Senior Class Roll

The Caldwell, Idaho Pow Wow 1914



  • Edna Askey Endless Ability
    Linville Baker Lazy Beauty
    Marie Baker Much Bother
    Ezra Bicknell Easy Bluffer
    Hazel Bridges Has Bill
    Archie Fugate April Fool!
    Daphne Cowan Dean's Girley
    Georgia Froman Great Flirt
    Hazel Harrington Happy Holligan
    Irene Harrington Incessantly Heartless
    John Johnson Jumping Jack
    Marie Keller Man Killer
    Ada Lafferty Attractive Loafer
    Mary Meek Mutt's Mother
    Pearl Murray Perpetual Motion
    Dean Miller Daphne's Mainstay [?]
    Beulah Nickle Bloomin' Nuisance
    Max Nicholas Many Naps
    Alma O'Bryan Always Outrageously Busy
    Elizabeth O'Conner Ever Our Cherub
    Alpha Paynter A Pest
    Lincoln Paine Liver Pill
    Lucille Robinson Light-headed Rube
    Iva Raymond Innocent Rogue
    Ethel Sebree Ever Single
    Ross Raymond Rash Reformer
    Ida Shorb Infinite Silence
    DeWitt Underkofler Decidedly Unwieldy
    Will Welsch Weary Willie
    Louise Welsch Logical Wonder
    Margie Woods Much Wind
    Marie Wisner Merry Widow [?]
    Lester Wright Little Wit [?]
    Hazel Young How Young [?]

    Senior Class History

    September 1910 saw the new high school building ready for occupancy. With the new edifice came the class of 1914, a class destined to leave its mark on the pages of Caldwell high school history.

    As freshies we numbered nearly fifty, being the largest class up to that time. Of course we were made to undergo the common lot of Freshmen but we were not easily beaten. No member of the class can ever forget that memorable party held in the gymnasium early in the fall of our first year, and the many laughable events connected with the class fight which resulted.

    We took great interest in all achool activities and were exceedingly proud when our boys won the basket ball championship of the school.

    Almost before we were aware of it, the year was gone and we found ourselves Sophomores, ready and eager to return the following fall to have our fun with another class of freshies.

    By this time we were quite at home, altho we found ourselves somewhat crowded until we moved into an enlarged assembly room on the second floor. During this year, too, domestic science, a subject which proved at once popular with the Sophomore girls as with the girls of the other classes, was added to the school course.

    Our girls won for us a [promised] basket ball pennant, and a number of them made the high school team. The boys' team made a good showing even if they were not as successful.

    In our local declamatory contest, Daphne Cowan, a Sophomore, was awarded first place.

    Our parties, as in our Freshman year, were many and varied, and we got a great deal of enjoyment out of them.

    Shortly after the close of our second year the class was saddened by the news of the death of Ruth Martin one of our sunniest and most loved classmates. She has been much missed by every one who knew her.

    It would be hard indeed to enumerate all the honors which were our lot as Juniors but here are some. We had two boys on the debate team; the girls again captured the championship in basket ball, and our representative at the track meet won in the cross country run. Declamation honors again came our way in both local and state contests.

    Parties were not neglected. Among them was a genuine "Hard Times' Party," a novel Xmas party, and a St. Patrick's party. This eventful year closed with a bounteous banquet tendered to the class of '13.

    And now we are called Seniors and are supposed to be very dignified and cooly indifferent to all the other classes. How far this holds true the writer cannot say; at any rate our interest in the school as a whole and its affairs, has increased rather than diminished.

    We have just reason to be proud of the debate team, the greater portion of which was composed of Seniors.

    For the third time the girls are the basket ball champions and a member of the class of 1914 again represented the school in declamation.

    To keep up our high party record we have held a goodly number, the last one being a fantastic dress affair. The costumes from those of the hideous "cannibal ladies," the sweet little girls and old-fashioned dames to the "Chink" with his long queue, were unique in the extreme and created much merriment as did also the lovely [?] chocolates which the chaperones so enjoyed.

    Nor is this history complete without some mention of the touching scene enacted when the senior class laid to rest forever the body of its beloved "Emerson's Essays" which had departed from this unappreciative world to receive its "Compensation" elsewhere.

    Just at present we are engaged in endless class meetings, making commencement arrangements, etc; and putting the finishing touches on a German play to be given soon.

    It is with no little regret that we think of the few weeks left us to spend in the good old school where we have enjoyed ourselves so immensely for four short years. We hope we have not been too great a burden on our teachers who have so generously aided us in everything. I, for one, am glad to be a member of a class which leaves such a good record, not only in the things mentioned before, but in its studies as well. So here's to the class of 1914!


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