1865 thru 1900

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Please Note: The dates without parenthesis are marriage dates - those with parenthesis are dates when the license was issued. The list is in alphabetical order by surname of both male and female. This compilation was done by Jeanne M. Duncan Secord, March 1970 - Dorian Chapter DAR


Abrams, Elizabeth P. and James Robinson (date unknown)
Abrams, Jano and W.J. Cordelle (date unknown)
Adams, J.W. and Mandora Spelman (Speelman) March 28, 1886
Adams, M.D. and Laura Peffers Sept. 08, 1881
Adams, Ora and Ira F. Cantrell (date unknown)
Adamson, Mary A. and J.B. Stockton (date unknown)
Akin, H.D. and Dollie Spray (June 15, 1897)
Akin, Lillie R. and Frank McConnell (date unknown)
Aldrich, E.J. and R.C. Fulkerson Dec. 05, 1881
Aldrich, Ella A.M. and John Parker (date unknown)
Aldrich, Francelie J. and M.D. Reeves (date unknown)
Aldrich, George and Lydia Hardin (July 23, 1898)
Aldrich, Ida C. and James C. Semms (date unknown)
Aldrich, Frank and Dissie Helmick (May 15, 1897)
Aldrich, Louisa and William Eddy (date unknown)
Aldrich, Oliver E. and Louisa Officer Jan. 01, 1878
Aldrich, Reno and Clara Ingle (June 28, 1897)
Alexander, Mary F. and D.W. Lively (date unknown)
Allen, Albert G. (Elbert) and Louella Lee Mar. 19, 1891
Allen, Annie L. and H.M. Welch (date unknown)
Allen, E.C. and Martha Dale June 29, 1884
Allen, Edward and Celia Stone (Oct. 10, 1890)
Allen, Emma C. and Emmet Cochran(date unknown)
Allen, George L. and Josephine B. Seiffert May 15, 1894
Allen, J.H. and Daisy Wallace (May 03, 1897)
Allen, J.P. and India Ledgerwood (July 06, 1896)
Allen, J.W. and Mollie E. Molcare (Mulcane) Nov. 28, 1879
Allen, Joseph and Jessie R. Day Dec. 02, 1879
Allen, Lillie B. and Chas. A. Coe (date unknown)
Allen, Lillie E. and J.A. Taylor (date unknown)
Allen, Olive M. and H.G. Huennsaker (date unknown)
Allen, Samuel F. and Marind Marshall (Dec. 15, 1869)
Allen, Stella and Frank Rice (date unknown)
Allison, Carrie and James E. McKinnon (date unknown)
Allyn, Anna C. and B.C. Herberger (date unknown)
Allsup, William and Minnie R. Bonham Aug. 26, 1891
Ambrose, Wm. W. (H) and Ellen J. Winton (Aug. 02, 1899)
Anderson, Ann L. and C.M. Nelson (date unknown)
Anderson, C.M. and S.C. Newman (July 24, 1871)
Anderson, Emeline and John Skaren (date unknown)
Anderson, Frank and Nellie Carson (Dec. 23, 1899)
Anderson, Hannah and Rasmus Nelson (date unknown)
Anderson, Ida and John Knott (date unknown)
Anderson, J.H. and Edora Vilett July 04, 1886
Anderson, John and Orlena Smith (Oct. 24, 1899)
Anderson, L.E. and George W. Chambers (date unknown)
Anderson, Peter and Ellen Main March 22, 1876
Anderson, William and Emma C. Robison Jan. 25, 1883
Anderson, Wm. H. and Amy R. Bates April 25, 1895
Andros, E.M. and Bertha R. Chapman (Oct. 16, 1897)
