*The name that appears in parenthesis is the "county" of residency.
*A line (-) indicates a letter in the name that I couldn't decipher.
*Individual who has no family

CABAREAU, Tharese (Marion)
CABLE (see also Cagle)
CABLE, Joseph (Washington)
CABLE, Kenzie (Washington)
CACKREN (see also Cochran, Etc.)
CACKREN, J.W. (Clackamas)
CADINE, Rob't (Washington)
CADWELL, Franklin (Clackamas)
CADY (see also Cudy)
CADY, George (Marion)
CADY, Thomas (Linn)
CAGLE (see also Cable)
CAGLE, Wm. (Clackamas)
CAHOON (see Cohoon)
CAIN (see Cane)
CALAHAN, Clifton (Clackamas)
CALAHAN, N.B. (Washington)
CALARAN, Geo. (Linn)
CALAY (Clackamas)
CALDER (see also Colder and Golder)
CALDER, Horatio (Washington)
CALDWELL (see also Callwell and Colwell)
CALDWELL, Alexr. (Washington)
CALDWELL, Preston (Washington)
CALDWELL, Wm. (Washington)
CALDWELL, William S. (Washington)
CALHOUN (see also Cohoon)
CALHOUN, Lewis (Washington)
CALL (see also Kaul)
CALL, Chas (Washington
CALLAGHAN (see Calahan and Gallehan)
CALLENDAR, M. (Clatsop)
CALLWELL (see also Calwell and Caldwell)
CALLWELL, Mabury (Marion)
CALLWELL, N.W. (Marion)
CAMBELL (see also Campbell, Etc.)
CAMBELL, James A. (Yamhill)
CAMERON, Francis M. (Washington)
CAMP (see also Chanp)
CAMP, Francis B. (Clark)
CAMP, Harlon (Washington)
CAMPBELL, Etc. (see also Cambell)
CAMPBELL, Catherine (Polk)
CAMPBELL, H.B. (Clackamas)
CAMPBELL, Hamilton (Marion)
CAMPBELL, Hector (Clackamas)
CAMPBELL, I.A. (Washington)
CAMPBELL, James (Marion)
CAMPBELL, Jas. (Washington)
CAMPBELL, John (Marion)
CAMPBELL, John (Washington)
CAMPBELL, John (Yamhill)
CAMPBELL, John G. (Clackamas)
CAMPBELL, Marg't (Linn)
CAMPBELL, S.T. (Clackamas)
CAMPBELL, Samuel (Clackamas)
CAMPBELL, Samuel (Yamhill)
CAMPBELL, Susan (Marion)
CAMPBELL, Thomas (Clark)
CAMPBELL, Thomas A. (Yamhill)
CAMPBELL, Wm. (Washington)
CAMPELL, Wm. (Clackamas)
CAMPO, Joseph (Marion)
CANADA, Barney (Marion)
CANADA, John (Marion)
CANAVAN, James (Clark)
CANE (see also Clain)
CANE, John (Washington)
CANETTE, E. (Clatsop)
CANFIELD, Jas. (Washington)
CANIRE, Charles (Washington)
CANNON, L.W. (Marion)
CAPLINGHER, Jacob (Marion)
CARD, Benj. (WAshington)
CARDER (see Carter)
CARDWELL (see Caldwell, Etc.)
CARENOUGH (see also Cavenough)
CARENOUGH, Mary (Clackamas)
CAREY (see also Carry, Cary, and Curry)
CAREY, John (Yamhill)
CAREY, M. (Clark)
CAREY, Miles (Yamhill)
CARIERS (see also Conier and Currier)
CARIERS, Lezim (Lewis)
CARION, Rosalie (Marion)
CARL, Etc. (see also Carrol, Etc.)
CARL, Stephen (Linn)
CARLE, J.L. (Clatsop)
CARLEMAYNE, Baptiste (Marion)
CARLESS (see alsoCorrellas)
CARLESS, John (Lewis)
CARLIN (see also Garland)
CARLIN, John (Yamhill)
CARLISLE, E.W. (Marion)
CARLISLE, Peter (Yamhill)
CARLTON (see also Charlton)
CARLTON, J. (Washington)
CARMAC, Joseph (Polk)
CARMAN, Walter (Washington)
CARMINE, C. (Washington)
CARNELL, Wm. (Lewis)
CARNOYER (see also Cournoyer)
CARNOYER, John (Marion)
CARPAR (see also Caspar)
CARPAR, P. (Polk)
CARPENTER, James (Washington)
CARR, J. (Clatsop)
CARR, Jas. G. (Washington)
CARROL, Etc. (see also Carl, Etc., Cerrell, Correll, Crowell, and Curl)
CARROL, Jas. (Clatsop)
CARROL, P. (Clatsop)
CARROL, Samuel (Clackamas)
CARROL, William (Clackamas)
CARROLL, Wesley (Washington)
CARRY (see also Carey, Etc.)
