NANCE, Jesse (Clark)
-----, Napic (Lewis)
NAPPET, John C. (Clark)
NARCROSS, L.M. (Clatsop)
NAYLOR, James W. (Yamhill)
NAYLOR, Thomas (Washington)
NEAL, Etc. (see also Niel, Etc., and O'Neil, Etc.)
NEAL, Aldy (Marion)
NEAL, Alexander (Marion)
NEAL, Calvin (Marion)
NEAL, George (Marion)
NEAL, Mahaly (Marion)
NEAL, Peter (Marion)
NEAL, William (Marion)
NEFF (see Nepp and Neuff)
NEILL, John (Linn)
NEILLY, Matthew M. (Polk)
NELSON (see also Nilson)
NELSON, George (Yamhill)
NELSON, J.P. (Washington)
NELSON, Jno. (Marion)
NELSON, John (Washington)
NELSON, Josiah (Yamhill)
NEPP (see also Neuff)
NEPP, Marquis (Washington)
NESBITT, Henry W. (Yamhill)
NESBITT, Thomas (Yamhill)
NESMITH, J.W. (Polk)
NEUFF (see also Nepp)
NEUFF, John G. (Clackamas)
NEUJEAN, Caroline (Marion)
NEWBY, Wm. P. (Yamhill)
NEWELL, Robert (Marion)
NEWLAN (see also Nolan)
NEWLAN, Hiram (Washington)
NEWMAN, John (Clackamas)
NEWTON, Abram (Benton)
NEWTON, N. (Clark)
NEWTON, Thos. (Clatsop)
NEY, (see also Nye)
NEY, John (Marion)
NEY, John W. (Lewis)
NICHOLS, B.F. (Polk)
NICHOLS, Benjamin (Polk)
NICHOLS, Isaac (Clark)
NICHOLS, John (Polk)
NICHOLS, Martin (Washington)
NICHOLS, Wright (Yamhill)
NICHOLSON, O.W. (Washington)
NICKELSON, Sylvester (Clackamas)
Nickeson, Easter (Marion)
NICKINSON, John (Washington)
NICKSON, Cheney (Washington)
NICKSON, O.W. (Clackamas)
NIEL, Etc. (see also Neal, Etc. and O'Neal, Etc.)
NIEL, John M. (Linn)
NIELL, John (Linn)
NILSON (see also Nelson)
NILSON, Milford (Yamhill)
NISEER, Eliza (Benton)
NOBLE, Henry (Benton)
NOBLE, Henry (Yamhill)
NOBLE, John L. (Clark)
NOLAN (see also Newlan)
NOLAN, Henry (Washington)
NOLAN, Rich'd (Washington)
NORCROSS (see Narcross)
NORDIKE, William (Marion)
NORRIS, Shubert (Washington)
NORRIS, Thomas (Benton)
NORTHCRAFT, W.S. (Washington)
NORTHROP, Henry (Washington)
NORTHROP, John L. (Washington)
NORTON, Lucius (Benton)
NORTON, Z.C. (Washington)
NOTERE, Wm. (Clark)
NOTT, Etc. (see also Knotts, Mott, Etc. and Mowett)
NOTT, John (Washington)
NOTT, Joseph (Washington)
NOTTINGHAM, Comoden B. (Washington)
NOTTS, William (Benton)
NUTTING, A.B. (Washington)
NYE (see also Ney)
NYE, Jacob (Washington)
NYE, Rosella (Washington)
NYE, Thomas (Clackamas)
OAKLEY, E. (Clatsop)
OATY (see also Otway)
OATY, Edwin W. (Clackamas)
OBENEHAM, John (Clackamas)
OBISHON, Alexander (Marion)
OBISHON, Baptiste (Marion)
O'BRIEN (see also Bryant)
O'BRIEN, H.D. (Washington)
O'BRIEN, H.P. (Washington)
OBRIST, Charles (Marion)
OCKENDEN, N. (Clatsop)
O'DAY (see Day and Oaty, Etc.)
OFFICER, James (Clackamas)
OFFUTT (see Hoffat)
OGDEN, Isaac (Clark)
OGDEN, Peter Skein (Clark)
OGDEN, W.S. (Washington)
O'Hanagan (see also Hannegan)
O'HANAGAN, Thomas O. (Clark)
OHARRY, William (Marion)
OLCOTT, James (Clark)
OLDS, Reuben (Yamhill)
OLEMAN (see Allman, Etc.)
OLEY (see also Ealy)
OLINGER (see also Clolinger)
OLINGER, Abraham (Marion)
OLIVER, H. (Clark)
OLIVER, John (Clark)
ONEIAZE, Baptiste (Clark)
O'NEIL (see also Neal, Etc. and Niel, Etc.)
O'NEIL, James (Marion)
O'NEILL, Daniel (Clackamas)
O'NEILL, James A. (Polk)
O'NIELL, Patk. (Washington)
ORCHARD, John (Polk)
ORR (see also Hoar)
ORR, E. (Lewis)
OSANG, Louis (Marion)
OSBORN, Linden (Washington)
OSBORNE, Josiah (Linn)
OSFORD (see also Hosford)
OSFORD, Irvine H. (Polk)
OTEY (see Oaty)
OTSON, P.W. (Washington)
OTTO, Ernest (Clark)
OTWAY (see also Oaty)
OTWAY, W.B. (Washington)
OWEN, N.J. (Washington)
OWENBY (see Ownby)
OWENS, (Polk)
OWENS, E.A. (Clatsop)
OWENS, Henry C. (Polk)
OWENS, Mart. (Washington)
OWENS, Stephen (Marion)
OWENS, Thos. (Clatsop)
OWENS, Thos. (Yamhill)
OWENSBEE, Nichs. (Benton)
OWHUAY, Alexander (Clark)
OWNBY, Thomas (Marion)
OWYHEE, Dick (Clark)
PACKARD (see Pickard ------)
PACKWOOD, Wm. H. (Clark)
PAGE, Josiah (Clark)
PAIGNE, Etc. (see also Bame, Etc.)
PAIGNE, P. (Clatsop)
PAINE, Thomas (Washington)
PAINE, Wm. (Clackamas)
PAINS, Louis (Linn)
PAINTER (see also Pinter, Etc. and Pointer)
PAINTER, Samuel (Marion)
PAKEL (see also Pecall)
PAKEL, J. (Clatsop)
PALMER, H. (Washington)
PALMER, Innis N. (Clark)
PALMER, Joel (Yamhill)
PALMER, John (Washington)
PALMER, Thos. (Washington)
PALMER, Thomas (Washington)
PAMBURN, Ada (Clackamas)
PANBURN, Adah (Clackamas)
PANOT, Lucius (Polk)
PAPE, Sarah E. (Clackamas)
PAPIN, Pierre (Marion)
PARISH (see also Parrish)
PARISH, E.E. (Marion)
PARISH, Elizabeth (Marion)
PARISH, George (Linn)
PARISH, J.O. (Lewis)
PARISH, Josia (Marion)
PARISH, Mary A. (Clackamas)
PARISO, Pierre (Marion)
PARISO, Pierre (Marion)
PARKER, Amanda (Washington)
PARKER, David (Clark)
PARKER, E. (Washington)
PARKER, Horace (Washington)
PARKER, J. (Washington)
PARKER, Samuel (Marion)
PARKER, Saml. (Washington)
PARKER, Saml. (Washington)
PARKER, William (Marion)
PARKER, William (Polk)
PARKER, Wily (Marion)
PARKERSON, J. (Clatsop)
PARKS, Clinton (Marion)
PARR (see also Bar, Fair, and Farr)
PARR, Joseph (Yamhill)
PARRISH (see also Parish)
PARRISH, G. (Linn)
PARRISH, Jesse (Yamhill)
PARROTT, John (Marion)
PARROTT, Joseph (Clackamas)
PARROTT, Louis (Polk)
PARSONS (see also Pearson, Peirson and Pierson)
PARSONS, Horace (Washington)
PARSONS, J. (Clackamas)
PARSONS, John (Washington)
PARSONS, Orrin (Washington)
PASCHAL (see Pakel, Etc.)
PATERSON, Etc. (see also Peterson)
PATERSON, Jno. (Marion)
PATERSON, Sarah (Marion)
PATTEN, Martheny (Yamhill)
PATTEN, William (Marion)
PATTERSON, Christoph (Washington)
PATTERSON, Ira (Washington)
PATTERSON, Joseph R. (Marion)
PATTS, (see also Phoutz, Etc. and Potts)
PATTS, Thomas S. (Washington)
PAUL (see also Pohle and Pool, Etc.)
PAUL, James (Marion)
PAYNE (see also Bame, Etc.)
