Enterprise, Oregon
[brief description follows image]

There's no real indication as to what might be transpiring in this image. Whatever the cause for celebration, it looked like another hot and dusty day in the far northeast corner of the Oregon Country.

There are two gentlemen standing on the corner in front of what hints to read, "KE Central Shoe Company." The man in dark clothing appears to be missing his left leg, and is supporting himself with the aid of crutches. Down the street I can see what looks to read, "H & G Cash Store" and "Funks Drugs." The woman are all wearing white, the windows that are not wide open are wearing their summer shades, while the wonderful vintage vehicles sport a layer of factory paint and three layers of good old Wallowa County dust.

Summer in the County Seat ... Enterprise, Wallowa Co., Oregon.

2000 Roxann Gess Smith
All Rights Reserved

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