The Idaho Weekly Statesman

May 20, 1871

People who lived in Boise in '64, '65, and '66 will remember the genial, wholesouled and wide-awake Isaac D. Huntoon; how he left here for Montana, where he met with the usually varying fortunes of life among the mountains. Well, his card appears in the Statesman this morning announcing that he is in the forwarding and commission business in San Francisco, and with it comes a letter saying that he has his hands full of business purchasing and forwarding all sorts of goods for all sorts of people and for almost every place on the Pacific Coast and interior. Comes also, Huntoon's Market Report, a letter sheet issued every week, giving a complete review of the state of the San Francisco market, commencing with Brooms and ending with Wines. Of course every one in Idaho and Montana knows of Mr. Huntoon's ability, tact and fitness for the business he is engaged in, and when they have occasion to make purchases in San Francisco and cannot attend to them personally will intrust the business to him.

Messrs. Stubbs & Call propose to run a passenger carriage from Main street, in this city, to-day, to that popular place of resort, the Warm Springs. On Sunday they will make two trips. The arrangements are completed for a luxurious bath, steam, shower or plunge, as may be desired. Look out for the wagon.

Mr. Wm. H. Nye, not having the fear of hard times before his eyes, has filled his store and warehouse with new goods. Paints, oils, drugs, medicines, perfumery, and fine liquors, in great variety and profusion, are to be found in his stock.

The funeral of Mr. Taggart took place yesterday from St. Michael's Church. The service was by the Rev. Mr. Foote.

The Walla Walla people are talking railroad in a very lively manner. The construction of the Columbia and Walla Walla railroad is assured, provided the Walla Walla people will pledge the interest on bonds for $200,000. They are to hold a meeting for that purpose, and will probably grant the subsidy. An annual tax of $16,000 on taxable wealth of three and one-half millions, for interest, in addition to their other taxes, is quite a serious and enhanced value of their property will justify the risk. This begins to look like business. If this road is built, it will be a starter for its extension out our way, down through the Snake River valley.

The Greathouse Brothers close their banking business on next Monday, in this and Idaho cities.

Mr. Wm. Hooton has invented an appliance for leveling billiard tables. Mechanical geniuses pronounce it a useful invention. The inventor has applied for a patent.

The biggest scheme yet is that of a Chicago Mechanic, who claims that he has a perfectly feasible plan whereby he can lay down a railroad across the Atlantic, on which he can run two trains per day.

By Last Night's Mail:

San Francisco, May 14. - Forage trains were attacked by Apaches near Camp Verde, Arizona, in which one Mexican was killed, another wounded, and 87 cattle captured. Lieut. Cushing, with 20 men of the third cavalry, was routed by Cachefs, a noted Apache chief, with a hundred and fifty warriors near Whetstone mountain, in the vicinity of Tucson. Cushing, who was one of the most efficient officers in the Territory, and W.H. Simpson, a soldier, were killed, and the remainder compelled to retreat to Camp Crittenden. Captains Sanwood and Moone, with forty men, gave chase to the savages who were committing numerous murders.

St. Petersburg, May 14, - Active preparations are making for a war against china and a portion of Turkestan, which commenced war againt Russia.

Boston, May 13, - A resolution providing for an amendment to the State Constitution to confer suffrage on women, has been defeated in Massachusetts.


F.E. Kellogg's - New Stock/General Merchandise.
D. Levy - California Bakery.
H.P. Isaacs - Haynes' Headers. Woods' Reapers.
D. Falk & Bro. - General Merchandise.
Kellogg's - Crockery, Glassware, and Lamps.
T. Wollstein's - Dry, Dress, and Fancy Goods.
James A. Pinney - Booksellers, Stationers.
Jno. B. Broadbent - Watchmakers & Jewelers.
Sheffer - Confectioners.
McDonald & Schwabacher's - Dry Goods, Groceries

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