Marriages Continued

MABE, R.R. and Gracie M. Deadman (Oct. 06, 1898)
MACE, Annie S. and James A. Holmes (date unknown)
MACE, Florence E. and George Meally (date unknown)
MACE, Homer B. and Ella Barnes May 17, 1887
MACE, Horace H. and Ione E. Whiting May 04, 1883
MACE, J.E. and Cal Johnson (date unknown)
MACEY, James M. and Elizabeth Miller July 10, 1878
MACK, Helen F. and George Dollina (date unknown)
MACK, Lulu B. and Charles F. Cleaver (date unknown)
MACK, May and M. St.Clair Burke (date unknown)
MACK, R.W. and Thomas M. Ray (date unknown)
MACKEY, J.W. and Amanda Whitlock June 26, 1889
MACOM, Rebecca and S.D. Jones (date unknown)
MAEL, Ella and A.H. Bosworth (date unknown)
MAEL, J.T. and Cora Houseman (Sept. 09, 1898)
MAEL, Susie and Vince O. Kelly (date unknown)
MAGANN, J.W. and M.S.(L)Brennen Mar. 02, 1886
MAGILL, David and Sona E. Officer Nov. 27, 1884
MAGONE, Sarah T. and James A. Hughes (date unknown)
MAHON, Mary and Joseph Lamb (date unknown)
MAIN, Ellen and Peter Anderson (date unknown)
MANN, Joseph and Mary Silvers (April 14, 1892)
MANNEN, M. and Chas. Morris (date unknown)
MANNEN, Melissa and Moses Pate (date unknown)
MANNEN, Melissa and Martin McClure (date unknown)
MANWARING, A.B. and James Y. Harding (date unknown)
MANWARING, Amy and James W. Westfall (date unknown)
MANWARING, A.E. and Wm. Strobel (date unknown)
MANWARING, L.F. and Julia Deardorff (Mar. 28, 1896)
MANWARING, Sarah A. and Fleming Deardoff (date unknown)
MANWARING, Sarah A. and Thomas H. Meador (date unknown)
MARIKER, C.C. and Jenne D. Parrish (Mar. 21, 1876)
MARKHOLD, Fred and Rosa Miller Aug. 31, 1866
MARKS, Eliza and T.J. Wilson (date unknown)
MARKS, J.P. and Margaret Hedgpeth Feb. 11, 1877
MARKS, Maud and Emmet Kimberling (date unknown)
MAR(?), Ollie and Albert Hinsch (date unknown)
MARSHALL, Emma A. and Samuel J. Gilliam (date unknown)
MARSHALL, George and Viola Springer NOv. 09, 1885
MARSHALL, Lucinda and Thos. P. Snooks (date unknown)
MARSHALL, Marind and Samuel F. Allen (date unknown)
MARSHALL, Mintie and William Gibson (date unknown)
MARTIN, Amanda O. and John L. Confer (date unknown)
MARTIN, Elva and J.E. Gillespie (date unknown)
MARTIN, Lucy and Jos. Pruitt (date unknown)
MARTIN, Sally B. and Abraham Hickey (date unknown)
MASCALL, W.R. and Mary Valade (Oct. 02, 1886)
MASON, Bessie and Farquhar Finlayson (date unknown)
MASTERSON, Joseph and Hattie I. Dodson Dec. 21, 1889
MATHEWSON, D.A. and J.W. Wheeler (date unknown)
MATHEWSON, Daniel and May Ayers Dec. 25, 1894
MATHEWS, J.C. and Ida Vance Dec. 08, 1886
MATHIAS, Emma S. and C.C. Thomas (date unknown)
MATLOCK, H.J. and Jennie Wood (Nov. 23, 1898)
MATTOON, Francis A. and Olivia M. Bongtson (Dec. 23, 1896)
MC CALLUM, Matilda and Wm. H. Kelly (date unknown)
MC CAMLY, A.R. and M.J. Trimble Mar. 03, 1883
MC CAMPBELL, E.T. and Catherine Ricks Oct. 03, 1892