PAYNE, Aaron (Yamhill)
PEARSON (see also Parsons, Peirson and Pierson)
PEARSON, John W. (Clackamas)
PEASE, D.E. (Clatsop)
PEASENER, Wm. (Clark)
PEAULT (see Perault)
PEBBLES (see Peobles)
PECALL (see also Pakel)
PECALL, John (Yamhill)
PECK, James (Benton)
PECK, James H. (Yamhill)
PEEK, Abram (Benton)
PEETMAN (see also Pitman and Putnam)
PEETMAN, R. (Washington)
PEIRSON (see also Parsons, Pearson and Pierson)
PEIRSON, Wm. J. (Clark)
PELLIND, Alex. (Clark)
PELTIER, Etienne (Marion)
PELTIER, Solomon (Marion)
PEMBERTON, Peter (Washington)
PENCE (see also Vance and Vanse)
PENCE, John E. (Washington)
PENDLETON, Chaupney (Clackamas)
PENELTON, C. (Clackamas)
PENNINGROUGHT, Charles (Marion)
PENNINGTON, John (Yamhill)
PENTLAND, Robert (Clackamas)
PEOBLES, J.C. (Clackamas)
PERAULT, Achile (Marion)
PERAULT, Luce (Marion)
PERKINS, Eli (Yamhill)
PERKINS, Jack (Washington)
PERKINS, Joel (Washington)
PERKINS, Joel (Yamhill)
PERKINS, John (Yamhill)
PERKINS, Wm. (Yamhill)
PERRICHI, Perrie (Clackamas)
PERRIN (see also Baron, Etc.)
PERRIN, Wm. F. (Clatsop)
PERRY, J.F. (Washington)
PERRY, Samuel (Clackamas)
PERRY, Thos. S. (Washington)
PERVINE (see also Purvine)
PERVINE, W. (Clackamas)
PERVINE, William (Clackamas)
PETER, P. (Clatsop)
PETERMAN, Joseph (Clark)
PETERS, Philip (Benton)
PETERSON (see also Paterson, Etc.)
PETERSON, Asa H. (Linn)
PETERSON, Henry J. (Linn)
PETERSON, John (Linn)
PETERYGROVE, F.W. (Clackamas)
PETIT, Amable (Marion)
PETIT, Amable (Marion)
PETITJOHN (see Pettyjohn)
PETRE, M. (Linn)
PETTIT, H.N. (Washington)
PETTYGROVE (see -----)
PETTYJOHN, Lewis (Marion)
PEWELL, David (Yamhill)
PFIESTER, John (Benton)
PHELPS, Etc. (see also Billups)
PHELPS, Henry (Washington)
PHIFISTER, George (Clark)
PHILEPS, Polly (Clackamas)
PHILEPS, William (Clackamas)
PHILIPS, Wm. (Lewis)
PHILLIPS, E. (Clatsop)
PHILLIPS, Geo. (Washington)
PHILLIPS, John (Benton)
PHILLIPS, John (Polk)
PHILLIPS, John (Yamhill)
PHILLIPS, John (Yamhill)
PHILLIPS, Thomas (Clark)
PHOUTZ, Etc. (see also Patts and Potts)
PHOUTZ, Jacob (Clackamas)
PHROUTZ, Samuel (Clackamas)
PICHETTE, Louis (Marion)
PICKARD, (Mr.) (Clatsop)
PICKARD, Oliver (Marion)
PICKERD, O. (Washington)
PICKERELL, Lymon (Lewis)
PICKETT, Chas. (Washington)
PIERCE, C.W. (Washington)
PIERCE, H. (Linn)
PIERCE, James (Linn)
PIERCE, John E. (Washington)
PIERE (see also Powier)
PIERE, Henry M. (Washington)
PIERSON (see also Parson, Pearson and Peirson)
PIERSON, Joseph (Yamhill)
PIERSON & Mc LANE (Marion)
PIGG, Reuben (Polk)
PILES, Clayton N. (Washington)
PILLOW, C.B. (Washington)
PINNETTE, Pierre (Clackamas)
PINNETTE, Pierre (Clackamas)
PINTER, Etc. (see also Painter and Pointer)
PINTER, Wm. (Washington)
PINTERS, Jane (Washington)
PION, Alexander (Marion)
PION, Marianne (Marion)
PION, William (Marion)
PISK, Charles (Lewis)
PITMAN (see also Peetman and Putnam)
PITMAN, James (Clackamas)
PITMAN, Leroy (Marion)
PITNEY, Kirus (Marion)
PLASTS, Sam'l (Washington)
PLATTS (see Flatte, Etc.)
PLEMONDO, J. (Lewis)
PLEMONDO, Simon, Jr. (Lewis)
PLOMONDON, Angelique (Marion)
PLOUFFE, Rosalie (Marion)
POHLE (see also Paul and Pool, Etc.)
POHLE, Herman (Clark)
POINSDER, John (Washington)
POINTER (see also Painter and Pinter, Etc.)
POINTER, Wm. (Washington)
POIRIER, Angele (Marion)
POLK, Jerome (Washington)
POLK, Milton (Yamhill)
POLK, Wm. R. (Clark)
POLLARD, Richd. (Linn)
POLLARD, Zacharia (Marion)
POLLOCK, Thomas (Benton)
POLLY, Henry B. (Clackamas)
POLLY, Peter (Marion)
POMAROY, Samuel D. (Clackamas)
POMEROY, Welton (Washington)
POOL, Etc. (see also Paul and Pohle)
POOL, Charles (Clatsop)
POOLE, John (Washington)
POOLINE, George B. (Clackamas)
POPE, Martha (Clackamas)
POPE, Seth (Washington)
PORIER (see Poirier)
PORTER, Etc. (see also Prater)
PORTER, A.L. (Marion)
PORTER, Andrew (Clark)
PORTER, David A. (Marion)
PORTER, Edward (Clackamas)
PORTER, Emily (Clark)
PORTER, James A. (Clark)
PORTER, John (Lewis)
PORTER, John E. (Benton)
PORTER, Nancy L. (Marion)
PORTER, Robt. (Washington)
PORTER, Robt. (Washington)
PORTER, Stephen (Marion)
PORTER, Stephen (Polk)
PORTER, Wm. (Benton)
PORTER, William (Marion)
PORTER, Wm. (Washington)
PORTIER, Nicholas (Marion)
PORTOUIS, Sophie (Marion)
POST, Albion (Clackamas)
POST, J.B. (Clackamas)
POST, Jerome (Marion)
POTTER, J.L. (Clackamas)
POTTER, James (Clark)
POTTER, John (Washington)
POTTER, Levi (Washington)
POTTER, Pardon (Linn)
POTTLE (see also Badall, Etc.)
POTTLE, O. (Clatsop)
POTTS (see also Patts and Phoutz, Etc.)
POTTS, A.J. (Washington)
POUJADE, John P. (Marion)
POUJADE, Louis (Marion)
POUJADE, Theodore (Marion)
POW (see also Pue, Etc.)
POW, ---- M. (Lewis)
POWEL, Etc. (see also ----)
POWEL, David (Clackamas)
POWEL, ----- (Clackamas)
POWEL, Jackson (Clackamas)
POWELL, Daniel (Yamhill)
POWELL, G. (Clatsop)
POWELL, Joseph (Washington)
POWELL, Theophilus (Marion)
POWELL, Thomas (Marion)
POWELL, W. (Clatsop)
POWER, Etc. (see also Bower, Etc.)
POWER, E. (Linn)
POWER, Isaac B. (Clark)
POWER, J.L. (Linn)
POWERS, T.P. (Clatsop)
POWIER (see also Piere)
POWIER, Joseph (Clark)
PRACHET (see also Prechette, Prichett, Etc. and Pritchell, Etc.)
PRACHET, Francis (Clark)
PRATAT (see Pretote)
PRATER (see also Porter, Etc.)
PRATER, Fredk. W. (Polk)
PRATER, William (Polk)
PRATT, O.C. (Washington)
PRAY, James (Clark)
PRECHETTE (see also Prachet, Prichett, Etc. and Pritchell, Etc.)
PRECHETTE, Joseph (Clackamas)
PRENCE (see also Prince)
PRENCE, Charles (Lewis)
PRESA, Etc. (see also Price, Etc.)
PRESA, John (Clark)
PRESLEY, David (Marion)
PRESSEE, Marie (Marion)
PRETAMAN, Perry (Clackamas)
PRETOTE, Jean Baptiste (Lewis)
PRICE (see also Presa, Etc.)
