Students Who's Names Appear in the Annual

*Unfortunately class photos were taken, but names of students were not included. The following are some of the names that I've found scattered throughout the annual. I have no idea what grade these student's were in, but have arranged them in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Nina Allen
Ivan Armstrong
Warren Atkinson

Glen Beal
Jimmy Boyd
Emil Brinkman
Glen Butler
Jewell Butler

Blanch Carsner
Golda Carsner

Arthur Dewey

Otho Eckersley
Robert Eckersley
Golda Evans

Edward Ferguson
Claiborne Flores
Lola Flores
John Frazier

Fern Gabrielson
Daisy Galloway
Elton Gaskill
Marie Graham

Bessie Haney
Vernon Haney
Blanche Hartman
Cora Hartman
Shirley Hartman

Roy Jump
Mildred Juvinall

Dorothy Kaline

Lester Loch
Jean Lowrey
Charles Luttropp
Ina Luttrop [sp?]

Paul Mannen
Frank Marquis
Rose Martin
Howard Moore
Merle Moore
Mina Moore

Clara Nichols
Violet Nichols
Parker Nicholson

Arthur Olander
John Olander
Vera Olander

Winona Pierce

Audrey Roseborough

Lottie Schliefer
Owen Seatz

Ray Thatcher
Algetha Thomas
Helen Thompson
Ralph Tillot

Charles Warren
Harry Warren