DABREULE (see also Dubruel)
DABREULE, Margeret (Marion)
DAFENEY (see also Definny and Devenny, Etc.)
DAFENEY, O. (Lewis)
DAINES, Henry (Lewis)
DAILY (see Dayley and Dilly)
DALHUAN, Henry (Clark)
DANDSON (see Davison)
DANEY (see also Denney and Denny)
DANEY, Lewis (Clark)
DANFORTH, Joseph (Yamhill)
DANIELS, G.P. (Washington)
DANVERS, William (Lewis)
DARCEY, M. (Clark)
DARLIN, John (Washington)
DARNABY, John (Washington)
DARST, Paul (Marion)
DART, Anson (Clackamas)
DART, Elizabeth A. (Clackamas)
DAUCHINE (see also Dejanes, Douchennex and Dunchine)
DAUCHINE, Jean B. (Clackamas)
DAVENPORT, M. (Clackamas)
DAVID, A.J. (Marion)
DAVIDSON (see also Davison)
DAVIDSON, A.F. (Marion)
DAVIDSON, Alexr. (Yamhill)
DAVIDSON, Andrew (Yamhill)
DAVIDSON, James (Marion)
DAVIDSON, John E. (Polk)
DAVIE (see also Davy)
DAVIE, A.T. (Marion)
DAVIS, A.L. (Washington)
DAVIS, Albert (Marion)
DAVIS, Benjamin (Benton)
DAVIS, Benjamin (Clark)
DAVIS, Charles O. (Polk)
DAVIS, Darcas (Clark)
DAVIS, David (Benton)
DAVIS, Eli (Washington)
DAVIS, Geo. (Polk)
DAVIS, Henry (Washington)
DAVIS, Henry (Washington)
DAVIS, James (Washington)
DAVIS, James H. (Polk)
DAVIS, John (Clackamas)
DAVIS, John (Marion)
DAVIS, John (Washington)
DAVIS, John (Washington)
DAVIS, John (Washington)
DAVIS, John (Yamhill)
DAVIS, John F. (Polk)
DAVIS, Jones (Marion)
DAVIS, Joseph (Benton)
DAVIS, Joseph (Clark)
DAVIS, Joseph (Marion)
DAVIS, Joseph (Washington)
DAVIS, L.A. (Clackamas)
DAVIS, Leander S. (Marion)
DAVIS, Mary E. (Clackamas)
DAVIS, Samuel (Yamhill)
DAVIS, T. (Clatsop)
DAVIS, Thomas (Yamhill)
DAVIS, Thomas M. (Clark)
DAVIS, W. (Linn)
DAVIS, Wm. (Benton)
DAVIS, Zedekiah (Polk)
DAVISON (see also Davidson)
DAVISON, Alanson (Clackamas)
DAVISON, Hezekiah (Polk)
DAVISON, John (Washington)
DAVISON, Wm. (Clackamas)
DAVY (see also Davie)
DAVY, S. (Clackamas)
DAWNING, John (Marion)
DAWSON, G. (Lewis)
DAWSON, John (Clark)
DAWSON, William (Yamhill)
DAY, Alferd (Clark)
DAY, John (Marion)
DAY, Wm. P. (Washington)
DAYLEY (see also Dilly)
DAYLEY, David (Marion)
DEADY, M.P. (Yamhill)
DEALAND, Henry (Lewis)
DEAN, Perry (Washington)
DEAN, Wm. - (Washington)
DEARDOFF, Christean (Clackamas)
DEAS, Wm. (Washington)
DECKER, Washon (Washington)
DEDIKER, Jacob (Clark)
DEETS, Joseph (Clark)
DEFINNY (see also Dafeney and Devenny, Etc.)