PRICE, Ebenezer (Washington)
PRICE, Israel (Washington)
PRICE, James (Clark)
PRICE, John (Washington)
PRICE, John B. (Clackamas)
PRICE, John D. (Lewis)
PRICE, Larkin (Clackamas)
PRICE, Larkin (Marion)
PRICE, M. (Clackamas)
PRICE, Martha (Clackamas)
PRICHETT, Etc. (see also Prachet, Prechette and Pritchell, Etc.)
PRITCHELL, Thomas (Washington)
PRITCHIT, James (Marion)
PROTHER (see Prater)
PROVO, Baptiste (Lewis)
PROVOR, Narces (Washington)
PRUETT, Etc. (see also Purdy)
PRUETT, John (Linn)
PRUETTE, John (Marion)
PUE, Etc. (see also Pow)
PUE, J.M. (Marion)
PUGH, F.A. (Washington)
PUGH, William T. (Marion)
PUGHS, Jesse W. (Washington)
PURDY (see also Pruett, Etc.)
PURDY, Aaron (Marion)
PURVINE (see also Pervine)
PURVINE, John (Marion)
PUTNAM (see also Peetman and Pitman)
PUTNAM, Chas. F. (Benton)
PUTNAM, Daniel (Linn)
PYBURN, Amon (Polk)

QUIMBY, E.L. (Clackamas)
QUINN, Alexander (Clark)
QUINN, John (Washington)
QUINTALLE, Laurent (Marion)
QUINTATU, Mariane (Marion)

RADCLIFF, Charles (Clark)
RADER (see also Rider, Etc. and Ruder)
RADER, Archibald (Marion)
RADSELL, Thomas (Lewis)
RAE (see also Ray, Reigh and Roy)
RAE, Elusia (Clackamas)
RAE, Margaret (Clackamas)
RAIL, Baptiste (Lewis)
RAIN, C. (Washington)
RAIN, Michael (H.B.)(Washington)
RAINE, Charles (Lewis)
RAINWATER, A.M. (Benton)
RALSTON (see also Roleston)
RALSTON, Jeremiah (Linn)
RAMMAGE, James (Yamhill)
RAMSDELL, Etc. (see also Ransdale, Etc.)
RAMSELL, Wm. (Lewis)
RAMSEY, David (Yamhill)
RAMSEY, Fred F.H. (Washington)
RAMSLEY, Maxwell (Clackamas)
RANCK, J. (Washington)
RANDALL, D. (Clatsop)
RANDOLPH (see also Rodolph and Rudolph)
RANDOLPH, John (Marion)
RANDOLPH, John (Yamhill)
RANDOLPH, Louis (B) (Washington)
RANDOM, J. (Clackamas)
RANERD, James O. (Clackamas)
RANGUEST, Peter (Lewis)
RANKIN, John (Clark)
RANSDALE, Etc. (see also Ramsdell, Etc.)
RANSDALE, S. (Washington)
RANSDELL, Henry (Washington)
RANSOM, John J. (Yamhill)
RAPPEE (see also Robb, Roby and Ruba)
RAPPEE, John (Washington)
RASSIE, Augustin (Marion)
RATCLIFF (see Radcliff)
RATJOHN, E. (Lewis)
RAY (see also Rae, Reigh and Roy)
RAY, Ezekiel (Washington)
RAYMAN, Narceas (Clark)
RAYMOND, A.C. (Washington)
RAYMOND, Augustin (Marion)
RAYMOND, Joseph (Clark)
RAYMOND, N. (Clark)
RAYMOND, Pierre (Marion)
RAYMOND, W.W. (Clatsop)
RECTOR, L.J. (Marion)
RECTOR, William H. (Marion)
REDDING, Chas. (Washington)
REDWELL, Elisha (Yamhill)
REECE (see also Rees, Etc.)
REECE, John (Washington)
REECE, John (Washington)
REED (see also Reid)
REED, C.A. (Washington)
REED, Calvin (Washington)
REED, George W. (Clark)
REED, Henry (Clackamas)
REED, Jacob J. (Washington)
REED, Moses (Yamhill)
REED, Thomas (Benton)
REED, Zachariah (Marion)
REES, Etc. (see also Reece)
REES, Mathew (Marion)
REES, W.H. (Marion)
REESE, George (Clackamas)
REEVES (see also Rieves)
REEVES, Bartly (Marion)
REEVES, Thomas (Benton)
REID (see also Reed)
REID, James H. (Clackamas)
REID, John (Lewis)
REID, Thomas W. (Lewis)
REID, Wm. (Clark)
REIGH (see also Ray, Rea and Roy)
REIGH, Charles (Clackamas)
REILEY (see Riely and Rylie)
REINICK, Wm. (Clackamas)
REMLEY, John (Lewis)
RENCHFORD, J. (Clatsop)
RESBERY, J. (Lewis)
REXFORD, Wm. D. (Linn)
REYMA, D. (Clatsop)
REYNOLDS (see also Ronall and Runnells, Etc.)
REYNOLDS, John (Polk)
REYNOLDS, Noah P. (Marion)
RHINDHART, Jacob (Clark)
RHINEHART, Alfred (Benton)
RHINES, George (Clark)
RHOAD, Etc. (see also Roda)
RHOAD, Francis (Marion)
RHOAD, George (Marion)
RHOADS, Alfon (Marion)
RHODES, Crohan (Polk)
RHODES, Elizabeth (Washington)
RHODES, Jacob (Washington)
RHODES, Jonathan (Washington)
RICE, Francis A. (Washington)
RICE, George W. (Clackamas)
RICE, Harrison (Polk)
RICE, James (Washington)
RICE, Julius (Yamhill)
RICE, Levi (Washington)
RICE, Louis (Yamhill)
RICE, M.S. (Washington)
RICE, Rosalie (Washington)
RICE, Taylor (Lewis)
RICH (see also Riches)
RICH, John (Yamhill)
RICHARDS, Solomon (Washington)
RICHARDSON, Etc. (see also Rickerson, Etc.)
RICHARDSON, Aaron (Benton)
RICHARDSON, Benj. (Benton)
RICHARDSON, Clayton (Yamhill)
RICHARDSON, Geo. (Washington)
RICHARDSON, Gideon (Benton)
RICHARDSON, J. (Clatsop)
RICHARDSON, John (Yamhill)
RICHARDSON, Miner (Clackamas)
RICHARDSON, N.C. (Clackamas)
RICHARDSON, S. (Clackamas)
RICHARDSON, Thos. (Linn)
RICHARDSON, Zacara (Clark)
RICHERSON, Chevelier (Clackamas)
RICHERSON, Mathew (Clackamas)
RICHERSON, Nathaniel (Clackamas)
RICHES (see also Rich)
RICHES, G.W. (Washington)
RICHES, George (Marion)
RICHES, John (Washington)
RICHMOND, Abram (Clackamas)
RICHMOND, H.L. (Clackamas)
RICHMOND, Sherman (Clackamas)
RICKERSON, Etc. (see also Richardson, Etc.)
RICKERSON, S. (Clackamas)
RICKETSON, John (Washington)
RICKETSON, John (Washington)
RICKEY, Ann (Marion)
RICKEY, James (Marion)
RICKY, Henry (Marion)
RICTCHEY, Jacob T. (Clark)
RIDER, Etc. (see also Rader and Ruder)
RIDER, Saml. (Benton)
RIDER, Samuel (Lewis)
RIDGEWAY, John (Polk)
RIDNER, S. (Polk)
RIELY (see also Rylie)
RIELY, P.O. (Marion)
RIEVES (see also Reeves)
RIEVES, John (Clackamas)
RIFFLE, Stephen (Yamhill)
RIGDON, Thomas (Marion)
RIGGER, Dan'l. (Washington)
RIGGS (see also Pigg)
RIGGS, Alley (Clackamas)
RIGGS, Daniel (Clackamas)
RIGGS, F.A. (Linn)
RIGGS, James B. (Polk)
RIGGS, Peter (Clark)
RIGGS, Rachel (Clackamas)
RIGGS, Thomas (Clackamas)
RIGGS, Washington (Benton)
RIGHTSMAN, Francis (Benton)
RIGNEY, John (Lewis)
RILEY (see Riely and Rylie)
RINEARSON, Peter M. (Clackamas)
RING, Luther (Benton)
RINGOLD, Geo. (Washington)
RISLEY, J.S. (Clackamas)
RISLEY, O. (Clackamas)
RIVET, Antoine (Marion)
RIVET, Fabia (Clark)
RIVET, Joseph (Marion)
ROBB (see also Rappee, Roby and Ruba)
ROBB, J.R. (Clackamas)
ROBBINS (see also Robins)
ROBBINS, Elias (Polk)
ROBERTS, Auther B. (Clackamas)
ROBERTS, G.W. (Clackamas)
ROBERTS, George B. (Lewis)
ROBERTS, Henry (Yamhill)
ROBERTS, Isaac (Washington)
ROBERTS, Jesse (Polk)
ROBERTS, S.B. (Lewis)
ROBERTS, William (Marion)
ROBERTSON (see also Robinson)
ROBERTSON, Wm. S. (Clark)
ROBINETTE, Hannah (Linn)
ROBINETTE, Joseph (Linn)
ROBINETTE, Pleasant (Linn)
ROBINS (see also Robbins)
ROBINS, Joseph (Clackamas)
ROBINSON (see also Robertson)
ROBINSON, A. (Marion)
ROBINSON, A.B. (Lewis)
ROBINSON, B.M. (Yamhill)
ROBINSON, Calvin P. (Clackamas)
ROBINSON, D.A. (Clatsop)
ROBINSON, Danl. (Washington)
ROBINSON, J. (Clatsop)
ROBINSON, J.S. (Clackamas)
ROBINSON, James (Marion)
ROBINSON, James (Polk)
ROBINSON, Jas. (Washington)
ROBINSON, James P. (Washington)
ROBINSON, Leonard (Marion)
ROBINSON, Nathan (Washington)
ROBINSON, Richd. (Benton)
ROBINSON, S. (Clatsop)
ROBINSON, S.J.M. (Lewis)
ROBINSON, Thos. (Washington)
ROBINSON, William (Polk)
ROBY (see also Rappee, Robb and Ruba)
ROBY, John (Marion)
ROCKWOOD, Henry (Yamhill)
RODA (see also Rhoad, Etc.)
