The following is, word-for-word, the cover letter which accompanied the 1870 Grant County, Oregon Census:

Grant County, Or 1870 Census

Ret. usually means Retail tho once in a great while it is Retired. L & S are very much alike in this man's writing. I & J are also confusing. tho as a rule the J does

drop below the line. When confused on a name I usually put a ? mark with it so that the researcher can look it up in the microfilm and decide what the spelling may be. The area and family number will assist in Speedy search.

The person must have spelled as he thot the word or name should be spelled as for instance he usually spelled Henry as Henery. Other names are confusing now and then as he evidently spelled by sound now and then.

As many of these men were miners and lived in mining shacks or cabins or in boarding houses with other men and not in family groups, I have broken them down into the alphabet as separate men and not groups. The household number then will be the same for many who did live in connection with each other.

GP.BC Granite Precinct, Baker City PO

W.BC Winters precinct, Baker City PO

U.CC Union Precinct Canyon City PO

UCC.CC Upper Canyon City Precinct Canyon City PO

JD.CC John Day Precinct Canyon City PO

RC.CC Rock Creek Precinct Canyon City PO

CH.CC Camp Harney Precinct Canyon City PO

BR.BC Bull Run Precinct Baker City PO

OC.BC Olive Creek Precinct Baker City PO

M.CC Marysville Precinct Canyon City PO

LCC.CC Lower Canyon City Precinct Canyon City PO

E.CC Elk Precinct Canyon City PO

SF.CC South Fork Precinct Canyon City PO

There were 942 Chinese in this county at this time. They were mostly miners tho a few had other occupations. A Physician and a druggist. Also washer people and a few were cooks. And a very few were in white homes as cooks and general work.

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