Marriages Continued

INCE, Mary and S. Grahams (date unknown)
INGLE, Clara and Reno Aldrich (date unknown)
INGLE, Claude J. and Annie McKenna (Apr. 06, 1900)
INGLE, Estelle and Daniel Camblin (date unknown)
INGLE, George B. and Jessie E. Trowbridge (Apr. 24, 1895)
INGLE, Laura F. and Wesley Lemmons Apr. 04, 1879
INGLE, May E. and Harrison L. Tracy (date unknown)
IRVING, Robert and Amanda R. Gibbs Nov. 20, 1887
IVY, Arizona and A.B. Bowsman (date unknown)
IVY, Fanny and Nelse Oglevie (date unknown)
IVY, Louisa and Ralph Reiter (date unknown)
IVY, Sarah and Walter Snoderly (date unknown)

JACKSON, Columbia and Cora B. Green Feb. 05, 1895
JACKSON, John B. and Ella M. McCord Oct. 25, 1888
JACKSON, Pearl and James G. Sweek (date unknown)
JACOB, F.E. and Frank E. Perkins (date unknown)
JACOBI, Theodore and Fanny E. Hardy Nov. 05, 1877
JAEGER, Chas. S. and Ada M. Johnson (Jan. 11, 1886)
JAMES, Anna M. and Charles M. Rush (date unknown)
JAMES, Byron and Annie Ward Dec. 21, 1887
JAMES, Mary P. and Thomas Bain (date unknown)
JAMISON, Ella and M.L. Caldwell (date unknown)
JAQUITH, Henry and Nancy Holcomb (Feb. 17, 1872)
JARRELL, Henry C. and Mary A. Foster May 31, 1877
JARRELL, Mary and Alex Reamer (date unknown)
JELLISON, J.A. and Roda Louisa Thompson Nov. 08, 1894
JENKINS, Alice M. and Alex McKenna (date unknown)
JENSEN, Sene and Andries Hansen (date unknown)
JOHNS, D.N. and J.H. Neal (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Albert and Christie Dahl (Feb. 19, 1906)
JOHNSON, Ada M. and Charles Jaeger (Saeger) (date unk.)
JOHNSON, A.J. and Mary J. Drewett (Aug. 18, 1883)
JOHNSON, Brackett and Roselpha E. Barkley Dec. 23, 1888
JOHNSON, Cal. and Mrs. J.E. Mace Sept. 14, 1887
JOHNSON, Chas. P. and Lulu Lasswell Aug. 28, 1889
JOHNSON, Connie and W.A. Luce (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Dicea and Joseph B. Johnson (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Ed and Mary Thompson (Oct. 31, 1898)
JOHNSON, Ellen E. and W.L. Reynolds (date unknown)
JOHNSON, H.A. and Jessie Cameron (Nov. 20, 1897)
JOHNSON, Ida M. and J.B. McEntire (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Jennie and Wm. H. Johnson (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Jennie and Santfort Waldron (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Joseph B. and Dicea Johnson (Dec. 29, 1874)
JOHNSON, J.C. and Myrtle Kinzey (May 31, 1906)
JOHNSON, J.H. Elizabeth Watkins July 08, 1878
JOHNSON, J.R. and Levina Johnson July 01, 1879
JOHNSON, JOHNSON, Levina and J.R. Johnson (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Levi M. and Ella Meador July 22, 1888
JOHNSON, Melissa and E.L. Sandord (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Minnie K. and Patsy Daley (date unknown)
JOHNSON, N.E. and W.F. Laurance (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Pricilla and Samuel Hess (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Sarah and Frank P. Fleischman (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Sarah A.J. and Herman Olp (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Susie E. and W.B. Cameron (date unknown)