CARRY, George L. (Clackamas)
CARSON, David (Benton)
CARSON, E.C. (Clatsop)
CARSON, F.C. (Clackamas)
CARTER, Andrew (Polk)
CARTER, Auther (Lewis)
CARTER, George (Washington)
CARTER, Jacob (Benton)
CARTER, Johnson (Benton)
CARTER, Joseph (Washington)
CARTER, L.F. (Clackamas)
CARTER, Talbot (Polk)
CARTER, Thomas (Yamhill)
CARTER, W.C. (Clatsop)
CARTER, W.D. (Clackamas)
CARTLAN (see also Catlin and Cutlen)
CARTLAN, N.P. (Washington)
CARUTHERS, Finser (Washington)
CARVER (see Carpar and Caspar)
CARY (see also Carey, Etc.)
CARY, Elijah (Marion)
CASE (see also Chase)
CASE, William (Marion)
CASON, Joseph (Yamhill)
CASPAR (see also Carpar)
CASPAR, William (Polk)
CASSIN, James W. (Clark)
CASSIN, John (Clark)
CASSINEVER, C. (Clatsop)
CASTER (see Kester, Etc.)
CASTLE, Nathaniel (Clark)
CATER, Jesse (Benton)
CATLIN (see also Cartlan and Cutlen)
CATLIN, Stephen (Lewis)
CATMAN, Exerva (Lewis)
CATON (see Cater)
CATTONAIR, Michel (Lewis)
CATTONAIR, Michel, Jr. (Lewis)
CAUFIELD, Robert (Clackamas)
CAULKINS, Wales (Yamhill)
CAULKINS, Wm. H. (Yamhill)
CAUSER (see also Conser)
CAVANAUGH (see Carenough and Covanough)
CAVE (see also Cove)
CAVE, James (Yamhill)
CAVE, William (Yamhill)
CAYLO, Alexander (Yamhill)
CELLEY, Etc. (see also Kelley and Kelly)
CELLEY, C. (Clackamas)
CELLEY, H. (Clackamas)
CELLY, Clinton (Clackamas)
CELLY, Plympton (Clackamas)
CENOS, Francis J. (Clackamas)
CENTERS (see also Sanders and Saunders)
CENTERS, Mary (Marion)
CENTERS, Samuel (Marion)
CERELL (see also Carrol, Etc.)
CERELL, Wm. (Lewis)
CERERER, Joseph (Clackamas)
CEVEL, William (Lewis)
CHAFFRIES (see also Jefferies, Etc.)
CHAFFRIES, James (Benton)
CHAIRS, T.J. (Clackamas)
CHALEFOUX, Anare (Marion)
CHAMBERLAIN, A. (Washington)
CHAMBERLAIN, Adaline (Linn)
CHAMBERLAIN, Andrew (Polk)
CHAMBERLAIN, David (Marion)
CHAMBERLAN, Adolphe (Marion)
CHAMBERLAN, W. (Clackamas)
CHAMBERS, A.J. (Lewis)
CHAMBERS, David J. (Lewis)
CHAMBERS, Jas. W. (Washington)
CHAMBERS, John (Lewis)
CHAMBERS, John (Polk)
CHAMBERS, Mary I. (Washington)
CHAMBERS, Mason (Washington)
CHAMBERS, Matthew C. (Linn)
CHAMBERS, R. (Benton)
CHAMBERS, Thomas J. (Lewis)
CHAMBERS, Thomas M. (Lewis)
CHAMNESS, Israel (Marion)
CHAMPAIGNE, Joseph (Marion)
CHAMPION, J.C. (Clatsop)
CHANCE, William (Marion)
CHANDLER, Daniel (Washington)
CHANP (see also Camp)
CHANP, J.W. (Clatsop)
CHAPMAN, John B. (Washington)
CHAPMAN, Killop P. (Marion)
CHAPMAN, Wiley (Marion)
CHAPMAN, Wm. (Clackamas)
CHAPMAN, Wm. W. (Washington)
CHARLES, Peirre (Lewis)
CHARLTON (see also Carlton)
CHARLTON, Chas. (Washington)
CHARLTON, Chas. A. (Washington)
CHARLTON, Joseph (Washington)
CHARMAN (see Carman, Etc.)
