from St. Thomas' Centennial - Historical Committee

General Merchandise Overholt & Muldrick; Gundlack Bros.; Henry Sels; Phil Metschan & Co.; Poindexter and Clark
Hotels Golden Eagle ["Nick" proprieter]; Herburger Hotel [Mrs. John Herburger]; City Hotel [Garth & Thompson]
Drug Stores Horsley; Howards
Butcher Shop W.P. Gray; John Herburger
Boot Makers A. Hupprich; Noons
Postmaster Ed. Hall
Notions & Stationery Ed. Turk
Blacksmith Shops Peter Kuhl; Carlos Bonham
Millinery Mary Douthit
Dressmaking Oregon Douthit [Mrs. O.P. Cresap]
Newspaper Grant County News
Carpenter Shop John Schmidt
Art School C.C. Andrews
Furniture Repair & Upholstery; Undertaking N. Rulison, Sam Sired
Painting and Paperhanging Sam Sired
Hardware & Sheet Metal Works Max Metschan & Louis Evertsbusch
Livery Stables Church & Wood, Peter Kuhl
Barber Shop Romig
Jeweler John Voss
Photographer G.I. Hazeltine
Lawyers C.W. Parrish, Thornton Williams, M.L. Dustin, Cyrus Sweek, M.D. Clifford, V.G. Cozad, Alexander Sweek, Curry, M.L. Olmstead
Physicians F.C. Horsley, J.W. Ashford, G.W. Barber
Dairymen John Sollinger, Joseph Oliver
Saw Mills W.S. Southworth
Freighters W.C. Kent, Columbus Sewell [Negro], John Pat Mulcare, Frank Metschan, George Sollinger
Factories Butz & Stansell
Hydraulic Mining Humboldt Mining Co. [Owners - Ira Sproul, Hunter & Sloan Bros.]; John Long; Hugh Cannon
Brewery F.C. Sels
Saloons F.C. Sels; John Rinehart; Housemans
Fraternal Organizations AOUW; Good Templars; Masons; Odd Fellows; Knights of Pythias
Churches Episcopal; Methodist; Catholic
Launderies Lay; Toy; Git
Street Cleaning Sing [Sim] Coon
Opium Den Chinese Jenny

Vinnie "Red Head" did not move in polite circles but very active.
Polly Wilson - In same business as Vinie [sic].
Horsley Drug later operated by Fred, son of Dr. Horsley.
Frank "Rowdy" McBean followed Peter Kuhl in Livery Stable.
Howard's Drug later operated by Dr. Orr.

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