JOHNSON, Wm. H. and Jennie Johnson (June 29, 1876)
JOHNSON, Wm. T. (J) and Susan Ann Kimbling Feb. 23, 1881
JONES, C.W. and Jane Baker July 14, 1882
JONES, H.F.F. and Ellen Watkins July 08, 1878
JONES, Lizzie and A.J. Lofton (date unknown)
JONES, S.D. and Rebecca Macom (Feb. 12, 1884)
JUNKINS, Laura and Stephen Harer (date unknown)
JURGENS, Dora and George Schultz (date unknown)
JURGENS, Dorothea and Charles Belge (date unknown)
JURGENS, John and Catherine Dehl (July 23, 1866)
JUST, Amanda and Math Stussi (date unknown)

KAHLER, Andrew and Angeline Rudio (Mar. 25, 1873)
KAHLER, Frank and Eva Shaw (Oct. 26, 1898)
KAPP, M.J. and J.R. Landcaster (date unknown)
KEENEY, Annie E. and Charles Casey (date unknown)
KEENEY, Bart and Maggie Welch (Dec. 06, 1897)
KEENEY, H.S. and Martha Ann Shields Mar. 12, 1879
KEENEY, M.S. and S.C. Conger Dec. 20, 1882
KEENEY, Thos. B. and Ellen Snoderly Nov. 24, 1881
KEENEY, W.G. and Millie Sloan Jan. 01, 1895
KEETON, James and Annie Younger Feb. 27, 1884
KEETON, W.F. and Threse M. Gage (Oct. 18, 1897)
KELLER, Lizzie and S.E. Bourner (date unknown)
KELLER, William and Ida McKee Dec. 07, 1891
KELLY, Annie H. and Chester G. Gurnsey (date unknown)
KELLY, Catherine and Jno Zeph (date unknown)
KELLY, Katie A. and A.J. Stephens (date unknown)
KELLY, Mary J. and Leslie A. Porter (date unknown)
KELLY, Vince O. and Susie Mael Dec. 22, 1892
KELLY, William H. and Matilda McCallum (Feb. 19, 1873)
KELSAY, B.S. and Eliza Gilchrist Oct. 15, 1884
KELSAY, S.C. and Ethel Powell March 22, 1891
KENNEDY, Maud and Henry Campbell (date unknown)
KENNEDY, Theodocia and David P. Taylor (date unknown)
KERNS, Mary L. and Thos. A. Ward (date unknown)
KIDD, Wm. B. and Leetta Conger (March 23, 1896)
KIEFFER, Helen and S.S. Denning (date unknown)
KIGHT, Geo. H. and Elizabeth Sullins (May 15, 1904)
KILBOURN, C.C. and S.S. Howser (June 25, 1884)
KILLAND, James and E.J. Tucker Mar. 15, 1880
KILLICK, Emily and Abraham Eads (date unknown)
KIMBALL, Annie and Jack Yarber (date unknown)
KIMBALL, Chas. F. and Elizabeth Kimball (Apr. 04, 1874)
KIMBALL, Elizabeth and Chas. F. Kimball (date unknown)
KIMBALL, Nettie N. and Sol Yarber (date unknown)
KIMBALL, Sarah J. and Chas. Ladro (Ladron) (date unknown)
KIMBERLAND, Malvina and Orlando Hilton (date unknown)
KIMBERLING, Bessie and Fred Kinzey (date unknown)
KIMBERLING, E.W. and Clara I. Laurance (June 20, 1908)
KIMBERLING, Elmer and Alma Pruitt (Feb. 12, 1904)
KIMBERLING, Emmet and Maud________ (Mar. 02, 1896)
KIMBERLING, Hattie and Wm. _______ (date unknown)
KIMBERLING, Mary and Albert Drewett (date unknown)
KIMBERLING, Verna M. and Wm. Olp (Olf) (date unknown)
KIMBERLY, Lewis A. and Alice McGinnis (June 14, 1897)
KIMBLING, Susan Ann and William J. Johnson (date unknown)
KIME, Hattie L. and W.H. Rambo (date unknown)
