Marriages Continued

DENNING, Stewart S. and Helen Kieffer Jan. 30, 1889
DENNISON, T.H.(C) and Nettie Davis (Nellie) July 30, 1892
DERR, Julia B. and C.B. Mealey (date unknown)
DERR, Nora E. and Attilla C. New (date unknown)
DE SOUZA, Antone and Anna Laurance Nov. 14, 1899 or 1900
DICKISON, Betty M. and E.E. Thornburg (date unknown)
DICKSON, Jessie M. and L.G. McGuire Dec. 25, 1885
DIMMICK, D.H. and Medora E. Hald June 26, 1878
DIXON, J.B. and Alma Hardy (Dec. 23, 1899)
DODSON, F.M. and M.E. Dampman June 08, 1872
DODSON, Hattie J. and Joseph Masterson (date unknown)
DODSON, Mrs. H.I(S). and T.H. Duglass (date unknown)
DODSON, S.E. and K.M. Rice (date unknown)
DODSON, Thos. G. and Ettie (Ella) Roussell Sept. 14, 1887
DOLLINA, George and Helen F. Mack April 25, 1879
DONALDSON, Gus and Carry Clever Sept. 02, 1899
DONALDSON, Melissa and H.O. Meador (date unknown)
DONALDSON, Sarah J. and W.L. Brown (date unknown)
DONALDSON, W.B. and Myrtle Lucas Apr. 06, 1899 or 1900
DORE, A.C. and Emma Mosier Jan. 26, 1875
DORE, A.S. and Bertha Boley Sept. 18, 1897
DORRIE, F.O. and Addie Blackwell Sept. 08, 1899
DOSCH, H. and A.M.L. Fleurot July 10, 1866
DOUGHERTY, Frank and Louisa C. Nickey Feb. 19, 1889
DREWETT, Albert and Mary Kimberling Dec. 19, 1888
DREWOTT, Mary J. and A.J. Johnson (date unknown)
DREWITT, Jessie and Carl Riley (date unknown)
DUGLASS, T.H. and Mrs. H.I. Dodson Jan. 11, 1882
DUNAVAN, Lydia and H.E. Wooley (date unknown)
DUNAVAN, Nellie M. and G.S. Rinehart (date unknown)
DUNCAN, B.S. and Sarah McMahan Sept. 07, 1899 or 1900
DUNCAN, Eleanor and Perry Shull (date unknown)
DUNCAN, Georgia Annie and J.M. West (date unknown)
DUNCAN, J.E. and Margaret Rambo Mar. 10, 1899
DUNCAN, Lannia and Chas. H. Thompson (date unknown)
DUNCAN, Olive and Wm. Younger(date unknown)
DUNCAN, W.P. and Mary McMahon Mar. 10, 1899
DUNLAP, Elizabeth and John H. Harper, Jr. (date unknown)
DUNLAP, Nancy P. and Barnard McGirr (date unknown)
DUNLAP, Sarah R. and Frank Stormer (date unknown)
DUNLAP, Tennessee and Richard Williams (date unknown)
DUNLAP, Wm. M. and Lizzie Behme Feb. 03, 1897
DUNN, Jennie and H.L. Carsner (date unknown)
DUNN, Lizzie and F.K. Ward (date unknown)
DUNN, T.H. and Allio Morrow April 24, 1896
DUNTIN, T.F. and Maudie Hyde Dec. 13, 1898
DUSTIN, B.O. and Mary Carry Apr. 22, 1897
DUSTIN, Celia A. and F.E. Foster (date unknown)
DUSTIN, Chas. E. and Mary Gilchrist Dec. 09, 1888
DUSTIN, D.M. and Nora Lee March 23, 1896
DUSTIN, Effie M.E. and John Brant (date unknown)
DUSTIN, Julia E. and Albert Balance (date unknown)
DUSTIN, Kate and D.S. Flynn (date unknown)
DUSTIN, Lonnie (Louisa) and Wm. G. Coy (date unknown)
DUSTIN, Rose and Wm. McKinney (date unknown)
DYER, Fred R. and Susie E. Gearhart Aug. 21, 1884
DYSON, Bert and Bessie Forrens Sept. 07, 1899