MC CANN, Henry and Maggie E. McNulty Nov. 29, 1877
MC CANN, Margarette S. and J. Waucop Tabor (date unknown)
MC CARSON, Letitia and W.A. Schultes (date unknown)
MC CAULEY, Mrs. Jennie and Stephen A. Tucker (date unknown)
MC CAULEY, Montgomery and Rebecca J. Deardorff (Dec. 21, 1874)
MC CAULEY, Warren and Mary E. Morehead May 17, 1879
MC CLURE, Martin and Mrs. Elizabeth McGarr July 8(2), 1881
MC CLURE, Martin and Elizabeth McGarr (date unknown)
MC COLLUM, Ellen A. and W.F. Bruden (date unknown)
MC CONNELL, Frank and Lillie R. Akin (Apr. 22, 1898)
MC CORD, Ella M. and John B. Jackson (date unknown)
MC CORD, F.L. and Ivy E. Patterson (lic. Dec. 15, 1892) Oct. 28, 1893
MC CORD, G.W. and Clara G. Thompson (May 19, 1888)
MC CORD, Millie and R.W. Bennett (date unknown)
MC COY, Edith and G.A. Rinehart (date unknown)
MC COY, Mrs. Nellie and S.J. Elliott (date unknown)
MC CALLUM, M.C. and Wm. Stone (date unknown)
MC CULLUM, Sarah and Wm. Brodie (date unknown)
MC DOWELL, Ella M. and E.A. Miller (date unknown)
MC ENTIRE, Henry and Mrs. Martha D. Campbell May 01, 1882
MC ENTIRE, J.B. and Ida M. Johnson (July 02, 1898)
MC ENTIRE, Martha D. and John A. Garrison (date unknown)
MC GANHEY, C.S. and Mary A. Senn (Dec. 03, 1900)
MC GARR, Elizabeth and Martin McClure (date unknown)
MC GILSON, Wm. and Susan Louisa Parrish Dec. 13, 1866 (date unknown)
MC GINNIS, Alice and Lewis A. Kimberly (date unknown)
MC GIRR, Barnard and Nancy P. Dunlap Nov. 16, 1887
MC GRAW, Mary and E.L. Sandford (date unknown)
MC GUIRE, L.G. and Jessie M. Dickson (date unknown)
MC HALEY, Clara J. and V.C. Belknap (date unknown)
MC HALEY, Esther J. and Barney Minkler (date unknown)
MC HALEY, Geo. V. and Nevada Cohor Dec. 29, 1884
MC HALEY, Inez and J.H. Fell (date unknown)
MC HALEY, Nettie and Earl Blinn (date unknown)
MC HALEY, Rice R. and Elizabeth A. Hubbard (Feb. 07, 1887)
MC HALEY, R.T. and Fay Hartley (Oct. 22, 1900)
MC INTIRE, Mrs. Amanda and George W. Riley (date unknown)
MC INTOSH, C.J. and Josephine Cozad (June 28, 1902)
MC INTYRE, M.M. and K.B. Leman (date unknown)
MC KAY, Geo. and Mrs. E.J. Smith (Dec. 31, 1898)
MC KAY, James and Mary E. Berryman (Mar. 05, 1900)
MC KEE, Ida and William Keller (date unknown)
MC KENNA, Alex and Alice M. Jenkins Oct. 17, 1881
MC KENNA, Alex and Mary S. Gillenwater (July 31, 1873)
MC KENNA, Annie and Claude J. Ingle (date unknown)
MC KENNA, Sarah and C.W. Daugherty (date unknown)
MC KERN, L.D. and Laura E. Stone Sept. 13, 1888
MC KERN, W.T. and Edna E. Stone Nov. 22, 1887
MC KINNEY, Wm. and Rose Dustin Feb. 14, 1889
MC KINNON, Dora B. and Emanuel Clark (date unknown)
MC KINNON, James E. and Carrie Allison June 10, 1888
MC KINNON, Lillie and Wm. H. Wilson (date unknown)
MC KINNON, Lucy and Joseph L. Baird (date unknown)
MC KINNON, R.J., Jr. and Laura Galloway (May 07, 1888)
MC LAUGHLIN, Jennie and John Mul{?} (date unknown)
