The Indian War

The East Oregonian. Saturday, Sept. 01, 1877

General Joseph, like General Sherman through Georgia, is making a successful March through Montana via whichsoever way seemeth best to him, with no opposition.

Last week Howard's forces had a little skirmish with the hostiles, by which he lost one man killed and seven wounded. The Indians stole two hundred horses from him.

August 24 the Indians were on Madison river, Montana. They killed one man, and drove off stock. The families all fled to Virginia City.

The Indians at above date were fast making for the Yellow Stone country; also troops under command of Gen. Miles were fast moving up that river to intercept the Indians.

A dispatch dated Helena, August 27th, says:

A Herald's special from Mammoth Hot Springs, Montana, of the 25th, says:

Our party were attacked to-day about noon. I am the only one so far as known that escaped. Probably they will come in to-night. I will give particulars from Bozeman. - F.J. Pfister.

The party consisted of, among others, the following persons, all residents of Helena: Joe Roberts, Andy Weikert, Richard Dietrick, and F.J. Pfister.

Hot Springs, Gardener's River, Aug. 27, 1877. - To Geo. Carpenter, U.S. Assay Office, Helena: Emma, Ida and myself are alive. Cowan and Oldham are killed. Saw Cowan and Oldham shot. The balance are missing and I think all are killed, but don't know. Will send particulars when I reach Bozeman. The Helena party are all gone except one. All are missing. The Indians fired into their camp. Joseph, Looking Glass and White Bird were chiefs. - F. Carpenter.

Helena, Aug. 27. - The following was just received from Fort Ellis, Montana, August 27th:

Gen. John Gibbon, Helena - Lieut. Schofield reports he was on the top of Mount Washington yesterday. Indians appeared in Geyser basin on the 24th inst. They struck the Helena and Radersburg party, killing seven women and taking two women and one man prisoners. Just as he left Mount Washburne yesterday the Indians attacked another party, killing nine of them. One scalped. The Indians released Mrs. Cowan, her sister and brother, who reached Scofield yesterday. The main camp crossed the Yellowstone on the 25th. The warriors went back to fight Howard. White Bird and Looking Glass remained with the camp. Joseph went with the warriors. They say they are going to Wind river and Camp Brown to get supplies. Schofield thinks they are going to the lower Yellowstone via Clark's ford. They crossed the river between Mount Washburne and the lakes. Schofield does not say just where he will send a courier to Sturgis. - Benam, Captain 7th Infantry.

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