RODA, Jno. (Marion)
RODGERS (see also Rogers)
RODGERS, B.B. (Clackamas)
RODGERS, Clark (Yamhill)
RODGERS, Emison (Clackamas)
RODGERS, John (Clackamas)
RODGERS, John (Clackamas)
RODGERS, John (Linn)
RODGERS, John (Washington)
RODGERS, John B. (Yamhill)
RODGERS, L.C. (Clackamas)
RODGERS, Louis (Yamhill)
RODGERS, Martin (Lewis)
RODGERS, Mary J. (Linn)
RODGERS & RAMSEY (see Ramsey, David)
RODGERS, Thomas (Benton)
RODGERS, Wm. (Yamhill)
RODOLPH (see also Randolph and Rudolph)
RODOLPH, John (Marion)
RODOLPH, Morgan (Marion)
ROE (see also Rowe)
ROE, John (Washington)
ROFF (see also Rough and Ruff)
ROFF, Charles (Linn)
ROGERS (see also Rodgers)
ROGERS, Moses (Clatsop)
ROLAND, Etc. (see also Ruland)
ROLAND, Francois (Marion)
ROLAND, Jason H. (Marion)
ROLAND, John (Yamhill)
ROLAND, Madelaine (Marion)
ROLESTON (see also Ralston)
ROLESTON, Joseph (Clackamas)
ROLLINS, Orris (Yamhill)
ROLLS, Jessee (Clark)
ROMBY, Joseph (Washington)
RONALL (see also Reynolds and Runnells, Etc.)
RONALL, James M. (Washington)
RONDO, Charles (Marion)
RONDO, Charles (Marion)
ROOSEVELT (see Rosovelt)
ROSANNAH (Black) (Washington)
ROSE, Charles (Clackamas)
ROSE, Comadore (Marion)
ROSEBUD, James (Washington)
ROSOVELT, L. (Clatsop)
ROSS, Ann (Washington)
ROSS, Benjn. (Washington)
ROSS, Chevy (Clackamas)
ROSS, Edward (Black)(Marion)
ROSS, George (Marion)
ROSS, John (M) (Lewis)
ROSS, Sarah A. (Clackamas)
ROUGH (see also Roff and Ruff)
ROUGHNER, W.R. (Clatsop)
ROWE (see also Roe)
ROWE, Jno. W. (Marion)
ROWELL (see also Powel, Etc.)
ROWELL, W. (Clatsop)
ROWLAND (see Ruland)
ROY (see also Rae, Ray and Reigh)
ROY, Thomas (Marion)
RUBA (see also Rappee, Robb and Roby)
RUBA, T.R. (Marion)
RUDER (see also Rader and Rider)
RUDOLPH (see also Randolph and Rodolph)
RUDOLPH, John (Marion)
RUDOLPH, Morgan (Marion)
RUFF (see also Roff and Rough)
RUFF, Charles F. (Clark)
RULAND (see also Roland, Etc.)
RULAND, Jeremiah (Yamhill)
RULAND, John (Yamhill)
RUMPIS, George (Clark)
RUNNELLS, Etc. (see also Reynolds and Ronall)
RUNNELLS, Benjn. (Washington)
RUNNELS, Alcey (Marion)
RUNNELS, J.F. (Washington)
RUNNELS, Wm. (Yamhill)
RUNYON, Wm. (Yamhill)
RUSSEAU (see also Russie)
RUSSEAU, Joseph (Marion)
RUSSEL, John (Benton)
RUSSEL, John P. (Washington)
RUSSEL, Marshall (Washington)
RUSSEL, Robert (Benton)
RUSSELL, Abel (Benton)
RUSSELL, Andrew (Linn)
RUSSELL, Andrew (Linn)
RUSSELL, Charles (Lewis)
RUSSELL, David (Marion)
RUSSELL, F.S.K. (Clark)
RUSSELL, James (Clackamas)
RUSSELL, Oscar (Clark)
RUSSELL, William (Clackamas)
RUSSELL, William (Marion)
RUSSIE (see also Russeau)
RUSSIE, Augustin (Marion)
RUSTON, Charles (Marion)
RUTHBEN, William P. (Marion)
RYAN, James (Clark)
RYAN, John (Clark)
RYAN, Wm. (Clark)
RYLIE (see also Riely)
RYLIE, James (Washington)
RYLIE, John (Washington)
RYLIE, Jos (Washington)
RYON (see also Ryan)
RYON, James S. (Clark)
SADDLER, Fredrick (Clark)
SAFFRANS, Henry (Washington)
SAGAR, Etc. (see also Seiger, Sigler and Swag---)
SAGAR, Henrietta (Linn)
SAGE, Elizabeth (Marion)
SAGER, Catherine (Marion)
ST. ANDRE, Helene (Marion)
ST. CLAIR (see also Sinclair, Etc.)
