Children of Freeman Pierce Reed and Millisa Jane Adams were as follows:

Annetta Bell [born 1881, died 1887]; Freeman Lardick [called Dick] [1882 died 1911]; George C. [born 1883, died 1950]; Cecil [born 1885, died 1963]; Ethna [born 1886, died 1955]; Sylvia [born 1888, died 1891]; Lois Thorten [born 1890, died 1957]; Beryle [born 1892, died 1967]; Earl [born 1893, died: unk.]; Bryon [born 1898, died 1960]; Baby Reed [born premature, died at the age of 9 days].

The parents of these children, Freeman Pierce Reed, was born 3-22-1854 and died 1950 at Clarkston, Washington. Melissa Jane Adams Reed was born 4-15-1863 and died 4-16-1946.

The following was written by Beryle [May] Reed Mason. "All the children except Dick and Annetta Bell were born at Fraser, Idaho [in between Greer and Weippe.] Dad built a large log house squared with an ax - no nails, pegged together with wooden pegs. It had four rooms down stairs and three rooms up stairs, a large orchard of all kinds of fruit. When all the children were gone except I and Byron [1908] we built a large lumber house."

Even though my grandmother [Elsie] married my grandfather Charles Stockard five years after the death of her first husband Freeman [Dick] Reed, her and the Reed family continued to see each other. She and Beryle [May] were especially life-long close friends. Ethna Reed married Elsie's brother John and they continued remaining friends ever after John died.

The Reeds have many decendents in Idaho, Clearwater, Nezperce Co., and Washington state. If they have family info they can reach me at
grandma1937@hotmail .com.

I'd like to thank the following people, my aunt Mary Reed of Cottonwood, Idaho for family information, to my daughter Tina Ells Fuller and her sons Heath and Steve who took time from their jobs and college to drive me to look for research material and because they have listened to me talk about history all their lives and they never complain, to my brother Frank Stockard for valuable research information and our uncle Kenneth Stockard for sharing his family photo's with us, Ruth Bird of Greer, a friend that is always there on the Internet to answer my questions, JoAnn Funk for the info and photo's of her grandparents, Joyce Bell, who helped with info of the Reed family and of course, Roxy Gess Smith for allowing me to contribute to her site.

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