 1880, in the city of Portland. Portland Standard, April 2, 1880.

T.S. Kinsey

T.S. Kinsey died at Cornelius, in Washington Co., Nov. 15, 1877.

John Jewett

John Jewett died January 25, 1880.

William H. Dillon

William H. Dillon was a native of Kent Co., Del., from which he removed when a child to the Scioto Valley in Ohio. When a young man he removed again to Indiana, and thence to Oregon. Dillon lived one year on Sauve Island, when he went to the California gold mines, returning in a few months with a competency, and settling near Vancouver.

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