ST. CLAIR, Mary (Lewis)
ST. GERMAIN, Peirre (Lewis)
ST. JOHN, Daniel (Marion)
ST. JOHN, M.G. (Clatsop)
ST. MARTINE, Andrew (Lewis)
SALISBURY (see also Sulsbury)
SALISBURY, G.W. (Washington)
SAMM, A.V. (Clark)
SAMPSON (see also Simenson and Simpson)
SAMPSON, Ambrose (Washington)
SAMPSON, Ephraim A. (Linn)
SANBURN, Charles (Clackamas)
SANDERS (see also Centers, Landers and Saunders)
SANDERS, A. (Washington)
SANDERS, Allen (Marion)
SANDERS, Allen (Marion)
SANDERS, F. (Washington)
SANDERS, H. (Clatsop)
SANDERSON, David (Clark)
SANDERSON, Wm. (Clark)
SANSOUCIE (see also Sossie)
SANSOUCIE, Joseph (Marion)
SAPENGFIELD, John (Marion)
SAPRATTE, Alexis (Marion)
SARBOROUGH (see Scarborough)
SARBRIDGE, (Mr.) (Lewis)
SARGANT, Etc. (see also Surgen)
SARGENT, Jos. J. (Washington)
SARGENT, A. (Lewis)
SARGENT, Joseph J. (Washington)
SARVANT, Jacques (Marion)
SAUCY (see Sansoucie and Sossie)
SAUNDERS (see also Centers, Landers and Sanders)
SAUNDERS, Adeline (Washington)
SAUNDERS, Archer (Polk)
SAUNDERS, Elizabeth I. (Washington)
SAUNDERS, Feby (Clackamas)
SAUNDERS, Felix (Washington)
SAUNDERS, George (Washington)
SAUNDERS, Jas. (Washington)
SAUNDERS, P. (Clackamas)
SAUNDERS, Sirles (Lewis)
SAUVI, Laurent (Marion)
SAUVIENT, Jacques (Marion)
SAVAGE, C.W. (Washington)
SAVAGE, Jno. (Marion)
SAVAGE, John J. (Washington)
SAVAGE, John M. (Clackamas)
SAVAGE, M.L. (Marion)
SAVAGE, Morgan R. (Polk)
SAVAGE, Thomas (Marion)
SAVAGE, Towner (Marion)
SAVAGE, Wm. (Clackamas)
SAVAGE, William (Clackamas)
SAVAGE, William (Polk)
SAVAGE, Wm. N. (Lewis)
SAVIO, Notal (Marion)
SAWYER (see also Sewer)
SAWYER, Mark (Washington)
SAXTON, Edward (Clackamas)
SAXTON, John (Clackamas)
SCAIFF (see also Schafft and Shaffe)
SCAIFF, John (Clackamas)
SCALES, John (Washington)
SCAMONTAIGNE, J.C. (Washington)
SCARBOROUGH, James (Lewis)
SCHAFFER (see also Shaffer)
SCHAFFER, John (Clark)
SCHAFFT (see also Scaiff and Shaffe)
SCHAFFT, William (Lewis)
SCHALT, Peter (Washington)
SCHARTH, James (Lewis)
SCHECK (see also Shuck)
SCHECK, George (Clark)
SCHILSK, Mathias (Clark)
SCHNEBLY, D.J. (Washington)
SCLUTT (see also Sloat)
SCLUTT, T. (Clatsop)
SCOTT, C.E. (Clatsop)
SCOTT, Eleizer G. (Clark)
SCOTT, Felix (Benton)
SCOTT, G. (Clatsop)
SCOTT, James (Yamhill)
SCOTT, John (B)(Washington)
SCOTT, John (Mulatto)(Marion)
SCOTT, Lawson (Yamhill)
SCOTT, Lemuel (Yamhill)
SCOTT, Levi (Benton)
SCOTT, Maria (Polk)
SCOTT, Nancy (Yamhill)
SCOTT, Saml. T. (Yamhill)
SCOTT, T. (Clatsop)
SCREGGS, W.L. (Clackamas)
SCRIBNER, Charles (Clark)
SCROGGIN, John L. (Washington)
SCROGGIN, Wm. (Washington)
SCUYLER, Martin (Yamhill)
SEABORN, Nancy B. (Polk)
SEABORN, Wm. (Benton)
SEABORN, William (Polk)
SEAL, Theophilus (Lewis)
SEARS, Esra (Clackamas)
SEBA, Joseph (Washington)
SEBASTIAN, Wm. (Yamhill)
SEB-EGH, (either a C or an O) S. (Clatsop)
SEIGER (see also Sager, Sigler and Swagler)
SEIGER, John (Marion)
SENECAL, Gideon (Marion)
SENTER (see Centers)
SERBER, Henry (Marion)
SETTEMIRES (see also Sittlemires)
SETTEMIRES, Dr. (Clackamas)
SETTLE (see also Siddle and Suttle)
SETTLE, John (Linn)
SETTLEMIRES (see Settemires and Sittlemires)
SEWARD (see also Jeward)
SEWARD, Mason (Yamhill)
SEWARD, Philip (Clackamas)
SEWELL, Henry (Washington)
SEWER (see also Sawyer)
SEWER, Joseph (Polk)
SEYMOUR, Charlotte Ann (Clackamas)
SHADAGAR, John (Clark)
SHADDEN (see Shannon)
SHAFFE (see also Scaiff and Schafft)
SHAFFE, John (Washington)
SHAFFER (see also Schaffer)
SHAFFER, Benj. (Washington)
SHAFFER, Chas. (Washington)
SHAGOTE, Charles (Clark)
SHANBROOK, Geo. (Washington)
SHANE (see also Sheine and Shinn)
SHANE, C.W. (Clatsop)
SHANGHUEPS, Patrick (Clark)
SHANNAN, David (Marion)
SHANNAN, Wesley (Marion)
SHANNON, John (Clatsop)
SHANNON, Saml. (Washington)
SHANNON, Thos. J. (Yamhill)
SHARGREEN, Jas. (Washington)
SHARP, C. (Washington)
SHARP, Henry (Clackamas)
SHASAR (see also Sixcher)
SHASAR, George (Lewis)
SHAUFNER, John (Washington)
SHAW (see also Shoe)
SHAW, A.C.R. (Polk)
SHAW, B.F. (Lewis)
SHAW, Cristopher (Marion)
SHAW, Hillard (Benton)
SHAW, J.B. (Marion)
SHAW, Saml. (Yamhill)
SHAW, Thomas C. (Marion)
SHAW, William (Marion)
SHEINE (see also Shane and Shinn)
SHEINE, Wm. (Washington)
SHELEY, Henry (Clackamas)
SHELLEY, Harrison (Benton)
SHELLEY, Michail (Benton)
SHELLEY, Wm. (Clackamas)
SHELLY, Harrison (Benton)
SHELTON, David (Washington)
SHELTON, Hamon (Linn)
SHELTON, Hanny (Linn)
SHELTON, Hawkins (Washington)
SHELTON, James (Linn)
SHELTON, Peter (Clackamas)
SHELTON, Solomon (Polk)
SHELTON, Wm. (Washington)
SHELTON, Zebedee (Yamhill)
SHEPPARD, Wm. (Washington)
SHERLOCK, Wm. (Washington)
SHERMAN (see also Shurman)
SHERMAN, George (Washington)
SHERMAN, Neima (Polk)
SHERWIN, Alfred (Marion)
SHERWOOD, David (Washington)
SHERWOOD, John (Marion)
SHERTALL, Jacob (Washington)
SHIELDS, J. (Marion)
SHINN (see also Shane and Sheine)
SHINN, Wm. (Clackamas)
SHIRLEY, James (Clackamas)
SHIRLEY, James (Washington)
SHIRLEY, S. (Clackamas)
SHIVELY, J.M. (Clatsop)
SHOE (see also Shaw)
SHOE, Henry (Lewis)
SHOGREN (see Shargreen)
SHORT, Amos M. (Clark)
SHORT, J.M. (Lewis)
SHORT, R.V. (Washington)
SHORTESS, R. (Clatsop)
SHRUM, John (Marion)
SHRUM, Nicholas (Marion)
SHUCK (see also Scheck)
SHUCK, Andrew (Yamhill)
SHUCK, Jacob (Yamhill)
SHUCK, Martin (Yamhill)
SHURMAN (see also Sherman)
SHURMAN, G.C. (Washington)
SIDDLE (see also S--ttle and Suttle)
SIDDLE, M. (Clatsop)
SIFFORD, Andrew (Marion)
SIGLER (see also Sager, Sieger and Swag---)
SIGLER, George (Washington)
SIGLER, Wm. (Washington)
SILVERS, C.S. (Washington)
SILVERTHORN, John S. (Clark)
SILVESTER (see also Sylvester)
SILVESTER, Joseph (Marion)
SILVESTER, Joseph (Marion)
SILVIA, Charles (Clackamas)
SILVIA, Stephen W. (Clackamas)
SIMENSON (see also Sampson and Simpson)
SIMENSON, John S. (Clark)
SIMKINS, Hiram (Marion)
SIMMON, Asa (Marion)
SIMMON, Samuel (Marion)
SIMMONS, Andrew J. (Lewis)
SIMMONS, John (Clark)
SIMMONS, John J. (Clark)
SIMMONS, Michal (Lewis)
SIMMONS, Wheelock (Washington)
SIMMONS, William (Marion)
SIMMONS, Wm. M. (Clark)
SIMMS (see also Steims and Syms)
SIMMS, Henry (Yamhill)
SIMON, Chales (Marion)
SIMONS, Rob't (Washington)
SIMPKINS (see Simkins)
SIMPSON (see also Sampson and Simenson)
SIMPSON, B. (Clackamas)
SIMPSON, Benjamin (Clackamas)
SIMPSON, David (Marion)
SIMPSON, Francis (Washington)
SIMPSON, Isaac N. (Polk)
SIMPSON, L.P. (Washington)
SIMPSON, R.W. (Polk)
SIMPSON, W.J. (Washington)
SIMPSON, William (Marion)
SIMPSON, Wm. (Washington)
