Marriages Continued

CALDWELL, M.L. and Ella Jamison (Aug. 18, 1886)
CAIL, Catharine and William Parker (date unknown)
CALLAWAY, A.J. and S.A. Steel May 25, 1878
CAMBLIN, Daniel and Estelle Ingle Nov. 26, 1885
CAMERON, Jessie and H.A. Johnson (date unknown)
CAMERON, John A. and Matilda A. Pierce July 05, 1879
CAMERON, Laura E. and Fred A. Perkins (date unknown)
CAMERON, M.D. and S.S. Tate (May 22, 1865)
CAMERON, W.B. and Susie E. Johnson (Sept. 24, 1895)
CAMERON, Wm. Bruce and Hattie Kimberling Feb. 28, 1892
CAMPBELL, Alice and A.L. Sutton (date unknown)
CAMPBELL, B.F. and Emma Gregory Feb. 22, 1885
CAMPBELL, Chas. and Agnes E. Powers (June 17, 1896)
CAMPBELL, Cora E. and R.D. Cannon (date unknown)
CAMPBELL, Henry and Maud Kennedy March 28, 1889
CAMPBELL, Jemima and Oscar Emmons (date unknown)
CAMPBELL, John and Angie Buckeley (Bulkeley) Sept. 10, 1893
CAMPBELL, Martha and Henry McEntire (date unknown)
CAMPBELL, Martha E. and T.F. Buchanan (date unknown)
CAMPBELL, Mary E. and Loren W. Gilson (date unknown)
CAMPBELL, Oswell and Mary Ellen Watson Dec. 22, 1881
CAMPBELL, Ottie May and Wm. Abbott Bradford (date unknown)
CAMPBELL, R.L. and M.L. Baker (Aug. 08, 1887)
CAMPBELL, S.E. and J.B. Eaton (date unknown)
CAN, Nancy and B.T. McMahan (date unknown)
CANON, Ida M. and R.L. Gilchrist (date unknown)
CANNON, Effie and J.M. Conger (date unknown)
CANNON, Hugh and Emilia Josephina Sels (June 05, 1875)
CANNON, J.R. and Ettie Bennett (June 21, 1898)
CANNON, R.D. and Cora E. Campbell Dec. 10, 1890
CANTRELL, Ira F. and Ora Adams (Apr. 01, 1898)
CARDWELL, John and Maggie Huskie Jan. 25, 1887
CAREY, Amy and George Shelly (date unknown)
CARLIN, David and Jane Lofton (July 08, 1898)
CARPENTER, Wm. B. and Sarah Jane Armstrong (Oct. 20, 1874)
CARPER, Rena and Erastus Lewis (date unknown)
CARR, Lila L. and Edwin Benson (date unknown)
CARREY, John and Mary Blackwell Apr. 25, 1879
CARREY, Mary and B.O. Dustin (date unknown)
CARSNER, H.T. and Jennie Dunn Nov. 25, 1877
CARSNER, J.A. and Laura B. Olney Dec. 02, 1883
CARSNER, Minerva and Thornton Reeves (date unknown)
CARSON, John B. and Ada Templeton (Aug. 03, 1895)
CARSON, M.C. and Ollie P. Morgan (June 30, 1898)
CARSON, P.E. and Lottie E. Bonham (Apr. 30, 1900)
CARTER, B.F. and Susie G. (E) Tucker Dec. 21, 1887
CARTER, C.C. and J.M. Scroggins (date unknown)
CARTER, Mary and Charles R. Davis (date unknown)
CARTER, Maud and Ivan Sloan (date unknown)
CARTER, R.W. and Lillie F. Murphy Sept. 18, 1887
CARTER, Sarah and Charles Ballance (date unknown)
CARTER, Sarah and N.H. Webster (date unknown)
CARTER, Sarah E. and D.C. Curl (date unknown)
CASADY, C.M. and Ollie Hall (Nov. 04, 1899)
CASE, Hattie and J.W. Kinder (date unknown)
CASEY, Chas. and Annie E. Keeney May 26, 1887
CASNER, Sarah A. and Joseph D. Combs (date unknown)
CASNER, Warren and Margarette O. Frakes (Oct. 14, 1871)
CASON, Ada M. and A.V. Templeton (date unknown)