KINDER, Cartes and Edith A. Dean (Doan?) Sept. 21, 1893
KINDER, J.W. and Hattie Case Oct. 08, 1890
KINDER, Mary C. and Volley B. Petersen (date unknown)
KINDER, Vina I. and W.B. Hinton (date unknown)
KING, Abe and Clara E. Bussey Feb. 29, 1888
KING, D.P. and Anna Weisenfluh (Dec. 23, 1897)
KING, Jessie E. and S.B. Hardman (date unknown)
KING, Lemuel D. and Harriett J. Gillenwater July 18, 1882
KING, Nancy C. and George H. Snoderly (date unknown)
KING, Samuel and Minnie Thomas Sept. 05, 1885
KING, W.A. and Louisa Howell Dec. 28, 1892
KING, Wm. Y. and Alice Byrd April 26, 1889
KINGSBURY, W.F. and Dollie M. Robertson Mar. 17, 1886
KINZEY, Fred and Bessie Kimberling (July 22, 1898)
KINZEY, Myrtle and J.C. Johnson (date unknown)
KINZEY, T.W. and Mary V. Cleaver (Mar. 16, 1896)
KLARNO, Susan and Ondley Saltonstall (date unknown)
KLIMANEK, Mary H. and James Bisset (date unknown)
KNIGHT, E.A. and Nellie Lockwood (Sept. 10, 1895)
KNOTT, John and Ida Anderson Jan. 09, 1884
KNOX, Everett and Mattie Waterman (Oct. 12, 1898)
KNOX, John M. and Emma Steele (Sept. 15, 1884)
KOGER, Alma A. and Wm. Thurston (date unknown)
KOONTZ, Francis M. and Henrietta (Henrictra) (Nov. 29, 1864)
KRUCKER, Louis and Rebecca T. Buckingham (Feb. 09, 1872)
KUHL,(KULH) Peter and Julia S. Sels Sept. 04, 1878

LADRO, Chas. and Sarah J. Kimball Sept. 17, 1892
LAMB, John and Ellen Day (Feb. 12, 1873)
LAMB, Joseph and Mary J. Mahon Dec. 13, 1883
LAMB, Nellie and Hugh Born (Sept. 26, 1877)
LAMB, Mrs. Nellie and Charles Cripsel (date unknown)
LANDCASTER, J.R. (K.) and M.J. Kapp Mar. 30, 1886
LANCEFIELD, Lynn V. and Maud L. Miller (Nov. 01, 1900)
LANCEFORD/LUNESFORD, Nettie and Jacob W. Miller (date unknown)
LARGENT, Mrs. Emma and James Cate (date unknown)
LASWELL, Mrs. Angie M. and J.W. Waterman (date unknown)
LASWELL, Anna E. and Ernest Waterman (date unknown)
LASWELL, Rowena and H.A. Waterman (date unknown)
LASSWELL, James E. and Angie M. Bamford (July 31, 1871)
LASSWELL, Lulu and Chas. P. Johnson (date unknown)
LATHAM, Mary L. and Thomas Venator (date unknown)
LATHAM, Sarah E. and F.B. Willard (date unknown)
LATHAM, Sarah R. and Joseph H. Bates (date unknown)
LAUGHLIN, E.K.(R) and Orral Barnhouse Dec. 21, 1892
LAUGHLIN, May and H.H. Trowbridge (date unknown)
LAURANCE, Mrs. Alice and H.H. Meador (date unknown)
LAURANCE, Anna and Antone DeSouza (date unknown)
LAURANCE, Clara I. and E.W. Kimberling (date unknown)
LAURANCE, Elijah and Angeline Deardoff July 21, 1879
LAURANCE, Eliza and Herman Oliver (date unknown)
LAURANCE, Isham and Annie V. Whittier Mar. 18, 1880
LAURANCE, James B. and Alice E. Tureman Aug. 28, 1879
LAURANCE, John D. and Ann E. Deardorff (Nov. 16, 1886)
LAURANCE, Joseph H. and Daisy C. Haywood (Nov. 07, 1908)
LAURANCE, Laura and C.A. Bradford (date unknown)
LAURANCE, Louie and Henry Hyde (date unknown)
LAURANCE, Nettie and Joseph L. Deardoff (date unknown)
LAURANCE, Robert L(S) and Maggie E. Chidsey Dec. 25, 1883
LAURANCE, Stephen A. and Alice Mae Morrison (Dec. 06, 1906)