SIMPSON, Wm. (Washington)
SINCLAIR, Etc. (see also St. Clair)
SINCLAIR, Mary (Yamhill)
SINCLAIR, Waymond (Benton)
SIN CLAIR, William (Clark)
SISSON (see also Chisham)
SISSON, William (Marion)
SISSONS, Wm. B. (Lewis)
SITTLEMIRES (see also Settemires)
SITTLEMIRES, George (Clackamas)
SIXCHER (see also Shasar)
SIXCHER, G. (Clatsop)
SKIDMORE, Andrew (Washington)
SKINNER, A.A. (Washington)
SKINNER, E.F. (Benton)
SKINNER, Jas. (Washington)
SLATER, S.S. (Washington)
SLATIER, John (Clark)
SLOAN, A.D. (Yamhill)
SLOAT (see also Sclutt)
SLOAT, C. (Clackamas)
SLY, James (Marion)
SMALLMAN, Sampson (Linn),br> SMART, James (Marion)
SMEADE, H.M. (Linn)
SMITH (Lewis)
SMITH, -- (B) (Clatsop)
SMITH, (Mr.) (Clatsop)
SMITH, A.B. (Clark)
SMITH, A.F. (Clackamas)
SMITH, A.P. (Clackamas)
SMITH, Absoalom (sic) (Polk)
SMITH, Alexr. (Washington)
SMITH, Alfred D. (Yamhill)
SMITH, Alva (Marion)
SMITH, Alvin F. (Washington)
SMITH, Anderson (Washington)
SMITH, Andrew (Yamhill)
SMITH, Barbra (Marion)
SMITH, Buford (Marion)
SMITH, C. Hart (Lewis)
SMITH, Charles (Lewis)
SMITH, Charles (Lewis)
SMITH, Charles (Lewis)
SMITH, Charles H. (Clark)
SMITH, Charlotte (Yamhill)
SMITH, Christopher (Washington)
SMITH, D.C. (Washington)
SMITH, D.H. (Marion)
SMITH, David H. (Marion)
SMITH, Dereter (Clatsop)
SMITH, Ellen (Marion)
SMITH, Erastus (Yamhill)
SMITH, Fabritus (Marion)
SMITH, Fallac (Clark)
SMITH, Fredk. (Washington)
SMITH, Freman (Clackamas)
SMITH, George D. (Marion)
SMITH, George H. (Washington)
SMITH, Greenbury (Benton)
SMITH, H.M. (Linn)
SMITH, Harvey (Clackamas)
SMITH, Henry (Marion)
SMITH, J. (Clatsop)
SMITH, J.B. (Washington)
SMITH, Jacob (Clark)
SMITH, James (Clark)
SMITH, Jas. (Clatsop)
SMITH, James (Marion)
SMITH, James (Polk)
SMITH, Jas. R. (Washington)
SMITH, John (Clark)
SMITH, John (Marion)
SMITH, John (Polk)
SMITH, John (Washington)
SMITH, John (Washington)
SMITH, John (Washington)
SMITH, John (Washington)
SMITH, John (Washington)
SMITH, John (Washington)
SMITH, John (Washington)
SMITH, John (Yamhill)
SMITH, John (Yamhill)
SMITH, John H. (Polk)
SMITH, John R. (Polk)
SMITH, John S. (Yamhill)
SMITH, John T. (Marion)
SMITH, John W. (Washington)
SMITH, Jos. (Linn)
SMITH, Joseph (Marion)
SMITH, Joseph (Washington)
SMITH, L.A. (Lewis)
SMITH, Macky (Marion)
SMITH, Markham (Washington)
SMITH, Moses (Washington)
SMITH, Nancy (Marion)
SMITH, Nathan (Clackamas)
SMITH, Noyes (Clackamas)
SMITH, P. (Linn)
SMITH, Perry (Polk)
SMITH, Peter (Yamhill)
SMITH, Preston (Polk)
SMITH, Raphal (Clark)
SMITH, Robert (Benton)
SMITH, Rufus (Marion)
SMITH, S.H. (Clatsop)
SMITH, Simeon (Marion)
SMITH, Stephen (Washington)
SMITH, Sydney (Yamhill)
SMITH, T. (Clatsop)
SMITH, Texas (Washington)
SMITH, Texas (Yamhill)
SMITH, Thos. (Washington)
SMITH, Thomas (Washington)
SMITH, Thos. H. (Washington)
SMITH, Titus (Marion)
SMITH, W.T. (Yamhill)
SMITH, Wm. (Benton)
SMITH, Wm. (Clackamas)
SMITH, Wm. (Clark)
SMITH, Wm. (Washington)
SMITH, William (Washington)
SMITH, Wm. (Washington)
SMITH, Wm. (Yamhill)
SMITH, Wm. M. (Linn)
SMITH, Wm. V. (Clark)
SMONDY, Philip (Washington)
SNELL (see Sonell)
SNELLING, Vincent (Yamhill)
SNIDER, James (Lewis)
SNIDER, Peter (Lewis)
SNOOK, Mary (Marion)
SNOOK, Phillippe (Marion)
SNOW, C. (Washington)
SNOW, John (Washington)
SNOW, L. (Washington)
SNOWDEN, Jane (B)(Washington)
SOLD, J. (Clatsop)
SOMERS (see also Summers, Etc.)
SOMERS, Frank (Washington)
SOMERS,Thos. (Clatsop)
SONELL, Fredrick (Clark)
SONG (see also Long)
SONG, John (Benton)
SOSSIE (see also Sansoucie)
SOSSIE, Alcede (B) (Washington)
SOUTH, East (Washington)
SOUTHMAID, Jas. (Washington)
SPALM (see also Splaim)
SPALM, Charles H. (Clark)
SPARKS, John (Washington)
SPARKS, Richard (Yamhill)
SPAULDING, Henry H. (Linn)
SPEAR, Madison (Marion)
SPENCE, (Mrs.) (Washington)
SPENCE, Amelia (Washington)
SPENCE, Arabella (Washington)
SPENCE, John (Washington)
SPENCER, Edward (Clark)
SPENCER, John (Yamhill)
SPENCER, Wm. (Benton)
SPERGER, John (Clark)
SPICE, John (Washington)
SPLAIM (see also Spalm)
SPLAIM, Patrick (Clark)
SPORES, Jacob C. (Linn)
SPRATT, Peirce (Clark)
SPRINGER, Barney B. (Washington)
SPRINGER, Wm. (Washington)
SPUNLURE, ---(Clark)
STAATS, Stephen (Yamhill)
STACEY, James (Clark)
STACH, Isaac (Polk)
STAFFORD, John (Washington)
STAFFORD, M. (Washington)
STAMPER, Isaac (Washington)
STANGINWALL, Hugo (Marion)
STANLEY, Thomas (Marion)
STANSBURGH, James (Yamhill)
STANSBURY, Z.N. (Clackamas)
STANTON (see also Staton and Stoten, Etc.)
STANTON, Alfred (Marion)
STARK, Benjn. (Washington)
STARLING, E. Lepps (Clackamas)
STARR, Henry (Yamhill)
STARR, Jeremiah (Benton)
STARR, John W. (Benton)
STARR, L.M. (Washington)
STARR, Martin (Washington)
STARR, Samuel S. (Benton)
STARR, Willis (Yamhill)
STATON (see also Stanton and Stoten, Etc.)
STATON, Alfred (Marion)
STATON, John (Marion)
STAVER (see also Stivers)
STAVER, Samuel (Clackamas)
STEALE, Etc. (see also Stoel)
STEALE, Jas (Yamhill)
STEAMER, Wm. A. (Clackamas)
STEELE, Alden H. (Clackamas)
STEELE, Charles (Washington)
STEEPRO, Henry (Polk)
STEIMS (see also Simms and Syms)
STEIMS,Ruben (Clark)
STEINBURGER, J.D. (Clackamas)
STEIWER (see Staver and Stivers)
STEMERMAN, Christopher (Polk)
STEMERS, Agust (Clark)
STEMHEINER, Edward (Lewis)
STEPHENS (see also Stevens)
STEPHENS, Charles (Yamhill)
STEPHENS, E. (Lewis)
STEPHENS, Emmer (Washington)
STEPHENS, Harrison (Benton)
STEPHENS, James B. (Clackamas)
STEPHENS, John (Lewis)
STEPHENS, John (Washington)
STEPHENS, Sanford (Marion)
STEPHENS, Thos. (Clark)
STEPHENS, Thos. (Washington)
STEPHENS, Wm. (Clark)
STEPHENS, Wm. I. (Benton)
STEPHENSON (see Stevenson)
STETE, Charles (Marion)
STETES, Alvir L. (Clackamas)
STEUSGAIN, John (Clark)
STEVENS (see also Stephens)
STEVENS, James (Washington)
STEVENS, Theodore (Washington)
STEVENS, W. (Clatsop)
STEVENS, W. (Clatsop)
STEVENS, Wm. (Clark)
STEVENS, Wm. (Washington)
STEVENSON, James (Washington)
STEVENSON, Jeremiah (Marion)
STEWARD, Etc. (see also Stuart)
STEWARD, J. (Clark)
STEWART, James (Clark)
STEWART, Mary (Clackamas)
STEWART, P.D. (Clackamas)
STEWART, P.G. (Lewis)
STEWART, Thomas (Washington)
STILES, Charles (Clark)
STILLMAN, C.D. (Clackamas)
STILWELL, C.W. (Marion)
STILWELL, Elias (Washington)
STILWELL, Thomas (Benton)
STILWELL, Wm. (Yamhill)
STINE (see Stone)
STINSON, James (Marion)
STIP, John (Marion)
STIVERS (see also Staver)
STIVERS, Frederick (Marion)
STOAKES, James (Washington)
STODDARD, James (Washington)
STOEL ( see alsoSteale, Etc.)