CASPARY, C.G. and Elizabeth Green June 04, 1894
CASSEDAY, James H. and Addie White Aug. 30, 1885
CASTLE, C.G. and Louisa J. Lyle (Jan. 31, 1871)
CATE, James and Mrs. Emma Largent Oct. 06, 1876
CAVIN, Emiline and Robert Howard (date unknown)
CHAMBERS, George W. and L.E. Anderson July 24, 1887
CHAMBERS, Lillie M. and J.L. Miller (date unknown)
CHAMBERS, Linnie L. and C.L. Parrish (date unknown)
CHAMBERS, R.K. and Johanna Wood (Sept. 07, 1900)
CHAMBERS, Robt. and Bertha R. Bradford (Sept. 17, 1898)
CHANDLER, Adel and V.E. Mosier (date unknown)
CHANDLER, P.F. and Lulu Maud Cozad (Nov. 22, 1899)
CHAPMAN, Bertha R. and E.M. Andros (date unknown)
CHAPMAN, Nellie A. and Bert A. Stone (date unknown)
CHAPMAN, Nettie M. and H.C. Shown (date unknown)
CHARLEY, W.A. and Ella Claude (Feb. 21, 1896)
CHIDSEY, M.V. and Robert L. Laurance (date unknown)
CHIDSEY, T.E. and Pearl Franklin (June 23, 1900)
CHIPMAN, A.C. and Rosabelle Ritchie Jan. 01, 1891
CHITTENDEN, Mary and M.R. Young (date unknown)
CHITTENDON, Reubon T. and Wilma Shopard (July 07, 1888)
CHOPO, Anna M. and Wm. J. McNamara (date unknown)
CHOPE, L.E. and S. Fullmore (date unknown)
CHRISTENSON, Johanna and Ted L. Hanson (date unknown)
CHUTE, Daniel and Lizzio Osmond (March 13, 1872)
CLAFLIN, Laura M. and Eugene Edwin Brown (date unknown)
CLAFLIN, M.M. and G.H. Wood (date unknown)
CLAFLIN, Wm. P. and Mary M. Riggs (March 14, 1872)
CLARK, Amanda M. and A.P. Riley (date unknown)
CLARK, Bert and Sadie Armstrong (Oct. 13, 1896)
CLARK, Bertha and Henry Page (date unknown)
CLARK, Blanch and Evrett Hicks (date unknown)
CLARK, Emanuel and Dora B. McKinnon (May 07, 1888)
CLARK, Maggie and John T. Rice (date unknown)
CLARK, Richard A. and Maggio Gilmore March 12, 1894
CLARK, W.H. and Marilla Reid (Oct. 1868)
CLARNO, Fred and Mattie Freeman July 08, 1894
CLAUDE, Ella and W.A. Charley (date unknown)
CLAUDE, Felix and Ida Sweek June 10, 1879
CLEAVER, Chas. F. and Lula B. Mack May 21, 1883
CLEAVER, George M. and Mary V. Pruett (June 18, 1875)
CLEAVER, James F. and Sarah Minerva Holcombe May 03, 1868
CLEAVER, Mary V. and T.W. Kinzey (date unknown)
CLEMENTS, Peter and Jennie Thomas Dec. 07, 1882
CLENDONON, Nellie and Arthur Stone (date unknown)
CLEVOR, Carry and Gus Donaldson (date unknown)
CLICK, May and C.S. Wilcox (date unknown)
CLIFFORD, Jane and N.S. Babcock (date unknown)
CLIFFORD, M.D. and Edith Haseltine Aug. 05, 1885
COBBS, Maggie and R.S. Blackwell (date unknown)
COCHRAN, Anna M. and L.D. Swick (date unknown)
COCHRAN, Annette and W.E. White (date unknown)
COCHRAN, Emmett and Emma C. Allen Dec. 17, 1889
COCHRAN, James and Nettie Cochran Nov. 21, 1891
COCHRAN, James W. and M.C. Howard Feb. 16, 1890
COCHRAN, Jasper M. and N.F. Howard May 09, 1894
COCHRAN, John L. and Iva E. Connor Feb. 14, 1893
COCHRAN, K.I. and Wm. H. Paul (date unknown)
COCHRAN, Nettie and James Cochran (date unknown)
COE, Chas. A. and Lillie B. Allen (Aug. 10, 1900)