CHARRY, Jaunette (Clackamas)
CHASE (see also Case)
CHASE, Henry M. (Clackamas)
CHASE, Thomas J. (Clackamas)
CHASE, Wm. (Washington)
CHATFIELD, Wm. B. (Washington)
CHEADLE, Richmond (Linn)
CHEAVER (see also Cleaver)
CHEAVER, Benjimen (Clackamas)
CHENOWETH, Wm. (Washington)
CHENOWITH, Justin (Washington)
CHIEF, George (Marion)
CHILDERS, L. (Washington)
CHILDERS, Robert (Marion)
CHILDS, O. (Clatsop)
CHISHAM (see also Sisson)
CHISHAM, Elijah (Marion)
CHISSELS, Henry (Marion)
CHITWOOD, John (Washington)
CHO (Clackamas)
CHOVELTON, Charles (Clackamas)
CHOWLOIS, Paul (Clark)
CHRISHAM, J.M. (Clackamas)
CHRISMAN (see Crissman)
CHRISTAIN, R.M. (Washington)
CHU (see Cho)
CHURCH, Joseph (Clackamas)
CHURCHILL, Joseph (Marion)
CINAN (see also Simmon, Etc.)
CINAN, Robt. (Benton)
CITTENDEN (see Crittenden)
CLAIN (see also Cane)
CLAIN, Daniel (Yamhill)
CLANKINBER (see Clinkinbeard)
CLAPP, Louis F. (Lewis)
CLARK, Avery C. (Washington)
CLARK, Baker N. (Washington)
CLARK, Cath. (Linn)
CLARK, Charles H. (Clackamas)
CLARK, Daniel (Marion)
CLARK, Fred A. (Washington)
CLARK, George (Washington)
CLARK, George (Washington)
CLARK, Harvey (Washington)
CLARK, Hiram (Clackamas)
CLARK, Hyacinth J. (Clark)
CLARK, J. (Clackamas)
CLARK, James (Linn)
CLARK, James (Marion)
CLARK, James (Marion)
CLARK, James (Washington)
CLARK, James (Washington)
CLARK, Jason S. (Linn)
CLARK, Joseph (Washington)
CLARK, Oscar F. (Benton)
CLARK, Ransom (Yamhill)
CLARK, Robert (Yamhill)
CLARK, Wm. (Yamhill)
CLAYPOOLE, David (Linn)
CLAYPOOLE, Reuben (Linn)
CLEAVER (see also Cheaver)
CLEAVER, B. (Clackamas)
CLEAVER, J.W. (Clackamas)
CLELAND, (see also Clyland)
CLEMENS, Wm. (Washington)
CLEMENS, Woodsworth (Yamhill)
CLEMENT, John M. (Clark)
CLEMMAN, G. (Washington)
CLEMMAN, Henry A. (Washington)
CLEMMENCE, Mary (Marion)
CLEMMON, Augustin (Marion)
CLEMMON, Clifton (Marion)
CLENDENING, Thomas (Clark)
CLEWS, Samuel (Clackamas)
CLIFTON, Elizabeth (Marion)
CLIFTON, Martha (Linn)
CLINE (see also Clyne and Klyne)
CLINE, George (Linn)
CLINE, J. (Clackamas)
CLINE, Jacob (Washington)
CLINE, Joseph (Clackamas)
CLINE, Lovell C. (Clackamas)
CLINE, Peter D. (Clackamas)
CLINKINBEARD, J.L. (Washington)
CLINTON, B. (Clark)
CLOLINGER (see also Olinger)
CLOLINGER, David A. (Washington)
CLOVER (see Glover)
CLYLAND (see also Cleland)
CLYLAND, William (Marion)
CLYMER, Henry (Linn)
CLYNE (see also Cline and Klyne)
CLYNE, Joseph (Marion)
COCHRAN, Etc. (see also Cackren)
COCHRAN, J. (Clatsop)
COCHRAN, J.C. (Clackamas)
COCHRANE, John (Lewis)
COCHRANE, Wm. (Linn)
COCKELE, James (Lewis)
COCKELL, Lunes M. (Lewis)
COCKERELL, Jane (Clackamas)
COE, D.J. (Washington)
COE, J. (Clatsop)
COFFEE (see also Cuffy)
COFFEE, N. (Marion)
COFFIN, Chas. (Washington)
COFFIN, Edwin (Washington)
COFFIN, Hezekiah (Washington)
COFFIN, Stephen (Washington)
COHOON (see also Calhoun)
COHOON, Mark (Benton)
COLARD (see also Collard)
COLARD, Elizabeth (Marion)
COLBY, J.S. (Washington)
COLDER (see also Calder and Golder)
COLDER, John (Clark)
COLDER, M. (Clark)
COLDWELL (see Caldwell, Etc.)