STOEL, Geo. (Marion)
STOKES, Wesley (Washington)
STOLEY, Israel (Yamhill)
STONE, Asa (Clackamas)
STONE, D. (Clatsop)
STONE, David (Lewis)
STONE, Edward F. (Yamhill)
STONE, N (Lewis)
STOTEN, Etc. (see also Stanton, and Staton)
STOTEN, Alexander (Marion)
STOUGHTON, Alexander (Marion)
STOUGHTON, Jos. (Washington)
STOUT, Ephraim (Marion)
STOUT, Hugh (Marion)
STOUT, Richard (Marion)
STRAIT, Hiram (Clackamas)
STRATTLE, Lewis (Linn)
STREETHOFF, Reuben (Linn)
STREITOFF, John (Linn)
STREITOFF, Louis (Linn)
STRINGER, Cornelius
STRONG, R. (Washington)
STRONG, Solomon (Clackamas)
STRONG, Solomon (Clark)
STRONG, Wm. (Lewis)
STROUD, David D. (Benton)
STROW, Alexr. (Washington)
STUART, (see also Steward, Etc.)
STUART, Alec (Washington)
STUART, Alexander (Yamhill)
STUART, Archd. (Benton)
STUART, Benjn. (Washington)
STUART, Benjamin E. (Yamhill)
STUART, Charles (Washington)
STUART, Eli (Washington)
STUART, John (Benton)
STUART, Louis (Linn)
STUART, Stephen (Linn)
STUART, T. (Washington)
STUMP, David (Polk)
STURGEON, Samuel J. (Clark) STURGES, O.P. (Clatsop)
STURGES, Sarah J. (Washington)
STURGUS, William D. (Polk)
L SUANGER, Jacob (Washington)
SUDDERS, Anthony (Polk)
SUFFIT, Thomas (Yamhill)
SULDERS, John (Polk)
SULGER, Abraham (Washington)
SULIVAN, Timothy (Clackamas)
SULSBURY (see also Salisbury)
SULSBURY, Johns (Clackamas)
SUMMERS, Etc. (see also Somers)
SUMMERS, Paul (Clackamas)
SUMMERS, Paul (Clackamas)
SUMMERS, Paul (Washington)
SUMMIT, Geo. J. (Clark)
SUMNER, C.W. (Lewis)
SURGEN (see also Sargant, Etc.)
SURGEN, Samuel J. (Clark)
SUTHERLAND, John (Lewis)
SUTTLE (see also Settle and Siddle)
SUTTLE, Sarah E. (Linn)
SUTTON, Henry (Clark)
SUTTON, Levi (Washington)
SUTTON, Nathan (Yamhill)
SWAGLE, Etc. (see also Swegal, Etc.)
SWAGLE, Charles (Clackamas)
SWAGLE, Eliza (Clackamas)
*-------* name and county was illegible
SWAGLER (see also Sager, Seiger and Sigler)
SWAGLER, C. (Clackamas)
SWAIN, Etc. (see also Swem)
SWAIN, W.H. (Washington)
SWAN, John (Lewis)
SWAN, Joseph (Marion)
SWANSBURY, Christopher (Marion)
SWARTS, Simeon (Mariion)
SWATKEY, F. (Clatsop)
SWAZEY, Mr. (Clatsop)
SWEET, A. (Clatsop)
SWEET, Charles (Washington)
SWEGAL, Etc. (see also Swagle, Etc.)
SWEGAL, Sarah (Clackamas)
SWEGLE, Mathias (Clackamas)
SWEM (see also Swain, Etc.)
SWEM, Andrew (Marion)
SWENK, Hermon (Clackamas)
SWITZLER, John (Clackamas)
SWITZLER, Joseph (Clackamas)
SWITZLER, Maria (Clackamas)
SYLVESTER, (see also Silvester)
SYLVESTER, Edward (Lewis)
SYLVESTER, John (Benton)
SYMS (see also Simms, and Steins)
SYMS, William (Linn)
TABRAT (see also Tebouth, and Tibbets, Etc.)
TABRAT, JULES (Clackamas)
TAILOR, (see also Taylor and Tuller
TAILOR, John R. (Clackamas)
TAIPAULIN, --- (Clark)
TALBOT, John B. (Washington)
TALENTINE (see also Tolentine)
TALENTINE, Thos. (Washington)
TALLMAN, Etc. (see also Tolman, Etc.)
TALLMAN, S.W. (Clatsop)
TALMAN, George (Clackamas)
TAPP, R.H. (Clatsop)
TAPPAN (see also Toupin)
TAPPAN, R. (Washington)
TATE, John (Washington)
TATER (see also Teeters and Titers)
TATER, Simon P. (Washington)
TAUTON (see also Toyton, and Tutten)
TAUTON, Thos. (Washington)
TAYLOR (see also Tailor and Tuller)
TAYLOR, Benj. (Benton)
TAYLOR, Benj. (Benton)
TAYLOR, Christopher (Yamhill)
TAYLOR, Daniel (Clackamas)
TAYLOR, F.M. (Marion)
TAYLOR, Geo. (Washington)
TAYLOR, Henry (Marion)
TAYLOR, Henry (Marion)
TAYLOR, Hiram (Marion)
TAYLOR, Isaih B. (Clark)
TAYLOR, J. (Clatsop)
TAYLOR, James (Clackamas)
TAYLOR, James (Clackamas)
TAYLOR, James (Washington)
TAYLOR, James (Washington)
TAYLOR, John (Marion)
TAYLOR, John (Yamhill)
TAYLOR, John (Yamhill)
TAYLOR, John W. (Marion)
TAYLOR, L. (Clatsop)
TAYLOR, L. (Clatsop)
TAYLOR, Melville (Marion)
TAYLOR, Oliver P. (Marion)
TAYLOR, Rob't (Washington)
TAYLOR, Sarah E. (Marion)
TAYLOR Wm. (Benton)
TAYLOR, William (Marion)
TEBOUTH (see also Tabrat and Tibbets, Etc.)
TEBOUTH, J. (Lewis)
TEENY, Mary J. (Washington)
TEETERS (see also Tater, Titers)
TEETERS, Phebee (Marion)
TEETERS, Thomas (Marion)
TEFFEN, Wm. H. (Washington)
TELIER, Louis (Marion)
TELL, Lewis (Washington)
TEMPLETON, Wm. P. (Linn)
TEND, Mary J. (Washington)
TERBIN, Wm. N. (Clackamas)
TERPEN, Marcilla (Clackamas)
TERRACE, G. (Washington)
TERRILL (see also Tirrol and Turrell)
TERPILL, Jerome (Marion)
TERWILLIGER (see Trulinger, Etc. and Twileger)
TETHEROUGH, Joseph W. (Linn)
TETHOROUGH, Solomon (Polk)
TEVISTON, Chas. S. (Yamhill)
THATCHER, Harmon (Washington)
THEVAITS (see also Tabrat and Tibbets, Etc.)
