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1870 Census Cover Letter 1870 Granite Precinct 1870 Winters Precinct
1870 Union Precinct - Canyon City P.O. 1870 Union Precinct - Prairie City P.O. 1870 Upper Canyon City Precinct - Canyon City P.O.
1870 John Day Precinct - Canyon City P.O. 1870 Rock Creek Precinct - Canyon City P.O. Camp Harney - Canyon City P.O.
1870 Lower Canyon City Precinct - Canyon City P.O. 1870 Elk Precinct - Canyon City P.O. Marysville Precinct - Canyon City P.O.
1870 Olive Creek Precinct - Baker City P.O. 1870 South Fork Precinct - Canyon City Post Office 1870 Orphan Counties

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1900 Fed. Census - Berry & Needham


The Cummings - Knox Family The Harve Fields Family The Lucas Family
The John Muldrick Family The Munjar Family The Murray Family
The Officer Family The Pierce Family The Ringsmyre Family
The Stewart Family The Vancil Family The Wyllie Family
Biography of Hon. Henry Hall Biography of George P. Mulcahy Biography of David Magill
Biography of Charles Ballance Biography of Clement C. Blackwell Biography of John Hughes
Biography of Thomas H.C. Brasfield Biography of John Hyde Biography of Martin C. Lesley
Francis M. Pearson William Hall Biography xxxxxxxx

OLDIES BUT GOODIES Written by Joni Stewart

Homer & Chris Barry Virgil & Flo Collins Clyde & Earlene Holliday
Helen Keffer Clark & Ramona Morris Joe & Iva Officer
Ersel & Mary Ann Osborne Harold & Bessie Patterson Al & Ellen Patzer
Ivan & Marjorie Porfily Louis & Edith Round Maynard & Lucille White
Murray Smith Pearl Powers Jim & Lenora Thomason
Doc & Helen Mosier Emma Cary Kisty Staig
Cecille & Charlie Lewis Grace Williams Jake Kelley
Alvin and Rose Moss Milbourn Wood George Carr
Mildred McGirr Carolyn Micnhimer Steve & Elsie Miller
Herman & Josephine Smith Kathleen Bales Jackson Elizabeth Davis

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