The Pow Wow

1914 Caldwell, Idaho

Published by the Class of 1915


To the Alumni and Friends of the Caldwell High School:

In Presenting the Powwow of 1914 to the public we wish to extend our sincere thanks to those who have aided in the editing of this volume.

We have tried to present to the student body and especially to the Class of 1914 an appropriate souvenir of their High School life. We have tried to make this a volume of the entire school andnot of the Junior Class. We have tried to enumerate all phases of High School life that they may cherish this volume in future years as a pleasing reminder of days spent in the Caldwell High School.

The Annual Staff.


To the Faculty in Remembrance of their Earnest Devotion and Uplifting Efforts in Behalf of the Welfare of Each Student, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifteen most Gratefully Dedicate this Fifth Edition of the Pow-wow.

The Staff

Lena Buntrock Editor-in-chief
Faye Stewart Assistant Editor-in-chief
Cormac Shorb, Walter Siebenberg, Geo. Judd Business Mgrs.
Clara Powell, Arnold Breshears Athletics
Florence Woods, Iris Curtis Social
Clarence Braskamp, Helen Bicknell Humorous
Pauline Baker Music and Art
George Judd Debate and Declamation


Walter S. Baker Superintendent
Chas. A. North Principal
Marjorie Steelman Latin, English
Ida White Mathematics
Elfrieda Merz English
Alice Reed German
Ruth Leggett History
Iva Emmett Domestic Science
Mrs. Erma A. Hasbrouck Music, Art
Karl Mann Manual Training
E.A. Oakley Science, Athletics

Board of Education

Frank M. Breshears President
J.C. Rice Vice President
W.S. Maxey Secretary
W.P. Lyon, R.B. Scatterday, E.L. Shaw Treasurer

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