EADS, Abraham and Emily Killick Aug. 21, 1874
EADS, Jackson and Rosa Flood Dec. 27, 1900
EARNEST, Martha C. and John Dale (date unknown)
EASTMAN, V.A. and Mrs. Ada H. Higby (Higly) Aug. 13, 1892
EATON, J.B. and Sallie E. Campbell Feb. 10, 1886
EBBERT, A.E. and Mrs. Martha E. Ward Oct. 15, 1891
EBY, F.M. and Emma Blume Jan. 24, 1891
EDDINGTON, Emma C. and James S(A) Pope (date unknown)
EDDY, William and Louisa Aldrich Jan. 18, 1886
EDGAR, George W. and Rosa Evans July 26, 1873
EDWARDS, Cully and Carrie B. Bryant Oct. 11, 1888
EDWARDS, J.S. and Annie Faiman May 16, 1898
ELLIOTT, Annie and D.B. Rinehart (date unknown)
ELLIOTT, James T. and Pamelia Wallace May 09, 1899
ELLIOTT, Myrtle and P.L. Stephen (date unknown)
ELLIOTT, Myrtle E. and ... Harryman (date unknown)
ELLIOTT, S.J. and Mrs. Nellie McCoy Oct. 06, 1892
ELLIOTT, W.C. and Amelia M. Olp Nov. 26, 1900
EMMETT, W.J. and M.A. Stormer Nov. 27, 1892
EMMONS, Oscar and Jemima Campbell Aug. 07, 1897
EOFF, Bertha E. and Chas. A. Woodall (date unknown)
ERRICKSON, John C. and Revena J. Parrish Nov. 27, 1880
ERVIN, R.E. and Willie F. Wooden Oct. 24, 1896
ERWAY, A.B. and Loucassie Evens (Oct. 12, 1890)
ESHOM, Henry W. and Laura J. Semmons July 03, 1879
EVANS, M.C. and Mitchie Costopeck (date unknown)
EVANS, Rosa and George W. Edgar (date unknown)
EVENS, Frances and Wm. Wright (date unknown)
EVENS, Loucassie and A.B. Erway (date unknown)
EVERTSBUSCH, Louis and Valeska Metschan June 23, 1882
FAIMAN, Annie and J.S. Edwards (date unknown)
FALK, Herman A. and Eliza A. Waters Dec. 27, 1888
FARLEIGH, Emma and J.F. Morrison (date unknown)
FARLOW, Lydia A. and Job Fisher (date unknown)
FANNING, S.P. and Mary E. Townsend May 17, 1885
FARRE, Wm. and Sarah D. Cozad Oct. 24, 1895
FARRY, Dan and Viola Hough Apr. 05, 1893
FAULKENBERRY, John F. and Daisy Lunceford Aug. 13, 1898
FAVOR, A.F. and I.R. Davis (date unknown)
FAWSETT, F.H. and Ella C. Deardorff Dec. 24, 1898
FELL, J.H. and Inez M. McHaley Nov. 11, 1891
FERRELL, Chrissie and H.C. Roe (date unknown)
FERRY, C.L. and Dollie Parks Aug. 18, 1897
FIELDS, Frank and Syrena Davis Oct 04, 1897
FIELDS, Rosa and Isaac Williams (date unknown)
FIELDS, Ruben and Mary (May) E. Black Nov. 24, 1887
FIELDS, Tilda M. and A.L. Brown (date unknown)
FIELDS, Walter and Eliza J. Lucas Dec. 15, 1892
FIELDS, William and Dovie Williams Dec. 20, 1900
FINLAN, Patrick J. and Emma Perkins Dec. 25, 1888
FINLAYSON, Farguhar and Rossie Mason Dec. 20, 1892
FISHER, Emil and Theressa Ritterbusch Aug. 08, 1888
FISHER, Job and Lydia A. Farlow Apr. 13, 1884
FISHER, Julia and I.J. Haguewood June 02, 1870
FISK, Amanda A. and William S. Hardy July 26, 1891
FISK, Amney and I(J).H. Goodsell Jan 28, 1895
FISK, D.W. and Nellie M. Perkins Sept. 01, 1891