Apperson, M.F. and Sigel Grutze (date unknown)
Armstrong, Georgia and Wm. Taylor (date unknown)
Armstrong, Leonora and C.M. Levy (date unknown)
Armstrong, R.E. (G.) and Lucy M. Stone Nov. 02, 1887
Armstrong, Sadie and Bert Clark (date unknown)
Armstrong, Sarah Jane and Wm. B. Carpenter (date unknown)
Armstrong, W.W. and Leonora E. Barkley (June 18, 1887)
ARNOLD, Rebekah and Lafayette Howell (date unknown)
ARNOLD, Wirt and Jennie Gillenwater Dec. 25, 1883
ARRINGTON, Edmond J. and Mary E. Miller (Aug. 03, 1888)
ASBURY, D.L. and Mattie E. Curtis May 14, 1887
AUSTIN, John and Augusta Hardy (Sept. 06, 1884)
AXE, Eva and Fred French (date unknown)
AXE, Mary and Oliver Hess (date unknown)
AXE, Mercy and R.L. Deardorff (Nov. 10, 1895)
AXE, William and Mary Delia Rogers (Dec. 27, 1871)
AYDELOTTE, Helen M. and C.W. Winegar Nov. 25, 1902
AYDELOTT, John and Lotta Pruitt Oct. 14, 1878
AYERS, George and Mary E. Sullinger June 16, 1880
AYERS, May and Daniel Mathewson (date unknown)
AYERS, W.E. and Naomi Queen (March 15, 1899)
AYRES, Alice and Fred Berry (date unknown)

BABCOCK, A.L. and Laura Howell (Aug. 30, 1899)
BABCOCK, N.S. and Jane Clifford (Dec. 14, 1870)
BACHMAN, Augustus and Katie New July 03, 1880
BADLEY, Washington and Minnie L. Smith (Jan. 15, 1889)
BAILEY, Nellie and F.B. French (date unknown)
BAIN, Thomas and Mary P. James Sept. 30, 1888
BAIRD, Joseph L. and Lucy McKinnon May 04, 1887
BAIRD, Ollie and John W. Conger (date unknown)
BAIRD, Overcinus and Adeline Wilson (April 21, 1876)
BAKER, C.A. andEli Lester (date unknown)
BAKER, George and Mary E. Black Sept. 28, 1893
BAKER, George and A.J. Hamilton Nov. 22, 1885
BAKER, M.L. and R.L. Campbell (date unknown)
BAKER, M.V. and Alice Thornburg (Thomburg) Mar. 23, 1885
BAKER, Miranda and John H. Witzel (date unknown)
BAKER, Myrtle and C.J. Bennett (date unknown)
BAKER, Sarah and William Narden (date unknown)
BAKER, Stella B. and F.S. Ottman (date unknown)
BALANCE, Albert and Julia E. Dustin Dec. 18, 1890
BALANCE, Anna B. and A.W. Walker (date unknown)
BALANCE, Malvina A. and Henry W. Murphy (date unknown)
BALDWIN, George W. and Eva Crowley May 18, 1893
BALLANE, Effie and George A. Rinehart (date unknown)
BALLANCE, Charles and Sarah Carter Jan. 05, 1881
BAMFORD, Angie M. and James E. Lazrell (July 31, 1871)
BARKLEY, Kate and Lewis Nierman (date unknown)
BARKLEY, Leonora E. and W.W. Armstrong (date unknown)
BARKLEY, Roselpha E. and Brackett Johnson (date unknown)
BARKLEY, S.J. and Heil A. Hyde (date unknown)
BARNARD, Effie and George Brierly (date unknown)
BARNARD, Myra May and Albert Halstead (date unknown)
BARNES, Ella and Homer B. Mace (date unknown)
BARNES, Sue and Walter E. Helms (date unknown)
BARNHOUSE, Orral and E.R. Laughlin Dec. 21, 1892
BARR, Alice and C.H. Conger (date unknown)
