Heppner, Oregon Letter
Oct. 10th., 1917

The following is a very interesting and enlightening letter re; the need and benefits of early irrigation in Morrow County, Oregon.

To: Mrs. Addie D. Herren, Portland, Oregon

Herewith find my check for [$70.83] and Statement which I think you will find correct.

Your money was always ready when you wanted it, and it did not put me out at all, to pay it on short notice.

As I wrote you, and had expected, the water in the ditch very greatly improved the grass on the Prairie and makes it possible to rent now at $50.00 where it was worth only $30.00 to $35.00 before. If I get time late this Fall I want to turn the water through for the Winter. I think it will improve the ditch, if not I will try to get the water through in the Spring. I have not asked you for a lease of the land for grazing for next year. I just told Arthur he could have it, as we have done before. I have intended to deed the ditch creek land back to you for a long time, but just neglected to do so. Will do so any time if you write me who to deed it to, you or Willa, but I forget her name now. If I have not made any part of the statement plain, let me know, will try again.

{Signed} W.O. Minor