Col. Omar Bradley Visits Dayville

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Blue Mountain Eagle; Canyon City, Oregon; 28 Feb 1941


When Omar Bradley, brother-in-law of Mrs. Wayne Stewart of Dayville visited here several years ago he distinguished himself among the locals as an expert marksman. The boys around Dayville will recall him. In fact he was a sharp shooter during his West Point days.

When he was here he was a major in the regular army and since those days he has advanced, until this week, Mrs. Stewart received word that he had been promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in the U.S. Army and to be transferred to Fort Benning, Georgia to assume command of the infantry school for offices. Until recently he was stationed in Washington, D.C. in the office of the Chief of Staff.


last living 5-star general of the Army. Died at Fort Bliss, Texas in 1980s. Was commander of US II Corps in North Africa 1943, 12th Army Group in Europe 1945.

Was part of Gen. Eisenhower's staff of generals (with Clark, Patton, Montgomery, DeGaulle, etc) in the WWII - European Theatre.

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