They Went To CaliforniaBancroft's Works Volume XXX.
History of Oregon - Volume II 1848-1888

Chapter II; pg. 43;

"J.W. Marshall was an immigrant to Oregon of 1844. He went to California in 1846, and was employed by Sutter. In 1847 he was followed by Charles Bennett and Stephen Staats, all of whom were at Sutter's mill when the discovery of gold was made."

Brown's Will. Val., MS., 7; Parsons' Life of Marshall, 8-9.

"Among those who went to California in 1848-9 are the following"

Robert Henderson
James McBride
William Carpenter
Joel Palmer
A.L. Lovejoy
F.W. Pettygrove
Barton Lee
W.W. Bristow
W.L. Adams
Christopher Taylor
John E. Ross
P.B. Cornwall
Walter Monteith
P.H. Burnett
John P. Rogers
A.A. Skinner
M.M. McCarver
Frederick Ramsey
William Dement
Peter Crawford
Henry Williamson
Thomas McKay
William Fellows
S.C. Reeves
James Porter
I.W. Alderman
William Moulton
Aaron Stanton
J.R. Robb
Aaron Payne
J. Matheney
George Gay
Samuel Hancock
Robert Alexander
Niniwon Everman
John Byrd
Elisha Byrd
William Byrd, Sr.
William Byrd, Jr.
T.R. Hill
Ira Patterson
William Patterson
Stephen Bonser
Saul Richards
W.H. Gray
Stephen Staats
J.W. Nesmith
J.S. Snooks
W.D. Canfield
Alanson Husted
John M. Shively
Edmund Sylvester
James O'Neal
Benjamin Wood
William Whitney
W.P. Dougherty
Allen McLeod
John Edmonds
Charles Adams
John Inyard
Miriam Poe
Joseph Williams
Hilt Bonser
William Shaw
Thomas Carter
Jefferson Carter
Ralph Wilcox
Benjamin Burch
William H. Rector
Hamilton Campbell
Robert Newell
John E. Bradley
J. Curtis
H. Brown
Jeremiah McKay
Samuel Cozine
Columbia Lancaster Pool
Robinson, and others.

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