From "A History of Baker, Grant, Malheur and Harney Counties"
Provided by The Grant County Museum

DAVID KEERINS - What a debt of gratitude does our country owe to the gallant and sturdy sons of the Emerald Isle for the prominent part that they have played in the development of the resources of this wealthy land and for the interest taken by them in the promotion of the welfare of all. Not least among this distinguished number may be mentioned David Keerins, who has allied himself with this, his foster land, leaving behind the scenes and associations of the home country, to carve for himself a fortune in the boundless region of our western territory, and the success that has attended his efforts, speaks strongly of the thrift and industry, dominated by wisdom and keen foresight that are characteristic of him, the evidences of which are manifested everywhere in his handiwork. In 1861 was the date of his birth and Ireland the country and there he spent the first nineteen years of his existence. At the time when manhood's estate began to dawn on him his ideas and adventurous spirit led him to the realms of the new world and thither he came, landing in New York in 1880. From that place he came to California and there was engaged in farming for six years, after which he came direct to Grant county and took a homestead eight miles northwest from Izee. Here, in company with his brothers, Joseph and Owen, he has been engaged in the stock business. Cattle and sheep are the kinds that they raise, with sufficient horses to handle the business. Their estate has been increased betimes [sp?] until they are now the proprietors of two thousand acres of good land, which is well improved for their business. Mr. Keerins has so demeaned himself in the walks of life that he has won the confidence of his fellows and the high regard of all. Mr. Keerins has never ventured on the sea of matrimony, preferring to associate himself with quieter joys of the celibatarian's life, where the responsibilities and cares of connubial relations are not found.