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The love I have for history came from my grandparents, Charles and Elsie Stockard. You might say my brother and I grew up a generation or two behind our time. Grandad was born near Columbia, Tennessee in the year of 1874, nine years after the end of the Civil War. The war had distroyed many cities and towns and rebuilding was going on. He worked as a carpenter as a young adult, but had an adventurous spirit and left Tennessee with nothing except what he could carry. After walking and recieving wagon and buggy rides he fianally arrived in the Uvalde area of Texas. He wanted to be a horse wrangler and was hired on at the CC Ranch owened by Colonel Goodnight. To his surprise he was not to be a wrangler but a wood gatherer. He rode around daylight until nearly dark in the back of a wagon jumping out every few minutes to pick up wood or anything that would burn and then catching up with the wagon. Picking up wood and cowchips was hard dirty work and sure not what he had in mind, but he stayed with it for some time.

The day fianally came when he had enough and told the foreman that would be his last day He would be looking for a "wrangling job". To his surprise the forman hired him on to do that very job. He worked hard, breaking horses, saved his money and fianally the day came when he owned 15 horses and his dream came true and he was on the trail towards the Camus Prairie in north central Idaho where he sold the horses. From there he signed on to a thrashing crew working in Idaho, Washington and eastern Oregon before settling in Nezperce county of Idaho breaking horses. A few years later he married my grandmother and settled in Clearwater county.

Grandma was born a few years after the Nezperce Indian War and grew up on the breaks of the Salmon River in north central Idaho.

By the time my brother and I were school age we were well versed in history. Our bedtime stories were of Generals, Chief Joseph of the NezPerce, Chief Whitebird, presidents, inventors, and other interesting people and places.

I'd like to dedicate these following works of history to my grandparents and the other pioneers that settled the west. They gave their hard work and sometimes their very lives to make the west a wonderful place to live and raise our families.

I'd also like to remember the late Josephine Reid for her help and patience while I worked on the long process of researching and writing the articles. Thanks also goes to the late Mr. & Mrs. Hammes owners, of the St Mares Gazette Record, for believing in me in 1977., and Dan Hammes for his permission to use it here and most of all to Roxann Gess Smith for giving me the opportunity and privilege to contribute to her history site.

Louise Ells Hodge

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