Salem Daily Record

Friday Evening, July 26, 1878
Vol. 3 No. 390.

Misc. Articles of Interest


This mill was constructed under the personal supervision of Mr. George Tillotson, the well-known millwright, and no expense has been spared in making it first-class in every respect. Separating, Smutting and Bolting machinery, all of the latest and most approved pattern. I have also secured the services of Mr. Smith, late of the South Salem Mills, as miller.

Having no BACK WATER to interfere with business, the mill will grind every day except Sunday. Satisfaction guaranteed.


A large, well furnished and convenient residence, with well improved grounds, situated on Commercial Street, is offered for sale VERY CHEAP. Cost to improve near $5,000, and will be sold for $2,000 gold. Apply to Leo Willis, State Street, Salem, Oregon, April 9th.

The Grant County Times says [?] & Glenn lost by the Indian raid 500 head of fine brood mares and saddle horses, and their loss is estimated at $100,000. That of Robie $10,000, Dixon $8,000, and Smyth $4,000 - a loss of $122,000 for four men.

A letter from Butter creek, Umatilla county, says: "the situation is anything but pleasant on this creek; every home deserted and plundered of everything valuable; crops and gardens all destroyed by stock. It will take years of hard labor to rebuild the happy homes of two weeks ago."

Business cards inserted in this column for fifty cents per month

Allen, Wm. H. - General jobbing, night work, house cleaning, and also boot blackening. Charges reasonable.

Adolph, Sam - Salem Brewery - best beer in the city - by quart, gallon or keg. Commercial Street, near covered bridge.

Armstrong, Wm. - Custom boot and shoe-maker, State St., between Commercial and Liberty. Good fits guaranteed.

Belt & Son - Druggist. Prescriptions carefully compounded. Commercial St., near State.

Boon, H.D. - Books, stationary and musical instruments State Street.

Babcock, F.J. - Manufacturer and wholesale and retail dealer in furniture, coffins, and caskets. Liberty Street, near North Mill Creek bridge.

Bonham & Ramsey - Attorneys at Law Practice in all the courts of the state. Office, Griswold's Block, corner of State and Commercial Streets.

Bernarbi, Joseph - Capital Saloon. Best of liquors and cigars, Commercial Street.

Bowie, C.W. - Recorder and Justice of the Peace. Patton's Block, entrance on the street.

Cunningham, T. & Company - Dealers in hardware, Agricultural Implements, Iron and Steel. Commercial Street, between State and Ferry Streets.

Chemeketa Hotel - The finest hotel in the North West. S.F. Mathews, Proprietor.

Crawford, J.W. - Stoves, tin and hollow-ware. Commercial Street.

California Exchange - B. Friedrick, Proprietor. U.S. Brewery beer. 5 cent cigars, and tobacco. Pure wine and liquors.

Dawne, E.J. - Accountant and Money Broker. Office in Griswold's Building, Salem, Oregon.

Dennis, O.F. - Sash, doors and blinds. Shop at Agricultural Works.

Brake, B.F. - Machine shop and Foundry, corner of State and First Streets.

Emerson, Pete - Crystal Restaurant, meals at all hours, fresh oysters in every style. Commercial Street.

Epler, Geo. W. - Soda Water Manufactory. State Street, opposite Opera House building. Orders promptly filled.

Fisher, Gaines - Sales, Livery and Feed stables. Corner of Commercial and Trade Streets.

Friedman, S. - General Dealer, Auctioneer and Commission Merchant. Corner of State and Commercial Streets, in Durbin's Block.

Farrar Bros. - Wholesale and retail dealers in groceries, provisions, etc; corner of Court and Commercial Streets.

Ford, Tilmon - Attorney at Law in all the courts. Office. Patton's brick, State Street.

Gray, John - Dealer in furniture, carpeting, milling and upholstery, Starkey's Block, Court Street.

Hirsch [sp?], L & E - Dry goods, clothing, bats, caps, and general merchandise. Commercial between State and Ferry Streets.

Hal [??], Reynolds - Physicians and Surgery office, Commercial Street, between State and Court.

Holbert, J.G. - Proprietor of the Oregon Candy Manufactory and Oyster Saloon. Corner of Court and Commercial Streets.

Hammers [sp?], Seth R. - Surveyor and Notary Public. Office Patton's brick, State Street.

Haas, J. Henry - Watch Maker and Jeweler. Commercial Street between State and Ferry.

Johnson, W.P. - Photograph gallery. Pictures taken in the highest style of art. State Street in rooms formerly occupied by Mrs. Russ.

Jones & Patterson - Real Estate and Insurance Agents. Reed's Opera House.

Kelsay, Benj. - Shaving hair cutting and shampooing. Commercial St., near the Chemeketa Hotel.

Kelly, Andrew - Blacksmith. Horse-shoeing a specialty. Commercial Street between State and Court Streets.

G.W. Lawson - Attorney and Counselor at Law. Office - in the old Court House State Street.

G.P. Litchfield [sp?] - Groceries and provisions. Corner of State and Liberty Streets.

Moores, C.B. - Attorney at Law. Office with Jones and Patterson, Real Estate agents, Opera House block, Salem, Oregon.

Mauzey, Thos. A. - Plumber and Gas-fitter. Jobbing a specality. Commercial between State and Ferry Streets.

F.C. Paine, M.D. - Homoepathic Physician and Surgeon. Office over Breyman Bros. store.

Reed & Cox - Real Estate and Insurance Agents and Stock Brokers. Office, Reed's Opera House.

Stahley, J. - Manufacturer of all kinds, Wood Seat and Raw Hide bottom chairs. At the penitentiary.

Snyder, Mrs. C.D. - Bookbinder. Work promptly and neatly done. State St. near Liberty.

Smith, F.A. - Photograph Gallery. Commercial Street between State and Court.

Strong & Vain - Proprietors of Pioneer Bakery Commercial Street, between State and Court.

Taff, W.H. - Bills posted and programmes distributed. Address Chemeketa Hotel.

Scott, L.S. - Proprietor of Salem Dray and Hack Company. Stables on State Street near Front.

Van Wagner, G.G. - Dealer in fine furniture. State Street near Liberty.

Weatherford & Company - Dealers in Drugs, Oils, Paints, and Window glass. Commercial Street between State and Ferry.

Wade, W.L. - General merchandise and dealen in country produce. North Salem.

Verdier, J., Mrs. - Salem Manufactory of Coffees and all kinds of spices - fresh ground. State Street opposite bank.

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