Fire totaly destroys the County Seat of Grant County, the fire totaly destroys our thriving city. The alarm was sounded at 10:30 last night -total loss will reach two hundred thousand.

The alarm of fire was turned in about 10:30 last night. The blaze was discovered in the Elk Horn hotel. In ten minutes from the time the alarm was turned in the hotel was in a sheet of flames. The firemen worked bravely and nobly, in fact every man, woman, and child in the city worked as they never worked before, to save the property of our worthy citizens who by years of hard toil had accumilated a start in this world and were in a few minutes financially wrecked. The following are the principal losers:

Canyon City Brewery
F.C. Sels, proprietor
Loss $30,000

Brown & Simpse store bldg.
Owned by M.M. Fredenburg and T.M. Britten
Loss $1,000

Dr. B.F. Butler, dentist
Instruments $250

I.J. Haguewood
hay, grain, etc; $2,000

Fred Berry
Great Northern Restaurant
Loss $400

Guernsey & Clark
Red Front Saloon

Tomy Britten$700 Loss on Valade Hotel

Alva Dore & Wf, Clothing, Etc.

Hicks & Cattanach
Law Books, Etc. $800

Col. D.I. Asbury
Residence, Etc. $3,000

A. Hinch
Stock of Genl. Merchandise, Residence
and in fact everything he had, valued at $12,000

Cunnington & Horsley
Genl. Merchandise
Loss $20,000

Valade Hotel
Henry Valade Proprietor

Hinch Restaurant Bldg.

R.A. Hines
Residence and Blacksmith Shop & Fixtures

S.E. Bolinger
Residence, Contents Saved

McBean & MillerLivery Stable and Contents
$1500 - No Horses were Burned

Miller Residence
$1,000 and $100 in Money

V. Cozad
Books and Law Office Fixtures
Valued at $150

Clay Todhunter
Books, Fixtures and Notes & Accounts

Safe in Charge of O.P. Cresap
Containing $10,000
Belonging to the Odd Fellows

Bostwisk & Carrol, Paiters (sic)
$200 on Material

Dr. Ashford
Lost Residence and Office

Odd Fellows Hall
$5,000 - All Fixtures Burned

R. Benson
$200 in Paper Notes and Money

N. Rulison
$2,000 Paint, Furniture, Undertaking

Dustin & Wood
Office Fixtures, Etc.
$100 or More

A.L. Markham
Of The New York Theatre Co.
$3,000 In Govt. Bonds

Bert Clark
Residence $3,000

Mrs. L. Robinson
Residence and Milinary Shop

Frand Fleishmen
Tinsmith - $1,000

A. Hupprich
Boot & Shoe Shop

Post Office
Contents Saved

Meat Market

Mrs. Schmidt
Residence - $2,000

W.H. Kelley
Residence - $1,000

Dr. Partlow
Residence Total Loss

M.E. Church

John Muldrick
Office Total loss
Valuable Papers Saved

Dick Clark
Residence - Total Loss

Canyon City Bottling Works
Total Loss

China Town
Wiped out of Existence

City Jail
Is No More.

Fred Blagden's blacksmith shop-to-total loss; Jack Stephen's barbar shop-total loss;Thompson Drug Co.- $3,000; Cunnington & Allen, harness shop- total loss; Parrish & Cozadlaw office, papers & books saved; Thornton Williams, residence & office-total loss; W.H. Short, residence-$500; Mrs. Ashford, millinary shop-contents saved; Newman & Kemcarpenter shop-contents mostly saved.

Mr. Tom Morrison came near meeting death in the Ashford residence. When found, he was neardead he having been strangled by the smoke, while fighting fire.

Our little city puts in a miserable appearance this morning as the cold gray dawn appears.All that is left of our thriving city is the smouldering emblems of an unmerciful fire.We are homeless and if ever a people needed air it is now. Over half of our population ishomeless and we are without beds, the county court house was used as a home for a greatnumber, others who found quarters with friends.There have been many disasterous fires of late, but none can compare with last night'sterrible fire. Of the many homeless families in our city are some of our oldest and mostrespected citizens, who were hapily housed in comfortable homes, are today left peniless.Insurance companies refused the risks or made rates so high that it was impossible to carrya policy.


The Grant County News office is still doing business in the same old stand, and is the onlybusiness house left in Canyon City, and can say that we feel deeply the terrible disasterof last night. Oh! how hard it is to think of the many homeless families that but yesterdaywere happy and contented. To think of the poor homeless children who are huddledtogether at the few remaining homes.


The Court House is hereby opened to the people of Canyon City that they mighthave shelter from the cold. J.A. Laycock, County Judge

The Great Northern Restaurant will be opened up immediately, in the bowling ally.


Notice is hereby given that there will be a meeting of the citizens at the Court House at2 o'clock today. All citizens are requested to attend.


Editor: P.F. Chandler, Bus. Mgs.: W.E. Overholt, Mayor: O.P. Cresap, Recorder: G.H. Cattanach,Treas.: Charles Brown, Marshal: S.E. Bolinger, Councilmen: A. Hupprich, F.S. Simpson,Ira Sproul, A.J. Wendler, F.P. Horsley, Dist. Judge: M.D. Clifford, Dist. Att: Wm. Miller,Co. Judge: J. A. Laycock, Clerk: R.R. McHaley, Treas: Z.J. Martin, Commissioners: Sol Taylor,Dan Dimmick, Surveyor: W.F. White, Sheriff: Newt Livingston, Assessor: J.D. Titus,School Supt.: R.D. Williams, Stock Inspector: L. Swick, Coroner: Dan Morrow

1998 Roxann Gess Smith
All Rights Reserved

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