BARR, Emmett and Maranda I. Purcell (April 15, 1899)
BARR, Francis M. and Cora E. Thompson Dec. 23, 1885
BARR, H.R. and M.J. Howard March 19, 1895
BARTLETT, Jessie and Minnie Bonham (June 02, 1897)
BARZETT, Albert and Mrs. Lucy Cooley April 11, 1885
BATES, Amy R. and William H. Anderson (date unknown)
BATES, Jas. W. and Rachel Rizer April 08, 1884
BATES, Joseph H. and Sarah R. Latham Oct. 13, 1876
BAUGH, Annie and Oscar Springgate (date unknown)
BAUR, Mrs. Mary and A.C. Hall (date unknown)
BAYLESS, Adda and Sylvestor Hinton (date unknown)
BAYLEY, Ernest J. and Edna M. Van Midlesworth Sept. 28, 1892
BEABER, Asa and Frances E. Stone Oct. 01, 1891
BEACH, Lucy E. and Hunter Cole (date unknown)
BEDELL, E.J. and Hunter Cole (date unknown)
BEDELL, Josie and John W. Warren (Jan. 10, 1885)
BEDELL, W.E. and Isabella McMurphy (Nov. 06, 1886)
BEESLEY, David O. and Irene H. David (June 08, 1869)
BEGG, Arthur and Martha (Hattie M. Belshaw Dec. 15, 1893
BEHME, Lizzie and Wm. M. Dunlap (date unknown)
BELGE, Charles and Dorothea Jurgens (Juergens) Nov. 27, 1876
BELKNAP, V.C. and Clara J. McHaley (May 19, 1896)
BELLINGER, Carrie and W.I. Henderson (date unknown)
BELSHAW, Edith C. and Herbert H. Cummings (date unknown)
BELSHAW, E.L. and Eva Moore (Nov. 12, 1894)
BELSHAW, Hattie M. and Arthur Begg (date unknown)
BENEFIEL, Emma May and S.P. Sloan (date unknown)
BENGTSON, Olivia M. and Francis A. Mattoon (date unknown)
BENNETT, C.J. and Myrtle Baker May 29, 1895
BENNETT, Ettie and J.R. Cannon (date unknown)
BENNETT, R.W. and Millie McCord (Dec. 26, 1899)
BENSON, C.M. (H) and Laura M. Gass July 31, 1883
BENSON, Eda and Gus Nyman (date unknown)
BENSON, Edwin and Lila L. Carr (Jan. 02, 1897)
BENSON, John and Necoline Petterson (Apr. 11, 1896)
BENSON, Oscar O. and Mattie Tabor July 07, 1888
BENTLEY, George E. and Ella M. Tucker Apr. 22, 1888
BENTON, Martin A. and Dora Pollard Nov. 13, 1887
BERRY, Fred and Alice Ayres Oct. 05, 1898
BERRY, L(S).C. and Elizabeth Hood (June 12, 1867)
BERRYMAN, James and Mary E. Stark Oct. 29, 1887
BERRYMAN, Mary E. and James McKay (date unknown)
BETTENDOFF, Anna and George F. Gates (date unknown)
BETTENDORFF, N. and Harriet B. Mulkey (Mar. 11, 1896)
BIBLE, Bettie and R.A. Round (date unknown)
BIBLE, Gertrude B. and Edward E. Turk (date unknown)
BIBLE, J.L. and Gertrude Williams (Nov. 25, 1898)
BIBLE, Millie E. and G.W. Stege (date unknown)
BIBLE, R.A. and Dillard Starritt (date unknown)
BIESEN, George A. and Wilhelmina M. Metschan (July 31, 1873)
BIGGS, J.W. and Mabel Hazeltine (Jan 01, 1896)
BILGER, H.C. and Ella L. Bruce (June 25, 1898)
BINNS, E.A.L. and Addie Conley (June 21, 1897)
BIRGE, George and Amy Gillenwater (Dec. 15, 1887)
BIRGE, Mrs. M.J. and N. Rulison (date unknown)
BISHOP, David A. and Annie A. Young Sept. 29, 1886
BISSET, James and Mary H. Klimanek July 07, 1900