DEFINNY, Oliver (Lewis)
DEJANES (see also Dauchine, Douchennex and Duchine)
DEJANES, Suplin (Clark)
DEJARLAIS, Joseph (Marion)
DEJARLAIS, Lucy (Marion)
DELACRUX, Guadalupe (Clackamas)
DELANO (see Delona)
DELANY, Daniel (Marion)
DELANY, David (Marion)
DELARD, Joseph (Marion)
Delard, Pierre (Marion)
DELCOUR, Baptiste (Marion)
DELLIRE, Florentine (Clackamas)
DELONA, Wm. (Washington)
DELORINE, Barthelmie (Marion)
DEMCE, John (Clark)
DEMENT, John (Lewis)
DEMENT, William (Clackamas)
DEMERS, Louis (Clackamas)
DEMERY, W. (Clatsop)
DEMEULE, Charles (Marion)
DEMICKE, Etc. (see also Dimmock)
DEMICKE, A.R. (Marion)
DEMICKE, Jno. B. (Marion)
DEMMIK, Mary A. (Marion)
DEMO (see also Dono)
DEMO, J.S. (Clatsop)
DEMPSEY, Jeremiah (Washington)
DEMPSEY, Wm. (Washington)
DEMRY (see Demery)
DENNEY, Etc. (see also Daney)
DENNEY, Thomas (Clackamas)
DENNISON, A.P. (Washington)
DENNY, James (Washington)
DENNY, John (Washington)
DENT, Harrison (Marion)
DENTLESS, Ellen (Washington)
DEPOT, Pierre (Marion)
DERVAIL (see also Duvalle)
DERVALL, Denis (Marion)
DESJARDINES, Baptiste (Clark)
DESEIN (see also Duskin)
DESPART, Joseph (Marion)
DESREVEIN, Adelaide (Marion)
DEVENNY, Etc. (see also Dafeney and Defeney)
DEVENNY, Albert S. (Clark)
DEVONA, Lewis (Lewis)
DEWEY. J. (Washington)
DEWITT, Frank (Washington)
DEZBACK, George (Clark)
DICE, Ed. C. (Polk)
DICKENS (see also Dickins)
DICKENS, J. (Clackamas)
DICKENS, John (Clackamas )
DICKENS, Ruben (Marion)
DICKENS, Thomas (Linn)
DICKENSON, Etc. (see also Dickinson, Etc.)
DICKENSON, Jaramiah (Clackamas)
DICKENSON, Wm. (Benton)
DICKENSON, Jas. (Washington)
DICKEY, John (Clackamas )
DICKINS (see also Dickens)
DICKENS, J. (Linn)
DICKINSON, Etc. (see also Dickenson, Etc.)
DICKINSON, Jas S. (Linn)
DICKINSON, Joshua (Washington)
DICKINSON, L. W. (Washington)
DICKINSON, Mary (Benton)
DICKINSON, Sam'l (Washington)
DICKINSON, Wm. (Benton)
DICKSON, James ( Marion)
DICKSON, John (Marion)
DICKSON, Susan (Clackamas )
DIGUERE, Baptiste (Marion)
DILDINE, Marium (Clark)
DILL, James S. (Linn)
DILLARD (see also Tillard)
DILLARD, John (Marion)
DILLY (see also Dayley)
DILLY, David (Washington)
DILMIR, Sampson (Washington)
DIMMOCK (see also Demicke, Etc.)
DIMMOCK, C. A. (Clatsop)
DINSMORE, Wm. (Washington)
DITHON, F. (Clatsop)
DITTLE (see also Tuttle)
DITTLE, Lockwood (Washington)
DIXON (see Dickenson, Etc. and Dickinson, Etc.)
DOAKS (see also Doke)
DOAKS, A.J. (Polk)
DOANE (see also Duane)
DOANE, Milton (Washington)
DOANE, Nehemiah (Washington)
DOBBIN, Etc. (see also Durbin)
DOBBIN, John (Washington)
DOBBIN, John C. (Washington)
DOBBINS, Thomas (Washington)
DODGE, Capt. (Washington)
DODGE, A. (Washington)
DODGE, Alexander (Clackamas)
DODGE, John (Washington)
DODIEN, Wm. (Benton),
DODSON, (see also Dotson)
DODSON , Wm. (Benton)
DOGHERTY, (see also Dorety and Dougharty)
DOGHERTY, Michel (Marion)
DOIEL (see also Dole and Doyle)
DOIEL, Patrick (Lewis)
DOKE (see also Doaks)
DOKE, E. P. (Clatsop)
DOLAN (see also Tolan)
DOLAN, Patrick (Yamhill)
DOLE (see also Doiel and Doyle)
DOLE, John (Washington)
DOLTER, Edwin (Washington)
DONALDSON, John (Marion)
DONALDSON, John (Marion)
DONICA, Thomas (Marion)
DONNER, (see also Downer)
DONNER, John (Washington)
DONO (see also Demo)
DONO, Phillip (Yamhill)
DONOVANT, William E. (Lewis)
