The Student Body

Caldwell, Idaho Pow Wow 1914

The student body of the Caldwell High School ever since its existence, has been a potent factor in carrying out all achool activities. This year that same spirit of enthusiasm and loyalty, which has ever characterized the Caldwell high school, still pre-dominates among the students. This spirit has manifested itself at every activity during the year. In interscholastic affairs, whether confronted by defeat or victory that prevailing attitude of good will towards all opponents has existed.

The success of the various undertakings of the school during the year must be attributed in a marked degree to its presidents Dale LaFountain, Walter Siebenberg, and George Judd, each of whom was indefatigble in their efforts in behalf of the School. During their entire term of office they have conscienciously devoted their energies and attentions to the interest and the welfare of the school and they justly deserve the commendation of every member of the Student Body.

With these officers, the Student Body has stood united all working for a greater and better school and it is our fondest hope that this harmonious attitude may be a lasting characteristic.

First Semester:

Dale La Fountain - President
Walter Siebenberg - Vice President
Daphne Gowan - Secretary
DeWitt Undercofler - Treasurer
W.S. Baker - Student Body Manager
Second Semester:

George Judd - President
Whitsit Wilson - Vice President
Clara Powell - Secretary
DeWitt Undercofler - Treasurer
C.A. North - Student Body Manager

Executive Board:

Irene Harrington, Ned Madden, Leonard Bullock, Faye Stewart, Dale LaFountain and Mr. Baker for first semester; George Judd and Mr. North for second semester.


We seek higher things!


Light blue and cream yellow.


Al-a-ra Al-a-ra Al-a-ra-ra-ra
Yo-ya Yo-ya
Caldwell High School
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Senior Class Officers:

Irene Harrington - President
Lincoln Paine - Vice President
Ada Lafferty - Secretary
John Johnson - Treasurer

Class Colors:

Navy blue and yellow.

Class Motto:

If we cant find a way, we'll make one.

Class Flower:

Cream rose bud.

Class Yell:

Seniors! Seniors!
Rah! Rah! Rah!

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