Grand Lodge of Oregon
Feby 21, 1891

The following two letters have been deciphered by me, to the best of my ability. Although the old handwriting is gorgeous and very legible, there were a few areas of great difficulty
my apology for any errors.

G.W. Patterson Esq.

Dr Sir & Bro

Yours of the 31st at hand. In reply to your first question, the law says, "wives of Scarlet Degree members are illigible upon a certificate that their husbands are members of a Subordinate Lodge in good standing."

It would appear that the law contemplates a certificate in proper form from the Subordinate Lodge to be filed with the application. A visiting _____ is of course the best evidence of a Brothers good standing, and I should say that a RD Lodge might accept that as sufficient, with the understanding that a certificate be furnished afterward. Relating to your second question I think the sister will have to join as a new member unless she can procure evidence from the Grand Secty of her former jurisdiction that she was once a member of a RD Lodge. That is a Dismissal Certification.

I send the By Laws as requested. I was compelled to be away on Friday afternoon. Sorry not to have met you.

Yours fraternally

A.N. Gambell

McMinneville, Ore.
Feb. 3rd 1891

G.W. Patterson
Hillsboro, Ore.

Dear Sir and Brother

Your favor of Jan. 30th is at hand and contents noted. All that is required for a Brother to become a member of the Rebekah Degree is a Statement from his Lodge that he is a member in good standing and his wife as sister can join on that same recommend.

A sister that has been a member and can not get a card from the lodge which she belongs, I think will have to join as a new member. That is the way my wife and myself did when I got that recomend from Montezuma Lodge. I sent it in with our application. We were balloted for and joined as new members. If you can get the G.M. to appoint Sister E.B. Fellows of McMinnville to install your officers there will be enough of this Lodge come down and show you all they can of the beautiful work.

I am glad that you are going to start that branch of the Order up again. You will like it I am sure. Inclosed you will find copies of the Constitutions and By Laws of both Lodge. Also pamplets of Mc Lilley & Co. [sp?] and Parson Co. They tell me that you can do the best with Lilley Co.

If we come down we will bring the whole outfit so you can all see just what we have got. Now if at any time I can be of any service to you in any way let me know and I will help you all I can.

I will close with respect to all of the friends.

Yours in Y.L.Y. [sp?]

M. Collins [sp?]