DONPIERE, Margerit (Marion)
DONPIERE, Margerite (Marion)
DORETY (see also Dogherty and Dougharty)
DORETY, Wm. P. (Lewis)
DORION, Pierre (Marion)
DORM, Jacob (Washington)
DORRIS, Felix G. (Yamhill)
DOTSON (seee also Dodson)
DOTSON, Elijah (Yamhill)
DOTSON, Jesse (Yamhill)
DOTSON, William (Yamhill)
DOTY (see also Doughety)
DOTY, William (Washington)
DOUBLEBAR, Wm. (Washington)
DOUCHENNEX (see also Dauchine, Dejanes and Duchine)
DOUCHENNEX, Camile (Clark)
DOUGHARTY, (see also Dogherty and Dorety)
DOUGHARTY, J. (Clatsop)
DOUGHETY (see also Doty)
DOUGHETY, Peter (Clark)
DOVE, Benjamin (Polk)
DOW, S. K. (Clatsop)
DOWER, Peter (Clark)
DOWLING, Christopher (Clark)
DOWLING, James (Lewis)
DOWLING, Wm. (Lewis)
DOWNER (see also Donner)
DOWNER, John (Washington)
DOWNER, Joseph W. (Polk)
DOWNING (see Dawning)
DOWNS, James (Marion)
DOYLE, (see also Doiel and Dole)
DOYLE, Francis O. (Lewis)
DREW, Clark (Washington)
DREW, Geo. (Washington)
DRIGGS, Jeremiah (Linn)
DRISCOL, S (Clatsop)
DRISTOLL, J. (Clatsop)
DRIVER, H. (Clatsop)
DRUM, Abner (Benton)
DRYER, John (Washington)
DUANE (see also Doane)
DUANE, Peter (Yamhill)
DUBOIS, Anari (Marion)
DUBRUEL (see also Dabreule)
DUBRUEL, Margerit (Marion)
DUCHINE (see also Dauchine, Dejanes and Douchennex)
DUCHINE, Joseph (Clark)
DUDLEY, John B. (Washington)
DUEHAMAY, Rogue (Clark)
DUFEY, Thomas (Clackamas)
DUGHESNE, Celestine (Clackamas)
DULAP, Arnold (Washington)
DUNBAR, C. (Clackamas)
DUNBAR, Rice (Marion)
DUNCAN, Elizabeth (Marion)
DUNCAN, James (Clark)
DUNHAM, John (Clatsop)
DUNHAM, Wm. (Lewis)
DUNLAP, Harriet (Washington)
DUNLAP, John A. (Linn)
DUNLAP, Jos. (Yamhill)
DUNLASS, Wm. (Yamhill)
DUNN, D. (Clatsop)
DUNN, James (Clackamas)
DUPREIS, Edward (Marion)
DUPRES, Francis (Marion)
DURAND, Wm. (Polk)
DURBIN (see also Dobbin, Etc.)
DURBIN, Isaac (Marion)
DURBIN, John Marion)
DURBIN, Ruth (Mariion)
DURGIN, John H. (Clark)
DURHAM, L.A. (Washington)
DUSENALL, Peter (Washington)
DUSENDINKLE, Jerh. (Washington)
DUSKIN, Daniel (Yamhill)
DUSTAN, Hellen (Marion)
DUSTON, W.B. (Marion)
DUVALLE (see also Dervalle
DUVALLE, Denis (Marion)
DYER, Andrew N. (Clackamas)

EADES (see Edes)
EALY (see also Oley)
EALY, John (Washington)
EARL, John (Linn)
EARL, Jos (Linn)
EARL, Perry G. (Benton)
EARL, Rob't (Linn)
EARL, William (Linn)
EAST, John (Polk)
EAST, William (Polk)
EASTER (see also Feaster and Flaster)
EASTER, Mary E. (Washington)
EASTERBROOKS, Lorenzo (Lewis)
EASTON, John (Yamhill)
EATON, Charles (Lewis)
EATON, Jesse (Yamhill)
EATON, Licandy (Yamhill)
EATON, Nathan (Lewis)
EBERMAN (see also Everman)
EBERMAN, N.A. (Clatsop)
EBEY, J.N. (Lewis)
EDDY (see also Adee and Athy)
EDDY, Robert (Marion)
EDES, Mos??e (Polk)
EDES, Nath. (Polk)
EDES, Peter (Polk)
EDES, Solomon (Polk)
EDGAR, John (Lewis)
EDMONSON, John I. (Linn)
EDMONSON, Rufus C. (Marion)
EDRICK (see also Hedrick)
EDRICK, Isaac (Marion)
EDSON, E.J. (Yamhill)
EDWARD, John (Clark)
EDWARDS, Edward (Clark)
EDWARDS, George (Lewis)
EDWARDS, William (Lewis)
EDWARDS, Wm. (Washington)
EELS, Cushing (Washington)
EGMAN (see also Agment)
EGMAN, Francis (Marion)
EHLER (see also Iler)
EHLER, C.F. (Washington)
ELDER, Adam R. (Yamhill)
ELDER J. (Clatsop)
ELDER, Robert (Clackamas)
ELDERS, Wm. (Lewis)
ELDRIDGE (see Aldridge and Holdridge)
ELIOTT (see also Elliot, Etc.)
