The Idaho Weekly Statesman

Saturday Sept. 11, 1875

Death of Katie Blackinger.
From the Owyhee Avalanche.

Miss Kate M., the beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. Blackinger, of this city, died of typhoid fever, at seventeen minutes past ten o'clock this forenoon, aged 16 years and 6 months. Katie was the pride of her parents, household and beloved by all who knew her. She was a universal favorite, with always a bright smile and pleasant word for everybody. The happy home made desolate by her departure hence is deluged in tears, and a cloud of deep gloom has settled over the entire community where darling Katie has lived and was loved for the past eleven years. We were so used to seeing her bright, happy face, that we can hardly reconcile ourselves to the thought that we shall meet her no more here. She passed away at the dawn of a noble womanhood, and when life, apparently, was all blossoming before her. We sincerely sympathize with the parents, sisters and brother of deceased over their irreparable loss, and trust that the same sweet voice, and the same gentle, confiding heart that was so dear to kindred here, will greet them when they, too, shall have made the journey across the mystic river. The angels called, and, in the ways of an all-wise Providence, it was best that she should go. Amiable, she won all; intelligent, she charmed all; fervent, she loved all; and dead, she has saddened all. The funeral will take place at three o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

Shed not for her the bitter tear,
Nor give your hearts to vain regret;
'Tis but the casket that lies here,
The gem that filled it sparkles yet.

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