LAURANCE, W.F. and N.E. Johnson Jan. 01, 1883
LAYCOCK, J.A., Jr. and Mattie C. Bonham (Jan. 03, 1898)
LAYCOCK, John A. and Josephine Officer (Dec. 16, 1871)
LEANS, James A. and Margaret M. Wilson June 28, 1882
LE BRET, Mary and Ward Swift (date unknown)
LE BRET, Millie and Henry Ringsmyer (date unknown)
LE BRET, Jules and Polly A. Holcomb Dec. 24, 1869
LEDGERWOOD, India and J.P. Allen (date unknown)
LEDGERWOOD, Orrin and Etna Omdorff (Mar. 09, 1903)
LEE, Louella and Elbert G. Allen (date unknown)
LEE, M.C. and S.G. Owen (date unknown)
LEE, Nora and D.M. Dustin (date unknown)
LEE, Wm. and Zepha Peter (Aug. 06, 1896)
LEGLER, Jacob and Mrs. Letta Hamilton Mar. 28, 1895
LEMMONS, Wesley and Laura F. Ingle Mar. 24, 1879
LENCE (LUCE) E.E. and Julia Officer Nov. 18, 1886
LENCE, (LUCE) Henry Clay and Eva Spurlack Dec. 16, 1886
LESTER, Chas. M. and Mary E. Miller July 17, 1892
LESTER, Eli and C.A. Baker Dec. 03, 1883
LESTER, Mary Winnefred and Frank Westlake (date unknown)
LESTER, Virginia C. and J.C. Haptonstall (date unknown)
LEVENS, O.R. and Susanna C. Montague Oct. 03, 1879
LEVERY, Ollie and S.E. Hamilton (date unknown)
LEVY, C.M. and Leonora Armstrong (Oct. 09, 1894)
LEWIS, Catherine and John Oliver (date unknown)
LEWIS, Erastus and Rena Carter May 01, 1887
LEWIS, Florence L. and George W. Parrish (date unknown)
LEWIS, Oscar (Orson) and Mrs. Catherine Light July 26, 1888
LIGHT, Catherine and Oscar Lewis (date unknown)
LINCOLN, Wm. and Lena Guernsey Feb. 25, 1892
LINNVILLE, Minnie and F.G. Shown (date unknown)
LISTER, Chas. M. and Mary E. Miller (July 14, 1892)
LIVELY, B.(D).W. and Mary F. Alexander Oct. 05, 1888
LIVINGSTON, Emma E. and Ira P. Remington (date unknown)
LIVINGSTON, Kate and N.B. Noyes (date unknown)
LLOYD, Hattie and Chas. Stone (date unknown)
LOCKWOOD, Nellie and E.A. Knight (date unknown)
LOCKWOOD, Robert and Jennie E. Nunes Feb. 05, 1887
LOFTIN, Clarissa Pearl and Hiram Gray Munjar (date unknown)
LOFTON, A.J. and Lizzie Jones May 03, 1885
LOFTON, Delilah A. and George L. Bowman (date unknown)
LOFTON, James C. and Lulu M. Sweek (Mar. 29, 1900)
LOFTON, Jane and David Carlin (date unknown)
LOFTON, S.H. and Clara H. Mulligan Oct. 29, 1885
LOFTON, Samuel and H.F. Shanks Nov. 15, 1885
LOONEY, Walter W. and Minnie E. Gallagher Feb. 14, 1888
LOORLET, Clara D. and Chas. Tilton (date unknown)
LOUNSBURY, Charlie E. and Annie B. Hough Mar. 13, 1888
LOUNY, Margareeta and Jacob Volker (date unknown)
LUCAS, Eliza J. and Walter Fields (date unknown)
LUCAS, Myrtle and W.B. Donaldson (date unknown)
LUCE, Carrie E. and Joseph H. Hilton (date unknown)
LUCE, E.E. and Julia J. Officer Nov. 18, 1886
LUCE, L.D. and E.M. Officer Sept. 03, 1890
LUCE, Ruah and M.R. Harper (date unknown)
LUCE, W.A. and Connie Joh____ (Feb. 26, 1902)
LUNCEFORD, Daisy and John F. Faulkenberry (date unknown)
LYLE, Louisa J. and C.G. Castle (date unknown)
LYONS, Florence E. and E.E. Frey (date unknown)

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