FISK, Esther and D.B. Rinehart Dec. 01, 1881
FISK, Esther and Chas. Perkins March 15, 1892
FISK, Eudora and John A. Wilson Feb. 21, 1883
FISK, F.M. and Rosalie Gregory Dec. 25, 1884
FISK, John M. and India J. Wilson Dec. 27, 1870
FISK, Laura and Anton Hacheney Nov. 15, 1876
FISK, Mary Belle and James W. Bradford April 04, 1894
FISK, Nathan G. and Mary Wilson March 24, 1871
FITZGERALD, S.A. and F.L. Officer (date unknown)
FLEISCHMAN, Frank P. and Sarah Johnson Jan. 06, 1887
FLEISCHMAN, Julia and Clay Todhunter (date unknown)
FLEMMING, W.W. and Fay Sweek Sept. 10, 1900
FLEUROT, A.M.L. and H. Dosch (date unknown)
FLOOD, Rosa and Jackson Eads (date unknown)
FLYNN, D.S. and Kate Dustin Dec. 19, 1898
FOGLE, Cahterine and W.A. Goan (date unknown)
FORD, Lulu W. and C.J. Dempsey (date unknown)
FORRENS, Bessie and Bert Dyson (date unknown)
FORRESTER, Melvina and J.J. Riggs (date unknown)
FORRESTER, Mary and C.E. Reynolds (date unknown)
FOSTER, Clauda B. and Fred S. Simpson (date unknown)
FOSTER, F.E. and Celia A. Dustin Sept. 27, 1895
FOSTER, Martha A. and C.E. Hatfield (date unknown)
FOSTER, Mary A. and H.C. Jarrell (date unknown)
FOSTER, Stephen D. and Martha A. Roberts Nov. 29, 1887
FRAKOS, Margarette O. and Warren Casner (date unknown)
FRANCHER, F.P. and G.N. Owens (date unknown)
FRANKLIN, Daisy and N.S. Hall (date unknown)
FRANKLIN, Elsie and Wm. Sweek (date unknown)
FRANKLIN, J.M. and Annie Glaze Jan. 30, 1894
FRANKLIN, Jonas and Marrie S. Glaze (Sept. 25, 1898)
FRANKLIN, Pearl and T.E. Chidsey (date unknown)
FRATES, Annie Laura and Frank DeFrates (date unknown)
FRAZIER, Anna and W.C. Curl (date unknown)
FRAZIER, James E. and Lizzie B. Reynolds May 22, 1895
FREEMAN, Mattie and Fred Clarno (date unknown)
FRENCH, Emma M. and Marshall Puett (date unknown)
FRENCH, F.B. and Nellie Bailey (May 31, 1901)
FRENCH, Fred andEva Axe Dec. 02, 1894
FRENCH, Samuel and Nellie Hyde (Jan. 10, 1872)
FRENCH, Susie and William Dougherty (date unknown)
FREY, Carrie and H. Workins (date unknown)
FREY, E.E. and Florence E. Lyons Dec. 25, 1894
FREY, Ella B. and Ira Sproul (date unknown)
FREY, Louisa M. and W.C. Sproul (date unknown)
FREY, Minnie E. and Ira Sproul (date unknown)
FREY, Nettie and Louis Wilson (date unknown)
FROST, Jas. and Clara L(T) Moador Dec. 18, 1892
FRY, John W. and Millie Brawner May 13, 1889
FRY, Martha A. and George W. Stone Mar. 12, 1888
FRY, Mary F. and J.S. Veigas (date unknown)
FULKERSON, R.C. and Elenora J. Aldrich Dec. 01, 1881
FULLMORE, S. and L.E. Chope (June 01, 1865)

GAGE, Albert W. and Maggie Jane Welch July 07, 1889
GAGE, M.E. and F.J. Reeves (Oct. 24, 1883)
GAGE, Threse M. and W.F. Keeton (date unknown)
GALBRAITH, J.W. and Marion E. Settlemier July 22, 1878
GALLAGHER, Minnie E. and Walter W. Looney (date unknown)