ELIOTT, Francis (Clackamas)
ELIZA (B) (Washington)
ELKIN, Z. (Clackamas)
ELKINS, James E. (Polk)
ELLER (see Ehler and Iler )
ELLIOT, Etc. (see also Eliott)
ELLIOT, O. (Clatsop)
ELLIOTT, Nimrod (Washington)
ELLIOTT, William (Clackamas)
ELLIOTT, Wm. H. (Lewis)
ELLISON (see Allison and Elson)
ELLIST, Saml. (Washington)
ELLS (see Eels)
EIMINS (see also Allman, etc.)
ELMINS, Jacob (Marion)
ELSON (see also Allison)
ELSON, Franklin (Washington)
ELY, (see Ealy, and Oley)
EMARE (see also Emery and Hemery)
EMARE, W. (Clatsop)
EMBREE (see also Hembree)
EMBREE, Carey (Polk)
EMENY, J. (Washington)
EMERY, Etc. (see also Emare and Hemery )
EMERY, George (Linn)
EMOREY, Madmoselle (Clackamas)
ENGEBER, G. (Clatsop)
ENGLE (see also Angel and Ingalls, Etc.)
ENGLE, Wm. (Clackamas)
ENGLISH, Benjamin F. (Polk)
ENGLISH, Hiram (Marion)
ENGLISH, L.N. (Marion)
ENGLISHER, I. (Washington)
EOFF, George (Marion)
EPLING (see Aplin)
ERNEST, Beuhardt (Clark)
ERWIN (see also Irvin, Etc.)
ERWIN, Samuel (Clark)
ESTHAM (see also Easton)
ESTHAM, Wm. F. (Marion)
ESTIS, E.T. (Washington)
EVANS, Etc. (see also Evins)
EVANS, GEORGE W. (Washington)
EVANS, Henry (Polk)
EVANS, Isaac M. (Washington)
EVANS, John (Washington)
EVANS, N.B. (Marion)
EVENS, Charles (Clark)
EVENS, Henry (Clackamas)
EVENS, Joseph (Clackamas)
EVERET, Richd. (Yamhill)
EVERETTS, Chas (Washington)
EVERHART, James (Washington)
EVERMAN (see also Eberman)
EVERMAN, R.W. (Washington)
EVERST, Richd. (Yamhill)
EVERY (see also Aubrey and Avery)
EVERY, John (Washington)
EVINS (see also Evans, Etc.)
EVINS, S.S. (Washington )
EYRE (see also Are and Ayre, Etc.)
EYRE, Joseph (Clackamas)
FABER (see also Babor)
FABER, Michel (Clark)
FAGAM, T. (Clatsop)
FAIR (see also Bar, Farr and Parr)
FAIR, Chas. (Washington)
FAIRBANKS, Jas. (Washington)
FALEY, Murty (Lewis)
FALKISON, Peter (Washington)
FALKLER (see Faulkler)
FAMMET, W.H. (Clatsop)
FAMSO, AGUSTUS (Washington)
FARCE (see also Ferris, and Force)
FARCE, GEO. W. (Clackamas)
FARDUMAN, Herman (Clark)
FARGO (see also Farrago and Farro)
FARGO, S.B. (Clackamas)
FARIER (see also Farrier and Frier)
FARIER, William (Clackamas)
FARMER (see also Varner)
FARMER, John P. (Washington)
FARNHAM (see Ferman)
FARON (see also Baron, Etc.)
FARON, D. (Lewis)
FARR (see also Bar, Fair and Parr)
FARR, Isaac (Clackamas)
FARRAGO (see also Fargo and Farro)
FARRAGO, Jas. (Linn)
FARRIER (see also Farier and Frier)
FARRIER, W. (Linn)
FARRIN (see also Baron, Etc.)