BLACK, Mary E. and Ruben Fields (date unknown)
BLACK, Mary E. and George Baker (date unknown)
BLACKERBY, Sophrona and Calvin Bonham (date unknown)
BLACKMAN, Thos. S. and Clara B. Craig (Sept. 29, 1884)
BLACKWELL, Addie and F.O. Dorrie(date unknown)
BLACKWELL, Annie and Julius Shields (date unknown)
BLACKWELL, C.W. and Nora F. Shields Feb. 03, 1885
BLACKWELL, J.R. and Sarah Wainscott Feb. 27, 1878
BLACKWELL, J.W. and Mary Parkinson Aug. 23, 1880
BLACKWELL, Jane and J.S. Creswell (date unknown)
BLACKWELL, Leona E. and Edward E. Turk (date unknown)
BLACKWELL, Mary andJohn Carrey (date unknown)
BLACKWELL, Richard S. and Margaret Cobbs Sept. 10, 1885
BLACKWELL, W.C. and S(L)B. Hardisty Jan. 09, 1895
BLAND, John and Elnora Howser Nov. 27, 1882
BLAND, Olive and John Robinson (date unknown)
BLAYLOCK, Robert and Mary Ann Daugherty Oct. 04, 1892
BLEDSOE, Mary and John Scott (date unknown)
BLEDSOE, Minnie and Ed. Gibson (date unknown)
BLEVINS, J.M. and Cora J. Miller Jan. 10, 1888
BLINN, Earl and Nettie McHaley Dec. 25, 1885
BLINN, Fred S. and Alice Shaw (Sept. 08, 1884)
BLINN, John W. and Mary E. Meador Dec. 31, 1891
BLUME, Emma and F.M. Eby (date unknown)
BLUNT, Irvin and Martha Mendenhall (June 26, 1896)
BOCKLER, Chas. R. and Toney Stubblefield Jan. 07, 1890
BOHNA, Eliza and Dick Connet (date unknown)
BOLENBAUGH, Simon and Emma Hartley Nov. 05, 1878
BOLEY, Bertha and A.S. Dore (date unknown)
BONAPARTE, Phillip and Alma Hughes (June 11, 1894)
BOND, Dolph and Bertha M. Munjar Sept. 20, 1892
BOND, E.S. and J.E. Snow (date unknown)
BONHAM, Calvin and Sophrona Blackerby (July 24, 1871)
BONHAM, Ida E. and John C. Partin (date unknown)
BONHAM, Lottie E. and P.E. Carson (date unknown)
BONHAM, Mattie C. and J.A. Laycock, Jr. (date unknown)
BONHAM, Minnie and Jessie Bartlett (date unknown)
BONHAM, Minnie R. and William Allsup (date unknown)
BOOTH, Mary C. and Charles H. Timms (date unknown)
BORN, Charles and Nellie Williams (Sept. 17, 1897)
BORN, Hugh and Nellie Lamb Sept. 26, 1877
BOSWORTH, Albert H. and Ella Mael Dec. 22, 1892
BOURNER, S.E. and Lizzie Keller (Apr. 03, 1899)
BOWEN, Donnie A. and W.R. Gradon (date unknown)
BOWEN, Laura M. and F.M. Wilson (date unknown)
BOWEN, Martha A. and Alexander Heisler (date unknown)
BOWMAN, George L. (S) and Delilah A. Lofton Apr. 08, 1886
BOWSMAN, A.B. and Arizona Ivy Feb. 16, 1886
BOYCE, D.W. and Flora Hightower May 09, 1900
BOYCE, Elmer and Rosetta Brierly (July 06, 1895)
BOYD, J.B. and Emma V. Schaffner (Aug. 08, 1896)
BRACKETT, E.A. and Sarah H. Hubbard Nov. 04, 1885
BRADBURN, Frank L. and Virginia M. White (Jan. 10, 1900)

BRADFORD, Bertha R. and Robt. Chambers (date unknown)
BRADFORD,C.A. and Laura Laurance Oct. 10, 1894
BRADFORD, Charlotte and Charles Tureman (date unknown)
BRADFORD, James W. and Mary Belle Fisk Apr. 04, 1894
