Caldwell, Idaho Pow Wow 1914

The Junior Class


President: Faye Stewart
Secretary and Treasurer: Grace Stoffer

Junior Class Roll

Pauline Baker
Helen Bicknell
Ruth Black
Clarence Braskamp
Arnold Breshears
Lena Buntrock
Harold Buckey
Russell Clore
Iris Curtis
Dessie Dietrick
Ruby Fivecoat
Harry Grimes
Carl Hollrich
George Judd
Merle Judd
Dale La Fountaine
Ruth Mussell
Dorathy Merrett
Charles Metcalf
Alta Potts
Clara Powell
Ethel Roberts
Clara Raymond
Luella Rigley
Clyde Rowland
Francis Rice
Walter Siebenberg
Cormac Shorb
Carrie Smeade
Frances Smith
Grace Stoffer
Lawrence Stites
Faye Stewart
Fern Underkoffler
Ruth Underkoffler
Lois Varney
Florence Woods

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