Hi-Y Helps Hoopers

Among the groups which make this 20th annual Oregon State High School basketball tournament the success that it is, are the Hi-Y clubs of Salem high school, composing the official entertainment committee for the visiting players.

The clubs began preparing for the tournament several weeks ago, raising money for their annual player-banquet by painting "Welcome Hoopsters" signs on business windows, and selling tickets to Salem high students.

Through their unceasing efforts, the banquet has become a much looked-forward-to event for the players who compose the 16 teams competing here this week.

Following their banquet, slated for 12:15 Saturday noon in the cafeteria of the new Salem high school building, the Hi-Y clubs will take the players on sight-seeing tours, with the state penitentiary and the new capitol scheduled to be among the buildings visited.

During their stay, the Hi-Y will join with the Salem Y.M.C.A. in making all "Y" facilities open to visiting players - swimming, games, play in the gym - making the "Y" facilities open to visiting players - swimming, games, play in the gym - making the "Y" a true "tournament head-quarters" for the prep basketeers in their leisure hours.

Officials credit the Hi-Y clubs with having been exceedingly active in helping to promote good feeling among the state basketball tournament players for the past four years.

Not only are they hosts, but also they are guides and helpers. Three Hi-Y members are assigned to each team, to serve the coach and player in whatever way possible.

There are three Hi-Y clubs in Salem high school, each group composed of 25 members. The trio are the Arthur Cotton club, Able Gregg club and Harrison Elliott club.

Other outstanding Hi-Y club evens include sponsoring the annual Older Boys, Conference, conducting a Christmas-time food drive which last year produced nearly three tons of food-stuffs for needy families, and organizing Hi-Y clubs at five high schools near Salem.

Remember fellows - the Y.M.C.A. is open to you at all times this week. Just ask your team's Hi-Y guide to take you down.

And patronize those merchants who make this service available - those displaying a "Welcome Hoopsters" sign on their windows.

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