COLE (see also Cowles, Coyle and Cull)
COLE, Ransom (Marion)
COLE, Robt. W. (Yamhill)
COLE, Rosanna (Marion)
COLEMAN (see Colman)
COLLARD (see also Colard)
COLLARD, F.A. (Washington)
COLLENS, A. (Clackamas)
COLLENS, A.W. (Clackamas)
COLLENS, John (Clackamas)
COLLENS, T. (Lewis)
COLLINS, Daniel (Lewis)
COLLINS, David (Washington)
COLLINS, John (Lewis)
COLLINS, Orland (Clark)
COLLINS, Patrick (Clark)
COLLINS, Smith (Polk)
COLMAN, James (Yamhill)
COLVIN, Igneshes (Lewis)
COLWELL (see also Caldwell and Cullwell)
COLWELL, B.D. (Marion)
COLWELL, J.M. (Clark)
COLWELL, S.M. (Clark)
COMA, Etc. (see also Cone and Coon)
COMA, Loma (Clark)
COMBS, M. (Washington)
COMBS, Richd. (Yamhill)
COME, Augustus (Marion)
COMEGYS, Jacob (Yamhill)
COMFORT, E.B. (Washington)
COMPTON, Andrew W. (Clark)
COMSTOCK, (Mr.) (Clatsop)
CONCH (see also Coonse, Couch, and Counce)
CONCH, John H. (Washington)
CONDIT, A. (Clatsop)
CONDRY, John (Washington)
CONE (see also Coma, Etc., and Come)
CONE, Anson (Marion)
CONHICK (see also Gohnick)
CONHICK, Thos. (Washington)
CONKLIN, Chas. (Washington)
CONN (see Cone, Come, Etc., and Coon)
CONNELL, David (Washington)
CONNELL, Michael (Lewis)
CONNELLY, Francis (Washington)
CONNELLY, R. (WAshington)
CONNER, Etc. (see also Gannor)
CONNER, George (Marion)
CONNER, James (Polk)
CONNER, Jane (Marion)
CONNER, John (Clackamas)
CONNER, John (Polk)
CONNER, William (Polk)
CONNOR, Nathan (Polk)
CONRAD, John (Washington)
CONSEL, Daniel T. (Marion)
CONSER (see also Causer)
CONSTABLE, Ed. (Washington)
CONSTANT, S. (Clatsop)
CONSTUS, P. (Clatsop)
CONTRO, James (Washington)
COOK, (Mr.) (Washington)
COOK, Amos (Yamhill)
COOK, Bealy (Washington)
COOK, David (Polk)
COOK, H.B. (Clackamas)
COOK, Isaac (Marion)
COOK, James (Clackamas)
COOK, Jas. A. (Clatsop)
COOK, Jesse (Washington)
COOK, Samuel (Yamhill)
COOK, Thomas (Linn)
COOLEY, Etc. (see also Culla and Culley)
COOLEY, Jackson (Marion)
COOLEY, McShea (Washington)
COOLY, C.C. (Marion)
COOLY, Elij. C. (Marion)
COOLY, Jackson (Marion)
COON (see also Come, Etc.)