FARRIN, Bird (Linn)
FARRO (see also Fargo and Farrago)
FARRO, Stephen (Clackamas)
FAUCET (see also, Fazett and Fezett
FAUCET, Thos (Washington)
FAULKLER, Absolom (Yamhill)
FAVA, Morgan (Clackamas)
FAY, Capt. (Washington)
FAY, J.. (Clatsop)
FAY, R.C. (Clark)
FAZETT (see also Faucet and Fezett)
FAZETT, C. (Clackamas)
FEASTER, (see also Easter and Flaster)
FEASTER, Daniel (Clackamas)
FEE (see Fay)
FEENY, Truman (Washington)
FEILDS (see also Field, Etc)
FEILDS, Jane (Marion)
FELICE, Antoine (Marion)
FELLOWS, Hiram (Waashington)
FENDELL, Charles (Yamhill)
FENDELL, Wm. (Clark)
FENNICK (see also Finch)
FENNICK, Catharine (Washington)
FENTON (see Bantan, Etc)
FERGASON, Etc. (see also Furgason, Etc.)
FERGASON, J. (Lewis)
FERGUSEN, R.C. (Clatsop)
FERMAN, Jacob (Marion)
FERN, John (Linn)
FERNEY, (see also Verney, Etc.)
FERNEY, Ann (Clackamas)
FERNSIDE, George (Washington)
FERRIL, John (Washington)
FERRIS (see also Farce and Force)
FERRIS, A. (Clatstop)
FERRIS, Jeremiah (Benton)
FERRON (see also Baron, Etc.)
FERRON, Dominique (Lewis)
FETHEROUGH, Solomon (Polk)
FEZETT (see also Faucet and Fazett)
FEZETT, Charles (Clackamas)
FICKLE, Abraham (Yamhill)
FIECHMAN, John (Benton)
FIELD, Etc. (see also Feilds)
FIELD, H.B. (Washington)
FIELDS, Ambrose (Washington)
FIELDS, Benjamin (Maarion)
FIELDS, Hugh (Linn)
FIELDS, JAS. (Washington)
FIELDS, James (Washington)
FIELDS, Josiah (Linn)
FIELDS, Mary J. (Linn)
FIELDS, Nancy J. (Linn)
FIELDS, Samuel (Marion)
FIELDS, Thomas (Linn)
FIELDS, William (Linn)
FILLEY, George (Clackamas)
FINCH (see also Fennick)
FINCH, Geo. (Benton)
FINDLEY, Jane (Linn)
FINDLEY, John (Linn)
FINLEY, Jane (Clackamas)
FINLEY, Richardson (Linn)
FISH (see also Fisk)
FISH, Albert H. (Clackamas)
FISH, Walter (Clackamas)
FISHER, Alfred D. (Washington)
FISHER, Esra (Clackamas)
FISHER, Hesekiel (Clark)
FISHER, Rachel (Clark)
FISHWATER, Andrew (Washington)
FISK (see also Fish)
FISK, John (Washington)
FITCH, Etc. (see also Foss and Fouch, etc.
FITCH, A.D/ (Washington)
FITZ, Patrick (Washington)
FITZEN, Joseph (Lewis)
FITZGARD, Michael (Clark)
FITZGERALD, Mary (Marion)
FITZGERALD, Stephen (Washington)
FITZHUGH, Solomon (Washinton)
FITZGERALD, Thomas (Marion)
FLANDEN, Henry F.P. (Clark)
FLANDERS, George H. (Washington)
FLASTER, H. (Lewis)
FLATTE (see also Flett)
FLATTE, Mary (Clackamas)
FLEENER, Simon P.C. (Linn)
FLEMING, B. (Clatsop)
FLEMING, Rob't (Washington)
FLEMMING, John (Clackamas)
FLEMMON, Jesse (Clackamas)
FLETCHER, Francis (Yamhill)
FLETT (see also Flatte)
FLETT, Charlotte (Washington)
FLETT, John (Washington)
FLETT, John (Yamhill)
FLINN, John (Washington)
FLINT, Isaac (Polk)
FLINT, James (Marion)
FLORANCE, John (Clackamas)
FLOREY, Jacob (Washington)
FLOUROY, Hoyt B. (Washington)
FONG, Gilbert (Washington)
FOOTE, M. (Clatsop)
FORBES, Humphry (Clark)
FORCE (see also Farce and Ferris)
FORCE, James (Marion)
FORCE, John (Marion)
FORCE, John (Marion)
FORCE, Wilbur (Yamhill)
FORD, Ephraim (Yamhill)
FORD, John (Marion)
FORD, John (Polk)
FORD, Nathan (Polk)
FORD, Nimrod (Marion)
FORD, Ninava (Clackamas)
FORD, Reuben W. (Washington)
FORD, Robt. F. (Marion)
FORD, Wm. (Linn)
FORDE, Sydney S. (Lewis)
FORESHAW, D. (Clatsop)
FORESTER, T. (Clackamas)
FORESTER, Wm. (Clark)
FORREST, Charles (Lewis)
FORREST, Jeremiah (Washington)
FORREST, John M. (Yamhill)
FORREST, Mary (Lewis)
FORRESTER, Thomas H. (Clackamas)
FOSS (see Fitch, Etc. and Fouch, Etc.)