BRADFORD, Wm. Abbott and Ottie May Campbell (Nov. 02, 1908)
BRANSON, S.F. and Nancy E. Howard July 10, 1883
BRANT, John and Effie M.E. Dustin (June 10, 1893)
BRAWNER, Nellie and John W. Fry (date unknown)
BRAZIL, Marian and Frank Dais (date unknown)
BREEDING, Alice and Jesse A. Prophet (date unknown)
BREEDING, Josie and J.S. Hartzell (date unknown)
BREEDING, Laura L. and Silas R. Hartzell (date unknown)
BREEDING, Lettie and H.D. Hale (date unknown)
BREEDING, Thomas M. and D. Robinson Oct. 31, 1888
BRENNAN, M.L. and J.W. Magann (date unknown)
BRIERLY, George and Effie Barnard (Jan. 05, 1899)
BRIERLY, Rosetta and Elmer Boyce (date unknown)
BRIERLY, Thos. H. and Hadie Wilson (Sept. 14, 1898)
BRINCKES, Amanda and T.J. Haguewood (date unknown)
BRISBOIS, Alfred Franklin and Catherine Harrison (May 08, 1905)
BRODIA, A. Annie and J.S. Guttridge (date unknown)
BRODIE, William and Sarah McCullum (May 02, 1872)
BROWN, A.L. and Tilda M. Fields (Feb. 16, 1898)
BROWN, Ada R. and John J. Murphy (date unknown)
BROWN, Charles and Selma Smidt (Oct. 10, 1899)
BROWN, Eugene Edwin and Laura Maud Claflin Sept. 01, 1889
BROWN, Frank and Ida R. Hald Jan. 29, 1888
BROWN, Martha and Charles Requa (date unknown)
BROWN, W.L. and Sarah J. Donaldson Oct. 24, 1894
BROWNING, Carrie and Miles B. Harper (date unknown)
BROWNING, Lillie E. and William E. White (date unknown)
BROWNING, Mary (May) E. and John H. (W) Sanders (date unknown)
BRUCE, Ella L. and H.C. Bilger (date unknown)
BRUDEN, W.F. and Ellen A. McCollum (July 16, 1873)
BRYANT, Carrie E. and Cully Edwards (date unknown)
BUCHANAN, T.F. and Martha E. Campbell Aug. 23, 1880
BUCHNER, John W. and Susan Miller June 25, 1879
BUCKELEY (Bulkeley), Angie and John Campbell (date unknown)
BUCKINGHAM, Rebecca T. and Louis Krucker (date unknown)
BUNCH, M.O. and L. Williams (date unknown)
BUNN, Anna and C.J. Officer (date unknown)
BUNN, Maggie and Frank Todhunter (date unknown)
BUNN, Wm. M (W) and Mattie May Hall Aug. 03, 1890
BUNTON, John F. and Mary A. Workins Dec. 31, 1885
BURKE, Estelle May and Theo. J. Hellen (date unknown)
BURKE, M. St. Clair and May Mack Feb. 23, 1888
BURNSIDE, Florence and Allen Porter (date unknown)
BURNSIDES, Stella and Guss Sloan (date unknown)
BURSTOW, Angeline and Joseph Putnam (date unknown)
BURSTOW, H.K. and Angeline Neal Sept. 16, 1878
BURTON, B.M. and Maud I. Moore Oct. 17, 1889
BURTON, S.J. and I. Westerdale (date unknown)
BUSH, Bertha May and J. H. Deen (date unknown)
BUSH, Mattie and A.L. Smith (date unknown)
BUSSEY, Clara E. and Abe King (date unknown)
BUTLER, Blanche and P.R. Mitchell (date unknown)
BUTLER, Margaret and Chas. L. Richardson (date unknown)
BUTZ, Frank J. and Grace E. Hubbard Mar. 09, 1882
BYRD, Alice and William Y. King (date unknown)

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