COON, Jacob (Linn)
COON, James H. (Linn)
COON, Thomas (Linn)
COONSE (see also Conch, Couch, and Counce)
COONSE, Felix (Marion)
COOPER, Adam (Marion)
COOPER, Catharine (Yamhill)
COOPER, Chandler (Yamhill)
COOPER, Edwin (Yamhill)
COOPER, Henry (Yamhill)
COOPER, Jacob (Yamhill)
COOPER, John (Clackamas)
COOPER, Lewis C. (Washington)
COOPER, S.A. (Clatsop)
COOPER, Samuel (Linn)
COOPER, Thomas (Lewis)
COOPER, Wm. S. (Yamhill)
COPENHAVER, John (Washington)
CORIER (see also Currier)
CORIER, L. (Lewis)
CORNEL (see Carnell)
CORNELIUS, Absulem (Marion)
CORNELIUS, Benjamin (Washington)
CORNELIUS, Geo. (Clackamas)
CORNELIUS, Greenbury (Marion)
CORNELIUS, L. (Washington)
CORNELIUS, Thos R. (Washington)
CORNELUUS, Amsulim (Marion)
CORNING, James (Washington)
CORNOYER (see Carnoyer and Cournoyer)
CORNWALL, J.E. (Yamhill)
CORRELL (see also Carrol, Etc.)
CORRELL, Abram (Benton)
CORRELL, John (Washington)
CORRELLAS (see also Carless)
CORRELLAS, John (Washington)
CORSIN, Nicholas (Washington)
CORTNEY (see also Courtney)
CORTNEY, Isaac (Linn)
CORTNEY, John (Linn)
CORTNEY, Mary (Linn)
CORWIN (see Curren and Curron)
CORYELL (see Carrol, Etc.)
COSGROVE, Anna (Clackamas)
COSGROVE, Hugh (Marion)
COSIGN, Samuel (Yamhill)
COSPER (see Caspar)
COSTELLO, Michael (Washington)
COTES, A.B. (Washington)
COTON, Wm. B. (Clackamas)
COTTLE (see also Cuttle)
COTTLE, R. (Lewis)
COTTON, Daniel D. (Yamhill)
COTTON, Susan (Washington)
COUCH (see also Conch, Coonse and Counce)
COUCH, J.H. (Washington)
COUCH, Reuben H. (Clackamas)
COUCHARD, Constance (Clackamas)
COULDENY, F. (Clark)
COULTER (see Calder, Colder and Golder)
COUNCE (see also Conch, Coonse and Couch)
COUNCE, Henry (Lewis)
COURNOYER (see also Carnoyer)
COURNOYER, Narcisse (Marion)
COURTNEY (see also Cortney)
COURTNEY, F. (Clark)
COVANOUGH (see also Carenough)
COVANOUGH, Jaramiah (Clackamas)
COVE (see also Cave)
COVE, Henry (Washington)
COVEL, H. (Lewis)
COVINGTON, Richard (Clark)
COWAN, Michael (Lewis)
COWAN, Robt. (Benton)
COWEN, A. (Clatsop)
COWLES (see also Cole, Coyle and Cull)
COWLES, R.J. (Washington)
COWLIN (see Cullum)
COX, Benj. (Benton)
COX, Catherine (Clackamas)
COX, Elias (Marion)
COX, Gideon (Marion)
COX, Isham (Polk)
COX, James (Polk)
COX, James (Yamhill)
COX, John (Marion)
COX, John (Polk)
COX, Joseph (Marion)
COX, P.W. (Linn)
COX, Peter (Marion)
COX, Samuel (Marion)
COX, Solomon (Benton)
COX, Thomas (Marion)
COX, Wm. (Benton)
COX, William (Marion)
COYLE (see also Cole, Etc. Cowles and Cull)
COYLE, Franklin (Yamhill)
COYLE, Michel (Marion)
COYLE, Reuben S. (Linn)
COYLE, Wm. (Clackamas)
COYNE (see Cowan, Etc.)
CRABTREE, George (Linn)
CRABTREE, John S. (Linn)
CRACHET (see Crocket)
CRADDOCK, P. (Clatsop)
CRAFT (see also CRAUF)
CRAFT, Charles (Marion)
CRAIG, George (Clark)
CRAIN (see Crane)
CRAIT (see also Crate, Crout and Groud)
CRAIT, Edward (Clark)
CRANDELL, E.J. (Yamhill)
CRANE, M.W. (Washington)
CRANFIELD, Jason (Clackamas) *Isom, is written in the margin and Jason is underlined in pencil.
