The Idaho Weekly Statesman

Saturday Sept. 11, 1875

Misc. Short Articles

Stage Arrivals and Departures.

Arrivals: Mrs. and Miss Barlow, from Kelton; A. Hotchkins, Mr. Calkins, J.S. Trask, J.H. Slater, Dr. Treadwell, E.B. Tage and Miss Barnwell, Silver; A.J. Hunt, Baker; Mr. Elkin and wife, D.G. Strong, J.M. Cannady and Rev. Simpson.

Departures: Mrs. Luney, for Idaho; C.W. Treadmore and J.S. Trask, Baker; J.M. Cannady, J. Keeney and J.W. Evans, Silver.
Saturday, September 11, 1875.

Andy Coyle says he has just received the largest invoice of liquors that ever came to this town. They are very choice and embrace a full assortment of brandies, wines, whiskies, gin, champagne, &c.;, &c.;, and 75000 choice cigars, and he will sell everything cheap, at wholesale or retail.

Married. Mr. W.B. Noble and Miss Hattie Luckett were married at Idaho City, by Rev. G.D. Strong on last Tuesday.

The City Marshal, Tom Morrow, will start in on Monday to take up stock running at large in the streets. The city ordinance in to-day's paper will tell what the consequences will be if cattle are pastured any longer in the streets. Mr. Morrow intends to be thorough in enforcing this ordinance and he desires us to say so, that the people may take up their stock in time and save him the trouble.

Row, - A little unpleasantness occurred Sunday between Matt Turner and an immigrant. They had some words and Turner hit Mr. Stranger a diff, whereupoin the stranger drew a pistol, but bystanders separated them, and the immigrant was locked up but was subsequently released without trial.

Personals. - Dr. Arnold, dentist, leaves to-day for Rocky Bar. While up there he will fill any shaft that nature may have made in the jaws of any of the good people of Alturas country, or if any of them have worthless masticators he will extract them without pain. The Dr. will return to this city in about ten days.

City Officers. - At their regular meeting Monday evening the City Council appointed John S. Gray City Attorney, and J.G. Peck City Justice.

The New York papers have found out that Peter Cooper ate the first beans that were ever boiled in Boston, and now herald this information as a remarkable circumstance; but they dont tell what the effect was. The query is did Peter deny his lord, or toot his horn after he ate those beans.

We are sorry to announce that Miss Cora Sheffer was kicked by an ox last week, in the lane behind Main street, and severly hurt.

Jas H. Bush lost a due bill on the Middleton Milling Co. Sunday, and an honest immigrant found and returned it to him.

Gen. Phil. Sheridan arrived at Portland last Wednesday, and was grandly received.

The troops that have been stationed in the Wallowa country have been ordered to return to Walla Walla.

Rev. D.G. Strong will preach at the M.E. Church Wednesday evening [tomorrow]. Perhaps Rev. W.G. Simpson on Thursday evening. The latter will be announced on Wednesday evening.

Died: Sprague. - In Boise valley, twenty miles below here on Wednesday Sept. 6th, 1875 Miss Media Sprague, aged about 20 years, of consumption.

Miss Sprague was the sister of Mrs. D.P. Dodd of this valley where she died. She came from the Sound Country, Washington Territory in June last, in poor health, far advanced with the consumption, hoping the change might prove beneficial, but alas! the cold hand of death had laid his hand too firmly upon a blooming victim. She came only to make her sister and friends a farewell visit and bid them a final adieu.

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