The Idaho Weekly Statesman

Saturday Sept. 11, 1875

From Rocky Bar

From Rocky Bar. - Hon. John McNally, James Pfiefer, and Col. R.R. Hopkins Superintendent of the Wide West mine arrived here on Friday evening. Mr. Pfiefer or himself and brother under firm name of A. & J. Pfiefer are numbered with the first residents of Alturas County and engaged in mining and merchandising and have been fortunate in accumulating money by cautious and successful operations and probably are as wealthy a firm as there is in the Territory. They had $120,000 gold coin in the California bank at the time of the failure. The news made Mr. Pfiefer feel pretty blue when he left the bar, but on meeting the stage Friday he learned that the bank would resume again, and this news was a decided comforter to his mind. Mr. McNally is in charge of the Wide West Mill by the solicitation of Mr. Huzzey as he understands the reduction of the ore better than anybody else. They have had a successful run of 100 tons of Wide west rock averaging $38 to the ton. Col. Hopkins brought down amalgam enough to make a $3,000 gold bar, Mc says they have 50 tons more Wide West ore out that is still better than what theyhave crushed and are taking out ore enough to keep one battery running on Wide West and keep the other battery on custom work. Doc. Newton Superintendent of the Pittsburg Company has the Ada Ellmore pumped out and is taking out ore and crushing it in the Valley mill. Jake Reeser has an engine and pump on the eastern extension of the Ada Ellmore and will soon be taking out ore. The Valley suit against Wahl & Brothers was on trial when they left the Bar and as soon as this suit is decided another good mine will be worked. Considerable custom work is coming out by private hands, but all work has been started late this season, though the prospect is decidedly promising and they will make a pretty good clean-up this year and get in a far batter shape for another seasons work.

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