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November 25th 1870 Salem, Oregon

Dear Sister

Your kind and welcom letter came to hand a few days ago I was much please to hear of your all being well I am also pleased to know of the numerous matrimonial sermoneys performed thair tell Alicia I wish her much joy and will write to her soon William Freeman and Margret hardey makes a good team I also wish them safe in to the harbour any best wishes is with Keneth McKenzee and Donald and all the rest of my acquaintance who has freely bound themselves with hymnans silken cords and like ways those who have not. you asked me what kind of this country this is I will not under take to give you a total description at present some other time I will be more ( illegible ) this is rather a modret climet in some rispects it rains ( illegible )during the winter season frost and snow is quite a noviltey it seldom rains in sumer time but is continuel sunshine and intense heat thair is no sleds hear nor robes nor gloves in winter time wagons run the whole year round the land is fertile principally prarey with an occasional oak grove or fir sometime alder and ( illegible ) mapels timber is not a common thing hear as back east a piece of timber to make an axiltree of a wagon costs 4 dollars it is generley sent from the east hire it may be mapel or hickurry thay as aH of the same value Salem is a prety town of a bout 4000 inhabitants nicely laid off in quair blocks the side walks is nicely shadow with trees this is quite an adornment and advantage in the suney season the Williamette River flows peacefuley down to the Columbia and the west side of the town the banks in plases are ornimented with handsom groves of trees other plases level prarie other portions undulating on the whole it a verrey pleasing senery for the eye of an admirer of the buties of nature farms hear in sections of 600 acres ore more none so small as back east concequently it is not so thickIey populated as at home I am hapey to know that father mother and sisters are all well I am enjoying the same blessing my selfe thanks to the giver of all good gifts for his kind protecting care to us unworthies but I am coming near the end of my paper tell Alicia she is not mutch in advance of me I got married on the 27 of October to Miss Nancy Ann Steen the kind good girl I spoke of in my letter to you I will send her picture with mine to you in this letter it dos not do her justice she looks older than she is her age is 26 write soon give my love to my mother father sisters and all inquiring friends Joseph is at the table riting with me good by until my visit.

Joseph T. Halpenny

He sends his compliments to you all I have not given up the Eyedia of going home but I can not state when

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