FOSS, Joseph (Marion)
FOSTER, A.D. (Clackamas)
FOSTER, Ann (Benton)
FOSTER, Eli W. (Clackamas)
FOSTER, Henry (Marion)
FOSTER, Isaac M. (Clackamas)
FOSTER, J.T. (Clackamas)
FOSTER, James (Benton)
FOSTER, James ( Clark)
FOSTER, James (Polk)
FOSTER, John (Benton)
FOSTER, John (Clackamas)
FOSTER, John (Clark)
FOSTER, Lewis (Clark)
FOSTER, Philip (Clackamas)
FOSTER, Reason D. (Benton)
FOSTER, Robert (Marion)
FOSTER, Robt. (Marion)
FOUCH, Etc. (see also Foss and Fitch, Etc.
FOUCH, Thomas Bl (Clackamas)
FOUTS, Wm. (Clackamas)
FOX, James (Washington)
FRANKLIN, George (Washington)
FRANKLIN, Joseah (Washington)
FRANKLIN, Samuel (Marion)
FRANKLIN, Sam'l (Washington)
FRASER, Abner (Marion)
FRASER, William (Marion)
FRAZER, George F. (Washington)
FRED, * (Clatsop)*------------------*
FREDRICK, Jas. M. (Polk)
FREEDLEY (see also Fridley)
FREEDLEY, J.P. (Benton)
FREEMAN (see Ferman)
FRENCH, Mootty (Benton)
FRENET, Joseph (Washington)
FRESH, John (Marion)
FRESH, John H. (Clackamas)
FRIDLEY and FRIEDLEY (see also Freedley)
FRIDLEY, John (Clark)
FRIER (see also Farier and Farrier)
FRIER, A.H. (Washington)
FRISEE, Loouis (Marion)
FROST, Geo. (Washington)
FROST, Geo. A. (Washington)
FROST, Gilbert (Washington)
FROST, J. (Clatsop)
FROST, Wm. (Clastsop)
FRUIT, James (Clackamas)
FRLUIT, John (Washington)
FRY, Alney (Linn)
FRY, Lucy (Linn)
FRY, Mary (Marion)
FRY, Olney (Washington)
FRY & SON (Linn)
FUDGE, Catherine (Polk)
FULKERSON, Frank (Washington)
FULKERSON, James (Polk)
FULLATON (see also Fulton, Etc.)
FULLER, Arnold (Benton)
FULLER, Pierce (Benton)
FULLERTON, Charles (Marion)
FULLQUARTS, Leonard (Yamhill)
FULTON (see also Bolton and Fullaton)
FULTON ( Polk)
FULTON, James (Yamhill)
FULTON, Robert (Marion)
FURGASON, Etc. (see also Fergason, etc.)
FURGASON, Jesse (Lewis)
FURGESON, John (Benton)
FURGESON, Nancy (Linn)
GABLE (see Cable)
GAFF (see also Goff)
GAFF, Hendrick (Clark)
GAIGE, Alexander (Polk)
GAIGE, Jesse (Polk)
GAIGE, Joseph (Polk)
GAIGE, William (Polk)
GAINES, Albert (Clackamas)
GAINES, Ed (Washington)
GAINES, J.P. (Clackamas)
GALE, Ellen (Washington)
GALLEHAN (see also Calahan, Etc.)
GAMMON, Hardou (Clackamas)
GANGNON, Etc. (see also Gaugnon and Gaynon)
GANGNON, Luc (Marion)
GANGNON, Marcel (Marion)
GANGNON, Margrite (Marion)
GANJNON, Margarite (Marion)
GANJON, Ambroise (Marion)
GANNOR (see also Conner, Etc.)
