1900 Oregon Fed. Census * Berry & Needham

The Following Information Was Provided By Phyllis Ann Dodge

Berry, Calian M., White, birth Oct. 1843, age 55, Birthplace Maine, Enumerated with Collier, Charles M., Relationship to above, Boarder Vol. 5, E.D. 17, Sheet 4, Line 13, Grant County, Union Pct.

Berry, Columbus, White, birth Nov. 1845, age 54, Birthplace New York, Living Alone, Vol. 5, E.D. 14, Sheet 3, Line 3, Grant County, John Day City, John Day Pct.

Berry, James, White, birth March 1868, age 32, Birthplace Illinois, Other members of the Family: May, wife, birth Aug. 1869, age 31, Birthplace MO.; Earnest L., Son, birth Jan. 1890, age 10, birthplace MO.; Bessie E., Daughter, birth Nov. 1893, age 7, Birthplace OR.; Myron R., Son, birth May 1895, age 5, Birthplace OR.; Arthur H., Son, birth Oct. 1897, age 3, Birthplace OR.; and 7 unrelated persons, Vol. 5, E.D.15, Sheet 8, Line 60, Grant County, Fox Pct.

Barry, James, White, birth Nov. 1859, age 40, Birthplace Massachusetts, Enumerated with Klopp, Ike Relationship to Above, Employee, Vol. 5, E.D. 12, Sheet 8, Line 54, Grant County, Granite Pct.

Berry, John F., White, birth Oct. 1863, age 36, Birthplace Illinois, Enumerated With Berry, James, Relationship to Above, Boarder, Vol. 5, E.D. 15, Sheet 8, Line 72, Grant County, Fox Pct.

Berry, Lee H., White, birth July 1868, age 31, Birthplace Tennessee, Enumerated With Thornburg, E. Elmer, Relationship to Above, Employee, Vol. 5, E.D. 12, Sheet 7, Line 99, Grant County, Granite Pct.

Needham, Tom R., White, birth NR, age 50, Birthplace NR, Enumerated With Clanton, Edward, Relationship to Above, Partner, Vol.5, E.D. 12, Sheet 8, Line 14, Grant County, Granite Pct.

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