THEVAITS, Ezekiel (Clark)
THIBALT (see also Tiboult)
THIBALT, Joseph (Clark)
THOMAS, Ann I. (Washington)
THOMAS, Earic M. (Marion)
THOMAS, F. (Linn)
THOMAS, Francis (Washington)
THOMAS, H. (Clatsop)
THOMAS, J. (Clatsop)
THOMAS, J.B. (Linn)
THOMAS, John (Clackamas)
THOMAS John S. (Linn)
THOMAS, L.S. (Marion)
THOMAS, O.S. (Marion)
THOMPSON (see also Tomson)
THOMPSON, Abraham (Washington)
THOMPSON, Chas. (Washington)
THOMPSON, George (Washington)
THOMPSON, Geo. (Washington)
THOMPSON, Isaac (Marion)
THOMPSON, J. (Clatsop)
THOMPSON, James (Washington)
THOMPSON, James R. (Lewis)
THOMPSON, John (Washington)
THOMPSON, Jno. W. (Washington)
THOMPSON, Lewis (Clatsop)
THOMPSON, Milton (Clark)
THOMPSON, Philip (Washington)
THOMPSON, Robert (Washington)
THOMPSON, Wm. (Polk)
THOMPSON, Wm. (Washington)
THOMPSON, Wm. (Washington)
THOMPSON, Wm. L. (Washington)
THORN, Joel (Washington)
THORNTON, J. Quin (Clackamas)
THORNTON, John (Washington)
THORNTON, Seaborn (Polk)
THORPE, Abram (Polk)
THORPE, Elim (Polk)
THORPE, Elirin (Polk)
THORPE, F.M. (Polk)
THORPE, I. (Polk)
THORPE, John (Polk)
THRASHERS, Thomas (Washington)
THURMAN, G.C. (Washington)
THURSTON (see also Turston)
THURSTON, S.R. (Washington)
TIBBETS, Etc. (see also Tabrat, Tebouth and Thevaits)
TIBBETS, John (Clatsop)
TIBBITT, Gideon (Washington)
TIBETTS, G. (Clackamas)
TIBOULT, (see also Thibalt)
TIBOULT, Jochain (Lewis)
TICE, John (Marion)
TICE, Thomas (Washington)
TICKNER, I.T. (Washington)
TIDD (see aslo Todd and Towed)
TILLARD (see also Dillard)
TILLARD, Samuel (Clackamas)
TILLEY, L.D. (Washington)
TIMMON, John H. (Clark)
TINKENER, Levi (Washington)
TINSLEY, W.H. (Washington)
TIRROL (see also Terrill and Turrell)
TIRROL, F. (Clatsop)
TITBALL, S. (Washington)
TITERS ( see also Tater and Teeters)
TITERS, Thomas (Marion)
TITUS, Martin (Washington)
TODD (see also Tidd, Towed)
TODD, S. (Lewis)
TODD, William (Clackamas)
TOLAN (see also Dolan)
TOLAN, Jacob (Washington)
TOLENTINE (see also Talentine)
TOLENTINE, Hestor (Clackamas)
TOLMAN, Etc. (see also Tallman, Etc.)
TOLMAN, S.W. (Clatsop)
TOLMEY, Wm. F. (Lewis)
TOMKINS, D.D. (Clackamas)
TOMLINSON, John G. (Washington)
TOMPKIMS, D.D. (Washington)
TOMPSON (see also Thompson)
TOMPSON, Jacob (Clackamas)
TOMPSON, John (Clark)
TOMPSON, Robert R. (Clackamas)
TONG, B.O. (Yamhill)
TORO, -- (Clark)
TORO, Man O War (Clark)
TORRANCE, L.J. (Clackamas)
TORRANCE, Simons D. (Clackamas)
TORRANCE, T. (Clackamas)
TORRANCE, Wm. S. (Clackamas)
TORVUS (see also Turfis)
TORVUS, Wm. (Clark)
TOUCHARD, Constante (Clackamas)
TOUPIN (see also Tappan)
TOUPIN, Jean (Marion)
TOWED (see also Tidd and Todd)
TOWED, J.W. (Clackamas)
TOWNE, Aaron (Marion)
TOWNSEND, Alfred (Washington)
TOWNSEND, Daniel (Yamhill)
TOWNSEND, Hannah (Polk)
TOWNSEND, William (Marion)
TOWNSON, James M. (Marion)
TOWSON, A. (Clackamas)
TOYTON (see also Tauton and Tutten)
TOYTON, J. (Clatsop)
TRAFFORD, Charles (Clark)
TRAPMAN, T. (Washington)
TRAPP, John (Benton)
TRASK (see also Truck, Turk)
TRASK, A. (Clatsop)
TRAVEL, Capt. J. (Washington)
TRAVERS (see also Treaver)
TRAVERS, Monimia (Clark)
TREADWELL, Henry (Marion)
TREAMER, (see also Trimmer)
TREAMER, Martin (Clark)
TREAVER (see also Travers)
TREAVER, Simamon (Clackamas)
TREMBLE (see also Trumbull)
TREMBLE, Franklin (Marion)
TREMBLE, James (Washington)
TREMBLE, Louis (Marion)
TRENCHARD, C. (Clatsop)
TREVALLETTE, Capt. (Washington)
TRIMMER (see also Treamer)
TRIMMER, Wm. (Linn)
TRIPPER, O.F. (Washington)
TRISTEM, Thomas (Clark)
TROTT, S.P. (Lewis)
TRUCK (see also Trask and Turk)
TRUDELL, Louis (Lewis)
TRULINGER, Etc. (see also Turveller and Twileger)
TRULINGER, Nathan (Clackamas)
TRUMBULL (see also Tremble)
TRUMBULL, Benj'n (Benton)
TRYON, S.H. (Washington)
TRYON, Theophilus (Washington)
TUBBS, Sarah (Clark)
TUCKER, D.Q. (Washington)
TUCKER, H. (Clatsop)
TUCKER, Samuel (Marion)
TUCKER, Walter H. (Clackamas)
TUDOR, Albert (Clackamas)
TULLER (see also Tailor and Taylor)
TULLER, J. (Clatsop)
TUNSTON, Mary (Yamhill)
TUPPER, Robert (Washington)
TURFIS, (see also Torvus)
TURFIS, Luke (Yamhill)
TURGON (see also Durgin)
TURGON, Michel (Marion)
TURK (see also Trask and Truck)
TURK, Frederick (Clark)
TURK, Plummel (Yamhill)
TURNAGE, Joseph (Linn)
TURNER, (Mrs.) (Clatsop)
TURNER, H. (Lewis)
TURNER, Nathan (Linn)
TURNER, Owen P. (Yamhill)
TURNER, Susan (Marion)
TURNER, Thomas (Clackamas)
TURNER, Thos. L. (Yamhill)
TURRELL (see also Terrill and Tirrol)
TURRELL, Jerome (Marion)
TURSTON (see also Thurston)
TURSTON, Chars. S. (Yamhill)
TURVELLER (see also Trulinger, Etc. and Twileger)
TUSTIN (see Turston)
TUTTEN (see also Tauton and Toyton)
TUTTEN, Albert (Clackamas)
TUTTLE (see also Dittle)
TUTTLE, J.W. (Washington)
TUTTLE, John (Washington)
TUTTLE, John W. (Washington)
TUTTLE, Milton (Washington)
TVAULT W.G. (Clackamas)
TYILEGER *--------------------*
TWILEGER JAS. (Washington)
TWISLEY, John H. (Washington)
TWITCHELL, Geo. H. (Washington)
UMPHERVILLE, Nancy (Marion)
UMPHERVILLE, Pierre (Marion)
UMPHLER, Ellen (Linn)
USHER, Richard (Linn)
VALLADE, Jean (Marion)
VALLENTINE, James (Marion)
VAN BIBBIN, Zachariah (Benton)
VAN BURGIN, J. (Clark)
VANCE (see also Pence, and Vanse)
VANCE, Ferdinand (Clackamas)
VANCE, Samuel V. (Clackamas)
VANCOUVER, Paul (Clackamas)
VANDALLE, Louis A. (Marion)
VANDALLE, Louis B. (Marion)
VANDAWITTER, William (Marion)
VANDERPOOL, H. (Clatsop)
VANDERPOOL, Meadows (Polk)
VANDERPOOLE, Catharine (Polk)
VAN DEWACKER (see Vandawitter)
VDORLAN, Chas. (Clatsop)
VAN DUSEN, A. (Clatsop)
VAN ISELT, Henry (Washington)
VAN METRE, Joseph (Yamhill)
VAN SCISE, Ed (Washington)
VANSE (see also Pence and Vance)
VANSE, Manda (Clark)
VANSKIVER, Wesley (Clackamas)
VANTHORP, Edward (Clark)
VAN WINKLE, G. (Washington)
VAN WINKLE, G.W. (Washington)
VARNER (see also Farmer)
VARNER, Wm. (Washington)
VASSALEE, Louis (Marion)
VAUGHN, Andrew (Marion)
VAUGHN, John (Linn)
VAUGHN, Martin (Yamhill)
VAUGHN, William (Clackamas)
VAUGN, Alexander (Linn)
VAUGN, Thomas (Linn)
VAUGN, Warren M. (Yamhill)
VAUGN, William (Linn)
VAYSSET, S. (Clackamas)
VELDIN, Charles (Clark)
VELOIN, W. (Lewis)
VERMILEN, Aloyse (Clackamas)
VERNEY, Etc. (see also Ferney)
VERNEY, Henry (Washington)
VERNOY, Milton (Washington)
VERREUX, Seophine (Marion)
VICKERS (see also Bickers)
VICKERS, Andrew J. (Clackamas)
VILRAIS, Alexis (Marion)
VIRGIN, Martha (Polk)
VIVETTE, Narcisse (Marion)
VIXON, A. (Clatsop)
VOILET, Isaac (Yamhill)
VON PHISTER, John (Clark)
VULGAR, James (Marion)