GANNOR, James (Washington)
GANT, Reuben (Yamhill)
GARDAN (see also Gordon, Jorden and Jourdan )
GARDAN, Benjamin (Lewis)
GARDAPIE (see Gardipie and Gariepy
GARDINER (see also Gardner)
GARDINER, Jas. (Washington)
GARDINER, Jas. C. (Washington)
GARDIPIE (see also Gariepy and Guarae)
GARDIPIE Catherine (Marion)
GARDMAN, Columbus (Clark)
GARDNER (see also Gardiner)
GARDNER Doctor (Marion)
GARDNER, S.W. (Washington)
GARGON, Elizth. (Yamhill)
GARIEPY (see also Gardipie and Guarae)
GARIEPY, Casimire (Marion)
GARLAND (see also Carlin)
GARLAND, Daniel (Linn)
GARRET, John (Clackamas)
GARRISON Abram (Yamhill)
GARRISON, Enock (Marion)
GARRISON, Joseph (Marion)
GARRISON, Wm. J. (Yamhill)
GARROTT (see Garret)
GARRY (see also Gerry and Jory)
GARRY, John (Lewis)
GARVIN, James (Washington)
GARY (see Carey, Etc.)
GASAHELL, Wesley (Lewis)
GASWELL, Isaac (Clackamas)
GATES, Henry (Washington)
GATES, Johohm (Marion)
GATES, Samuel (Marion)
GATES, T.W. (Clackamas)
GAUGNON (see also Gangnon and Gaynon)
GAUGNON, Angelique (Marion)
GAUGNON, Luc (Marion)
GAUTHIER (see also Geauthier)
GAUTHIER, Peirre (Marion)
GAVIL, Peter (Washington)
GAY, George (Yamhill)
GAYLARD O. (Clatsop)
GAYNON (see also Gangnon and Gaugnon)
GAYNON, Antoine (Clackamas)
GEARHART, P. (Clatsop)
GEAUTHIER (see also Gauthier)
GEAUTHIER Pierre (Mariion)
GEER (see also Gore)
GEER, Heman (Marion)
GEER, Joseph (Yamhill)
GEER, Ralph (Marion)
GEHLAR (see Gler and Keller)
GEIGER (see Giger)
GENOIS, Bernard (Clackamas
GEORGE, Abel (Yamhill)
GEORGE, Orland (Lewis)
GERFE, -- (Clark)
GERMAN, Robt. (Washington)
GERRISH, James (Yamhill)
GERRY (see also Garry and Jory)
GERRY, H.H. (Clatsop)
GERVAIS, Baptiste (Marion)
GERVAIS, David (Marion)
GERVAIS, Isaac (Marion)
GERVAIS, J.B. (Marion)
GERVAIS, Theodore (Marion)
GIBBEAU, Louis (Marion)
GIBBONS, Joseph (Clark)
GIBBS, Geo. (Clatsop)
GIBBS, H. (Clackamas)
GIBBS, Zacharia (Washington)
GIBSON (see also Gipson)
GIBSON, George (Marion)
GIBSON, George (Washington)
GIBSON, Gideon (Marion)
GIBSON, H. (Marion)
GIBSON, J. (Clatsop)
GIBSON, John B. (Lewis)
GIBSON, John G. (Clackamas)
GIBSON, Joseph M. (Marion)
GIBSON, R.C. (Marion)
GIBSON, Wm. O. (Washington)
GIBSON, Wm. R. (Washington)
GIENGER (see Ginger)
GIGER, Wm.,Jr (Washington)
GIGUERE, Elie (Marion)
GILBEAU, Francois (Marion)
GILBERT, J.N. (Marion)
GILBERT, John (Clark)
GILBERT, Lorenzo (Benton)
GILBERT, Marietta (Marion)
GILCHRIST, Wm. (Washington)
GILDERWALDER, Jesse (Yamhill)
GILHAM, William (Marion)
GILHAMS, Porter (Marion)
GILL, Simon (Lewis)
GILL, Thos. (Washington)
GILLAM, A.J. (Polk)
GILLAM, Henry (Polk)
GILLAM, Louisa (Washington)
GILLAM, Mary (Polk)
GILLAM, Robt. (Polk)
GILLIAN, Isabella (Washington)
GILLIAN, Martin (Washington)
GILLMAN, John T. (Washington)
GILMAN, Milton (Washington)
GILMORE, Mary (Yamhill)
GILMORE, Samuel M. (Yamhill)
GINGER, David (Clark)
GINGRAS (see also Jingras)
GINGRAS, Joseph (Marion)
GINGRAS, Julien (Marion)
GIPSON (see also Gibson)
GIPSON, Archibald W.