CRANK, Joseph (Linn)
CRANK, Nathaniel (Linn)
CRATE (see also Crait, Crout and Groud)
CRATE, Wm. F. (Clark)
CRATON, N.M. (Clackamas)
CRAUF (see also Craft)
CRAUF, Edward (Yamhill)
CRAWFORD (see also Crofford)
CRAWFORD, David (Marion)
CRAWFORD, Hnery H. (sic) (Clark)
CRAWFORD, Madorum (Clackamas)
CRAWFORD, R.C. (Clackamas)
CRAYTON (see Craton)
CREEL (see Carrol, Etc.)
CRESSMAN (see Chrisham and Crissman)
CRESSWELL (see Griswell)
CRISP, Marshall R. (Yamhill)
CRISS, Elijah (Washington)
CRISSMAN, Joel (Yamhill)
CRISSMAN, Walker (Yamhill)
CRITTENDEN, George B. (Clark)
CROCHET, Samuel (Lewis)
CROFFORD (see also Crawford)
CROFFORD, Thomas J. (Clackamas)
CROFS (see Crafts, Etc.)
CRCISAN (see Croysant)
CROLER, Margt. (Polk)
CROLY, G.W. (Marion)
CROOKS, J.T. (Linn)
CRORER (see Cererer)
CROSBY, Alfred (Washington) CROSBY & GRAY (Lewis)
CROSBY, John (Clackamas)
CROSBY, Nathl., Jr. (Washington)
CROSBY & Smith (Lewis)
CROSBY & SMITH (Washington)
CROSBY, Wm. (Clackamas)
CROSE, Henry (Clark)
CROUT (see also Crait, Etc., CRATE and Groud)
CROUT, Stephen (Washington)
CROW, George (Clackamas)
CROW, Minerva F. (Washington)
CROWDEN, Ruben (Polk)
CROWELL (see also Carrol, Etc. and Croler)
CROWELL, John (Marion)
CROWENER, -- (Clark)
CROYSANT, Henry (Marion)
CRUMB, Oliver (Yamhill)
CRUMP, Turner (Marion)
CRUSER, John (Washington)
CUDY (see also Cady)
CUDY, George (Marion)
Cuffy (see also Coffee)
CUFFY, Abram (B) (Clackamas)
CULL (see also Cole, Cowles and Coyle)
CULL, Charles (Clark)
CULLA, Etc. (see also Cooley, Etc.)
CULLA, William (Polk)
CULLEY, Thomas (Clackamas)
CULLUM, Wm. (Clatsop)
CULVER, Amos (Marion)
CULVER, C.P. (Washington)
CULVER, David (Marion)
CULVER, Phebe E. (Washington)
CULVER, Sam'l H. (Clatsop)
CULVER, Wm. (Yamhill)
CULVERSON, Wm. (Yamhill)
CUNINGHAM, J. (Clackamas)
CUNNINGHAM, John (H.B.) (Washington)
CUNNINGHAM, Joseph (Washington)
CURL (see also Carrol, Etc.,)
CURL, Caleb W. (Linn)
CURL, James (Linn)
CURL, Newton (Linn)
CURREN (see also Curron)
CURREN, Hugh (Clackamas)
CURREY (see Carey, Etc.)
CURRIER (see also Cariers and Corier)
CURRIER, J.W. (Benton)
CURRON (see also Curren)
CURRON, Thomas (Clackamas)
CURRY (see also Carey)
CURRY, G.F. (Clackamas)
CURRY, George L. (Clackamas)
CURTENALL, William (Polk)
CURTENDALL, I. (Clatsop)
CURTIS, Hudson J. (Clark)
CURTIS, Lee (Clark)
CURTLEY, W. (Washington)
CUSHMAN, D. (Linn)
CUSHMAN, Orienten (Lewis)
CUSHMAN, W. (Linn)
CUSHMAN, Wallace (Linn)
CUTING, Etc. (see also Cutting)
CUTING, A.J. (Clackamas)
CUTING, C., Jr. (Clackamas)
CUTING, Charles (Clackamas)
CUTINGS, A.G. (Clackamas)
CUTINGS, Aurelia (Clackamas)
CUTINGS, David (Clackamas)
CUTINGS, O. (Clackamas)
CUTLEN (see also Cartlan and Catlin)
CUTLEN, Seth (Lewis)
CUTTING, Etc. (see also Cuting, Etc.)
CUTTING, James (Clackamas)
CUTTLE (see also Cottle)
CUTTLE, Nathan S. (Clark)
CYLE, Joseph (Clark)