Please Click The Menu To View The Unedited Full Sized Menu For Christmas Dinner, Circa. 1900, St. Anthony Hotel, St. Anthony, Idaho.

Emery Benton Miller

My great grandfather, Emery Benton Miller, ran the St. Anthony Hotel in St. Anthony, Idaho for a few years around 1901. A few years later he ran the Overland Hotel in Boise. The only relic that we have of Emery's life is this menu for Christmas dinner at the hotel in St. Anthony. The menu does not mention the year, but I know the family lived in St. Anthony sometime between 1900 and 1906. The menu says Christmas dinner will be served "Wednesday, December 25, From 12 till 2." The only year in that time frame that Christmas was on a Wednesday is 1901, so this is the dinner menu for Christmas, 1901. If you know anything about either the St. Anthony Hotel in St. Anthony, or the Overland Hotel in Boise, or about St. Anthony during this time period, please send me a note -

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