GIVINGS, Berryman (Clackamas)
GLASGOW, Thomas (Lewis)
GLEASON M.P. (Clackamas)
GLEASON, Morris (Clackamas)
GLEASON, Patrick (Clackamas)
GLEECEN, John (Marion)
GLENDINNING (see Clendening)
GLER, S.W. (Clackamas)
GLOVER, John (Clackamas)
GLOVER, Samuel (Marion)
GLOVER, T. (Linn)
GLOVER, William (Linn)
GOADY (see also Gondy and Goudy)
GOADY, George (Washington)
GOBAR, Antoine (Clark)
GOBERT, Josephine (Marion)
GOBIN, Baptiste (Marion)
GOBIN, Baptiste (Marion)
GODFREY, John (Yamhill)
GODFREY, Robert (Marion)
GODLIPNEAL, John (Clackamas)
GOEZT, Antoine (Marion)
GOFF (see also Gaff)
GOFF, David (Polk)
GOFF, Hendrick (Clark)
GOFF, Saml. (Polk)
GOFF, Stephen (Clackamas)
GOHNICK (see also Conhick)
COLDER (see also Calder and Colder)
GOLDER, William (Marion)
GONDY (see also Goady and Goudy)
GONDY, Geo. (Yamhill)
GONIER (see Canire)
GOOD, Daniel H. (Clackamas)
GOOD, James F. (Washington)
GOODALE, Warren (Benton)
GOODELL, John B. (Marion)
GOODFELLOW, Jacob (Yamhill)
GOODHUE, Samuel H. (Marion)
GOODMAN, Joseph (Clackamas)
GOODMAN, Rebecca (Marion)
GOODMAN, Wm. H. (Polk)
GOODRICH, C. (Clatsop)
GOODRICH, Carney (Yamhill)
GOODRICK, Joseph (Washington)
GOODWIN, Edwin (Clark)
GOODWIN, T. (Clatsop)
GOODWIN, Wm. (Clark)
GOODWIN, Wm. H. (Polk)
GORDEN, Etc. (see also Gardan, Jorden and Jourdan,Etc.)
GORDEN, James (Clark)
GORDEN, Thomas (Clark)
GORDON, B. (Lewis)
GORDON, Charles (Marion)
GORDON, George W. (Clark)
GORDON, Hugh (Clackamas)
GORDON, John P. (Marion)
GORE (see also Geer)
GORE, James (Clark)
GORE, Wm. B. (Linn)
GORMLEY, James (Washington)
GOSKELL (see Gasahell)
GOSSIP, Preslely (Washington)
GOUDY (see also Goady and Gondy)
GOUDY, Rian (Washington)
GOWAN, Etc. (see Cowan, Etc.)
GRACE (see also Grass)
GRACE, Oliver (Marion)
GRAFF (see Craft and Crauf)
GRAHAM, Aaron H. (Washington)
GRAHAM, Catherine (Clackamas)
GRAHAM, D. (Washington)
GRAHAM, George (Clackamas)
GRAHAM, James A. (Clark)
GRAHAM, Jeffery C. (Clackamas)
GRAHAM, Jeffory (Clackamas)
GRAHAM, W.W. (Washington)
GRAHAM, Wm. (Linn)
GRAHAM, Wm. (Yamhill)
GRAHAM, Wm. E. (Washington)
GRAHAM, William G. (Clackamas)
GRANT, David (Polk) GRANT, J.D. (Yamhill)
GRANT, James (Clark)
GRANT, Thos. (B) (Washington)
GRANY, Martin (Washington)
GRASS (see also Grace)
GRASS, Gustavus (Lewis)
GRASSON, Albert S. (Clark)
GRAVELL, J.D. (Yamhill)
GRAVELL, Louis (Lewis)
GRAVES, Charles (Yamhill)
GRAVES, James (Yamhill)
GRAVES, James P. (Yamhill)
GRAVES, John T. (Marion)
GRAY, (Lewis)
GRAY, Capt. (Washington)
GRAY, H.W. (Clatsop)
GRAY, L.C. (Washington)