GALLOWAY, Laura and R.J. McKinnon, Jr. (date unknown)
GANE, Jane and A.L. Gean (date unknown)
GARDNER, Laura M. and F.W. Cupper (date unknown)
GARRISON, John A. and Martha D. McEntire July 03, 1884
GASS, S.M. and C.H. Benson (date unknown)
GASTON, C.A. and Wm. B. Hart (date unknown)
GATES, Geo. F. and Anna Bettendoff (May 04, 1895)
GATES, J.W. (M) and Laura May (Mary) Hennsaker (Dec. 10, 1893)
GATES, George F. and Anna Bettendorf May 13, 1895
GATES, Mary Z. and J.H. Ward (date unknown)
GAWNE, Charles and Anna C. Young (Aug. 07, 1886)
GEAN, A.L. and Jane Gane (May 24, 1869)
GEARHART, M.M. andR.P. Moffett (date unknown)
GEARHART, Susie E. and Fred R. Dyer (date unknown)
GEER, J.E. and Ada Newman (Nov. 01, 1887)
GEIGER, Wm. H. and F.H. Porter Dec. 25, 1884
GENTRY, Chas L. and Myrtle Swick Oct. 29, l891
GEORGE, Elvyster and Chas. W. Rann (date unknown)
GEORGE, John and Mrs. Emma Worsham Jan. 18, 1893
GERHART, Pierce O. and Susan A. Miller June 01, 1883
GIBBS, Amanda R. and Robert Irving (date unknown)
GIBBS, Ella M. and R.G. Glasscock (date unknown)
GIBSON, Ed. and Minnie Bledsoe (Aug. 23, 1888)
GIBSON, Hugh and Gussie Tharp Oct. 19, 1890
GIBSON, N.A. and Jno. W. Gray (date unknown)
GIBSON, Wm. and Mintie Marshall (July 23, 1886)
GILBEST, Nellie and Wm. D. Officer (date unknown)
GILCHRIST, Eliza and B.S. Kelsay (date unknown)
GILCHRIST, Mary and Charles E. Dustin (date unknown)
GILCHRIST, J.W. and Nellie M. Parrish Apr. 10, 1879
GILCHRIST, R.L. and Ida M. Cannon (Canon) (Sept. 03, 1897)
GILLENWATER, Amy and George Birge (date unknown)
GILLENWATER, Georgianna and George Shearer (date unknown)
GILLENWATER, Harriett J. and Lemuel D. King (date unknown)
GILLENWATER, Jennie and Wirt Arnold (date unknown)
GILLENWATER, Mary S. and Alex McKenna (date unknown)
GILLESPIE, J.E. and Elva Martin (Dec. 24, 1898)
GILLETTE, A.C. and Delia Tucker Apr. 19, 1885
GILLIAM, Lucy and George E. Parrish (date unknown)
GILLIAM, R.N. and Izza J. Rudio May 30, 1877
GILLIAM, Samuel J. and Emma A. Marshall (Aug. 18, 1883)
GILMORE, Jennie and J.W. Wellingham (date unknown)
GILMORE, Maggie and Richard A. Clark (date unknown)
GILSON, Loren W. and Mary E. Campbell June 19, 1892
GLASSCOCK, R.G. and Ella M. Gibbs (June 17, 1897)
GLAZE, Annie and J.M. Franklin (date unknown)
GLAZE, Mattie S. and Jonas Franklin (date unknown)
GLAZE, W.D. and Varian Officer Mar. 11, 1886
GLOVER, Bell and Carlos Valade (date unknown)
GOAN, W.A. and Catherine Fogle Feb. 20, 1887
GOODSELL, J (I).H. and Amney Fisk Jan. 28, 1895
GOODWIN, Wm. M. and Mary E. Hinshaw (Nov. 12, 1898)
GOWAN, W.A. and Emma C. Parrish (Apr. 06, 1899)
GRABO, Jennie and Jenett W. Moody (date unknown)
GRADON, W.R. and Donnie A. Bowen Dec. 29, 1885
GRAHAM, Mary and Joseph Mullin (date unknown)
