1887 Archives of the Oregon
Pioneer Association - Immigrant Deaths
Bancroft's Works - Pg. 762

"I find in the archives of the Pioneer association for 1887 mention of the death of the following persons, most of whose names are recorded in the immigrant lists of the first vol. of my History of Oregon:"

Capt. William Shaw [immigrant of 1844] died at Howell prairie, 20th January, 1887.

Capt. Charles Holman [arrived 1852] died at Portland 3d July, 1886.

Prof. L.J. Powell [1847] died at Seattle 17th August, 1887.

David Powell [1847] died near East Portland 8th April, 1887.

Peter Scholl [1847] died near Hillsboro' in November, 1872.

Mrs. Lucinda Spencer, [1847] daughter of Thomas and Martha Cox, died 30th of March, 1888.

Mrs. Sarah Fairbanks King, [1852] who was Mrs. George Olds when she came to Oregon, died 19th January, 1887.

Solomon Howard Smith, of the Wyeth party of 1832, died on Clatsop plains in 1874, at the age of 65 years; he was born December 26, 1809 at Lebanon, N.H..

Alvin T. Smith [1840] died in 1887 at Forest Grove; he was one of the independent missionaries, and was born in Branford, Conn; Nov. 17, 1802, his first wife being Abigail Raymond, who died in 1855, when he returned to Conn., and married Miss Jane Averill of Branford, who survived him.

Mrs. Mary E. Frazer, nee' Evans, born in Newburyport, Mass., Dec. 13, 1816, who married Thomas Frazer, and came to Oregon in 1853, died in Portland 21st April, 1884.

In 1886 there died of Oregon's pioneers the following:

Jan. 21st, Mrs. Clara B. Duniway Stearns, born in Oregon, wife of D.H. Stearns, and only daughter of Mrs. Abigail Scott Duniway, at Portland.

George F. Tre'ban Jan. 21st at Portland.

Mrs. M.J. Saylor Jan 24th at McMinnville.

Simeon Alber [1853] at McMinnville Jan. 24.

Frank Hedges at Oregon city Feb. 22d.

Samuel A. Moreland at Portland March 19th.

W. McMillan at East Portland April 26th.

Mrs. J.A. Cornwall [1846] at Eugene May 2d.

Elijah Williams at East Portland May 16th.

James Johns, founder of the town of St. Johns, May 28th.

Gen. John E. Ross at East Portland June 14th.

W.W. Buck [1844] at Oregon city June 19.

Mrs. James M. Stott at East Portland June 26th.

Mrs. Susan A. Tartar in Polk co. June 28th.

Mrs. Sarah Vandenyn in Lane co. June 28th.

Captain Seth Pope in Columbia co. July 23d.

Mrs. Mary Stevens Ellsworth [1852] at Cove, in Union co., July 24th.

Rev. E.R. Geary at Eugene city Sept. 3d.

W.H. Bennett [1845] at Rockford, W.T., Sept. 12th.

Robert E. Pittock at Canonsburg, Pa., Sept. 16th.

Samuel M. Smith at Portland Oct. 25th.

L.J.C. Duncan, Jackson co. Nov. 7th.

Whiting G. West [1846] Nov. 8th.

James Thompson at Salem Nov. 8th.

Prof. Newell at Philometh college, Nov. 10th.

Mrs. Mary Olney Brown, at Olympia Nov. 17th.

A. Walts at Portland Dec. 17th.

Jacob Hoover [1844] at his home near Hillsboro', Dec. 19th.

In 1887;

Ex. - Gov. Addison C. Gibbs died in London, Eng., early in Jan.; his funeral occurred July 9th at Portland.

Mrs. D.M. Moss of Oregon city a pioneer of 1843, d. Jan. 23d.

George W. Elmer, Portland, Jan. 26th.

Mrs. W.T. Newby [1844] Jan. 28th.

Mrs. A.N. King [1845] Jan. 30th.

James Brown [1843] Feb. 8th., at Woodburn.

H.M. Humphrey [1852] near Portland, Feb. 3d.

Mrs. Ellen Daley, at East Portland, Feb. 3d.

Mrs. Col W.L. White [1850] at Portland, Feb. 20th.

Mrs. William Mason of Monmouth and Mrs. Wallace of Linn co., Feb. 21st.

John G. Baker at McMinnville, March 4th.

Judge William Strong [1849] at Portland, April 16th.

Mrs. James B. Stephens [1844] at East Portland, April 27th.

Benjamin Strang, at Astoria, May 7th.

N.D. Gilliam [1844] at Mount Tabor, May 15th.

M. Tidd, in Yamhill co., May 22d.

Levi Knott, at Denver, Col., May 29th.

E. Norton and J. Schenerer, Portland, June 7th.

Mrs. Frances O. Adams [1845] wife of W.L. Adams, June 23d.

Robert Pentland, at Scio, June 5th.

Dr. Cabannis, of Modoc war fame, at Astoria, July 22d.

Dr. R.B. Wilson, at Portland, August 6th.

Prof. L.J. Powell, long a teacher in Or., at Seattle, Aug. 17th.

Rev. E.R. Geary, Sept. 2, 1886.

Mrs. J.H. Wilbur, at Walla Walla, Oct. 2d.

Mrs. Joseph Imbire, at The Dalles, Oct. 23d.

Rev. J.H. Wilbur, at Walla Walla, Oct. 28th.

On the 10th of Feb., 1888, Dr. W.H. Watkins, at Portland. On the 23d. of April died Hon. Jesse Applegate. Both these men were members of the convention which formed the state constitution. Thus the makers pass away, but their work remains. Rev. Wiliiam Roberts died July 2, 1888, at Dayton.

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