Above Photo: Teacher - Edyth E. Moon is in top row, second from the door. Audrey Walker is next to her by the door.

Edyth E. Moon resided in Drain, Oregon where her mother ran a boarding house. Though the exact location of the above school house is unknown, Edyth describes in her letter that it's in the country and about six miles from Elkton and twenty miles from Drain. She was boarding with the, A. Walker Family in Elkton, at the time. Edyth further writes, "It had rained so much that the children will probably have trouble crossing the Umpqua River to get to the school." She had a 3 to 4 month term at this school earning $40.00 a month, and paying $8.00 a month for board.

Above Photo: Same students & School as in the top photo. Audrey Walker in top row, third from right; Edyth E. Moon Fisher, center.

Photo Left: "This is Drain's business street. Drain has street lamps now. (ha ha) The store with cross on has been built since you left. E.E. Moon (writing to James M. Fisher, husband of Edyth)" Sept, 12, 1907"

Paradise Public School

1904 - 1905 District No. 35
Township 22
Douglas Co., Oregon

"Miss Edyth E. Moon, Teacher"


C.R. Franklin ... Chairman
Mrs. S.A. Clements ... Clerk
H.A. Traylor
K.C. Adkison

In memory of days spent
together in the school room
this token is presented with
the compliments of
Your Teacher


Grade 7

Emma Heckathorn

Grade 6

Myrtle Traylor * Ethel Traylor * Ethel Franklin *
Grace Traylor * Edith Franklin * Rupert Adkison

Grade 5

Julia Shadle

Grade 4

Lela Adkinson * Ernest Traylor *
Tommy Traylor * Gerald Traylor

Grade 2

Gladys Franklin

Grade 1

Howard Shadle * Roy Heckathorn *
Dewey Adkison * Jesse Traylor

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