GRAHAM, S. and Mary Ince (Apr. 10, 1868)
GRAY, Jno W. and N.A. Gibson (June 28, 1886
GREEN, Cora B. and Columbia Jackson (date unknown)
GREEN, Edna J. and Fred G. Shields (date unknown)
GREEN, Elizabeth and C.G. Caspary (date unknown)
GREEN, Ella and Roscoe Shaw (date unknown)
GREEN, Sarah and William Waldon (date unknown)
GREENE, Sydney and Amelia C. Damon (April 13, 1897)
GREENWELL, Wilber and Emma V. Munjar Dec. 30, 1891
GREENWOOD, J.L. and O.E. Paine (Oct. 03, 1896)
GREGG, A.J. and Lizzie Miller (May 17, 1873)
GREGG, Mrs. Lizzie and Joseph Oliver (date unknown)
GREGG, M.E. and H.F. Pound (date unknown)
GREGORY, Emma and B.F. Campbell (date unknown)
GREGORY, Rosalie and F.M. Fisk (date unknown)
GRIFFIN, Charles T. and Katie Reeves Feb. 14, 1889
GRIFFIN, M.G. and Edna Moore (Nov. 26, 1895)
GRIFFITH, John C. and Rose Overfelt Oct. 08, 1885
GRIFFITH, W.E. and Mrs. L.B. Miller Nov. 29, 1891
GRUTZE, Sigel and M.F. Apperson Nov. 24, 1885
GUERNSEY (Gurnsey), Lena and William Lincoln (date unknown)
GUERNSEY, W.B. and Maggie Sollinger June 05, 1887
GUGLE, Eugene F. and Eliza A. Harrison (May 01, 1899)
GUNDLACK, Julia and James Norman (date unknown)
GUNTHER, Chas. and M.A. Daly June 07, 1884
GURNSEY, Chester G. and Annie H. Kelly (July 11, 1891)
GUTTRIDGE, J.S. and A. Annie Brodia Sept. 16, 1894
HACHENEY, Anton and Laura Fisk Nov. 15, 1876
HACHENEY, F. and M. Rehborn (Oct. 10, 1867)
HACHENEY, F.C. and Mattie Woods (Sept. 20, 1899)
HAGEY (Hagny), Geo. and Jessie C. Parrish (Dec. 26, 1894)
HAGEY, Millie and Andrew W. Wilson (date unknown)
HAGUEWOOD, J.J. and Julia Fisher (June 02, 1870)
HAGUEWOOD, T.J. and Amanda Brinckes (July 02, 1874)
HALD, Ida R. and Frank Brown (date unknown)
HALE, Jennie and Frank E. Shrivers (date unknown)
HALE, H.D. and Lettie Breeding (Oct. 10, 1896)
HALE, Perry G. and Mary C. Robinson Nov. 29, 1893
HALL, A.C. and Mrs. Mary Baur (July 27, 1899)
HALL, Edwin and A.E. Morehead (Mar. 18, 1876)
HALL, Gertrude and W.O. Cummings (date unknown)
HALL, Jennie and Edward Misoher (date unknown)
HALL, Mattie May and Wm. W. Bunn (date unknown)
HALL, Medora E. and D.H. Dimmick (date unknown)
HALL, Mrs. Nellie and Edward O. Woodall (date unknown)
HALL, N.S. and Daisy Franklin (Feb. 06, 1898)
HALL, Ollie and C.M. Casady (date unknown)
HALL, Sarah and S.E. Holmes (date unknown)
HALSTEAD, Albert and Myra May Barnard (Sept. 18, 1900)
HAMILTON, A.J. and George Baker (date unknown)
HAMILTON, Alma and George Shirtz (date unknown)
HAMILTON, Amelia L. and James H(W) Hewett (date unknown)
HAMILTON, Catherine and John J. Hinton (date unknown)
HAMILTON, J.N. and Martha Scroggins Dec. 31, 1885
HAMILTON, Jacob W. and Emma Shirts Aug. 08, 1884
HAMILTON, Mrs. Letta and Jacob Legler (date unknown)

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