COHOE, Selena and Emil Scharff (date unknown)
COHON, Chas. W. and Margaret Titus (Nov. 05, 1898)
COHON, George A. and Daisy Davidson (Nov. 19, 1898)
COHOR, Nevada and George V. McHaley (date unknown)
COLE, Hunter and Lucy E. Beach (April 26, 1869)
COLEMAN, Lulu M. and J.W. Zuercher (date unknown)
COLLIER, C.M. and Ella Daly (Sept. 14, 1895)
COLLINS, Catherine T. and C.H. Hardy (date unknown)
COLLINS, William and Matilda Hayden Dec. 21, 1890
COMBS, Amy and W.W. Officer (date unknown)
COMBS, Ida and T.(F)H. Mosier (date unknown)
COMBS, Joseph D. and Sarah A. Casner (Feb. 26, 1875)
CONFER, John L. and Amanda O. Martin Oct. 31, 1894
CONGER, C.H. and Alice Barr July 09, 1890
CONGER, J.M. and Effie Cannon (Oct. 17, 1900)
CONGER, John W. and Ollio V. Baird Oct. 21, 1888
CONGER, Loetta and Wm. B. Kidd March 23, 1896
CONGER, S.C. and M.S. Keeney Dec. 20, 1882
CONLEY, Addie and E.A.L. Binns (date unknown)
CONNAR, Iva E. and Fred Yorgenson (date unknown)
CONNER, Iva E. and John L. Cochran (date unknown)
CONNER, Rhoda and F.R. Wallace (date unknown)
CONNET, Dick and Eliza J. Bohna July 17, 1888
COOK, Martha E. and Natier Howe (date unknown)
COOKSEY, W.J. and Mary R. Venator May 27, 1875
COOLEY, Amber and John T. Hammack (date unknown)
COOLEY, Bertha and Benj. E. Parrot (date unknown)
COOLEY, Lucy and Albert Barzett (date unknown)
COOLEY, Thomas and Bessie Preston (Dec. 14, 1896)
COOMEGYS, Lucinda and A.B. Schroder (date unknown)
CORDELLO, W.J. and Jane Abrams March 06, 1865
COSTOPECH, Mitchie and M.C. Evans (Dec. 29, 1873)
COWLES, John and Lettie Hewett July 10, 1892
COWLES, Nellie and F.D. Shanks (date unknown)
COWLES, Rachel and W.H. Shanks (date unknown)
COWNE, W.W. and Jane Pepper (Sept. 30, 1886)
COY, Wm. G. and Louisa Dustin Sept. 01, 1891
COZAD, Eva F. and William Miller Nov. 30, 1887
COZAD, Josephine and C.J. McIntosh June 28, 1902
COZAD, Lulu Maud and P.F. Chandler Nov. 22, 1899
COZAD, Sarah D. and Wm. Farre Oct. 24, 1895
COZAD, Victor G. and Winnie E. Parrish April 25, 1888
CRAIG, Clara B. and Thos. S. Blackman (date unknown)
CRAIG, Claudie and F.B. Winegar (date unknown)
CRAIG, M.L. and Franklin Hardman (date unknown)
CRAIG, T.H. and Minnie Swanson (Dec. 05, 1899)
CRAVEN, James A. and Orphia Harris (Aug. 04, 1896)
CRESAP, O.P. and O.H. Douthit June 16, 1880
CRESWELL, J.S. and Jane Blackwell July 04, 1883
CRIPSEL, Charles and Mrs. Nellie Lamb Nov. 08, 1879
CRISMON, J.A. and J.I. Houseman Nov. 01, 1885
CROSS, Elvira J. and L.M. Stratton (date unknown)
CROWLES, John and Lillie Hewett (July 08, 1892)
CROWLEY, Eva and George W. Baldwin (date unknown)
CROWLEY, Sarah and Thomas Smyer (date unknown)
CUMMINGS, Earnest and Jessie Snyder (Dec. 30, 1895)
CUMMINGS, Herbert H. and Edith C. Belshaw (Oct. 05, 1895)
CUMMINGS, W.O. and Gertrude Hall (May 25, 1897)
CUPPER, F.W. and Laura M. Gardner (Dec. 22, 1900)
CURL, D.C. and Sarah E. Carter Oct. 20, 1891
CURL, Jessie and G.N. Housman (date unknown)
CURL, W.C. and Anna Frazier (May 24, 1899)
CURTIS, M.E. and D.I. Asbury (date unknown)
CURTIS, Van S. and Jennie E. Wyatt Aug. 07, 1887
CUTTING, Flora and J.H. Sticklin (date unknown)

DAHL, Christie and Albert Johnson (date unknown)
DAIS, Frank and Marian Brazil (July 20, 1898)
DALE, John and Martha C.Earnest Apr. 02, 1879
DALE, Martha and E.C. Allen (date unknown)
DALEY, Patsy and Minnie K. Johnson (June 07, 1898)
DALY, Ella and C.M. Collier (date unknown)
DALY, M.A. and Chas. Gunther (date unknown)
DAMON, Amelia C. and Sydney Greene (date unknown)
DAMON, Sarah E. and Robert Stockdale (date unknown)
DAMPMAN, M.E. and F.M. Dodson (date unknown)
DASKER, Lucia and W.M. Wilson (date unknown)
DAUGHERTY, C.W. and Sarah McKenna March 05, 1894
DAUGHERTY, Mary Ann and Robert Blaylock (date unknown)
DAUGHERTY, Wm. and Susie French (Oct. 22, 1896)
DAULTIET, O.H. and O.P. Cresop (date unknown)
DAVIDSON, Daisy and George A. Cohon (date unknown)
DAVIS, Annie and George Sloan (date unknown)
DAVIS, B.F. and Sarah L. Harding Aug. 29, 1887
DAVIS, Charles N. and Annie Bible Jan. 11, 1882
DAVIS, Charles R. and Mary Carter Oct. 02, 1894
DAVIS, Dora and James Shirtz (date unknown)
DAVIS, E.J. (I). and M.A. Shoomake Dec. 13, 1892
DAVIS, E.L. and Syrena Mulkey Jan. 17, 1890
DAVIS, Francis and James G. Young (date unknown)
DAVIS, Irene H. and David O. Beesley (date unknown)
DAVIS, I.R. and A.F. Favor (June 05, 1865)
DAVIS, J.C. and Mary O. Shirtz (Oct. 10, 1899)
DAVIS, L.M. and N. Scott (date unknown)
DAVIS, Nettie and T.C.(H). Donnison (date unknown)
DAVIS, Syrena and Frank Fields (date unknown)
DAVIS, W.H. (Walter A.) and Minnie E. Sterritt (Starritt) Dec. 13, 1892
DAY, Ellen and John Lamb (date unknown)
DAY, Jessie R. and Joseph Allen (date unknown)
DEADMAN, Gracie M. and R.R. Mabe (date unknown)
DEAN, Edith A. and Cartes Kinder (date unknown)
DEAN, Harriett H. and John Segerdahl (date unknown)
DEARDOFF, Angeline and Elijah Laurance (date unknown)
DEARDOFF, Fleming and Sarah A. Manwaring (Dec. 24, 1869)
DEARDOFF, Joseph L. and Nettie Laurance Mar. 18, 1888
DEARDOFF, Peter and Mary E.D. Pomeroy Dec. 21, 1878
DEARDORFF, Ann E. and John D. Laurance (date unknown)
DEARDORFF, Ella C. and F.H. Fawsett (date unknown)
DEARDORFF, Julia and L.F. Manwaring (date unknown)
DEARDORFF, Katie E.J. and Andrew J. Morritt (date unknown)
DEARDORFF, Maggie M. and T.S. Merrett (date unknown)
DEARDORFF, R.L. and Mercy Axe (Nov. 09, 1896)
DEARDORFF, Rebecca J. and Montgomery McCauley (date unknown)
DEARDORFF, Robert and Eliza A. Tureman Mar. 19, 1877
DEEN, J.H. and Bertha May Bush (July 12, 1899)
DE FRADES, Frank and Annie Laura Frates Oct. 06, 1877
DE FORD, C.F. and Cora E. Stubblefield (Feb. 14, 1898)
DEHL, Catherine and John Jurgens (date unknown)
DEMENT, Edgar W. and Lydia I. Redford June 09, 1889
DEMPSEY, C.J. and Lulu W. Ford (Feb. 05, 1898)

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