MC LAUGHLIN, Maggie and I.N. Wood (date unknown)
MC LEAN, Laura and Robert J.J. Weeks (date unknown)
MC LEMAN, K.B. and M.M. McIntyre Jan. 01, 1886
MC LELLAN, Theodore and Margaret C. Herburger Nov. 13, 1889
MC MAHAN, B.T. and Nancy Can (Nov. 20, 1898)
MC MAHAN, Sarah and B.S. Duncan (date unknown)
MC MAHAN, Mary and W.P. Duncan (date unknown)
MC MASTER, Mrs. Jennie and Henry Workins (date unknown)
MC MASTERSON, Henryetta and James Young (date unknown)
MC MURPHY, Ida and James Shelton (date unknown)
MC MURPHY, Isabella and W.E. Bedell (date unknown)
MC NAMARA, Wm. J. and Anna M. Chope Jan. 08, 1865
MC NEAL, Jessie and Price Ruark (date unknown)
MC NULTY, Maggie E. and Henry McCann (date unknown)
MC NULTY, Margarette S. and Jas. Waucep Tabor (date unknown)
MC TILTON, Wm. and Susan Louise Parrish (Dec. 08, 1865)
MEADOR, Clara L. and Jas. Frost (date unknown)
MEADOR, Ella and Levi M. Johnson (date unknown)
MEADOR, G.T. and H. Allie Thompson (July 02, 1895)
MEADOR, H.H. and Mrs. Alice Laurance Feb. 08, 1892
MEADOR, H.O. and Melissa Donaldson May 08, 1895
MEADOR, Mary E. and John M. Blinn (date unknown)
MEADOR, Thomas H. and Sarah A. Manwaring (Feb. 23, 1870)
MEALEY, C.B. and Julia B. Dorr Dec. 29, 1886
MEALLY, George and Florence E. Mace Feb. 16, 1886
MENDENHALL< Martha and Irving Blunt (date unknown)
MERRETT, T.S. and Maggie M. Deardorff (Feb. 05, 1897)
MERRITT, Andrew J. and Katie E. Deardorff Oct. 20, 1892
METSCHAN, Frank F. and Grace M. Hardisty Mar. 20, 1894
METSCHAN, Valeska and Louis Evertsbusch (date unknown)
METSCHAN, Wilhelmina M. and George A. Biesen (date unknown)
METSCHAN, Phil and Maria C. Schaum June 05, 1866
MIDLESWORTH, E.M.V. and Ernest J. Bayler (date unknown)
MILLER, Cora J. and J.M. Blevins (date unknown)
MILLER, Mrs. D.B. and E.W. Griffith (date unknown)
MILLER, D.S. and M.J. Jarber Nov. 08, 1885
MILLER, E.A. and Ella M. McDowell (May 21, 1900)
MILLER, E.F. and George E. Miller (date unknown)
MILLER, Elizabeth and James M. Macey (date unknown)
MILLER, Eugenia F. and George Rader (date unknown)
MILLER, George E. and E.F. Miller Dec. 06, 1886
MILLER, J.L. and Lillie M. Chambers (Sept. 13, 1895)
MILLER, Jacob W. and Nettie Lanceford (Lunceford) May 12, 1895
MILLER, John S. and Lena Jane Smyth (Oct. 05, 1874)
MILLER, L.B. and M. Hess (date unknown)
MILLER, Lizzie and A.J. Gregg (date unknown)
MILLER, Lloyd and Jessie M. Warren May 04, 1893
MILLER, Mary E. and Charles M. Lester (date unknown)
MILLER, Mary E. and E.J. Arrington (date unknown)
MILLER, Maud L. and Lynn V. Lancefield (date unknown)
MILLER, O.C. and Lillie Belle Hardman June 11, 1879
MILLER, R.S. and Sarah A. Officer Dec. 20, 1879
MILLER, Sarah Officer and Eminger Stewart (date unknown)
MILLER, Susan and John W. Buchner (date unknown)
MILLER, Susan A. and P.O. Gerhart (date unknown)
MILLER, William and Eva F. Cozad Nov. 30, 1887
MILNIE, Mergeri and John Herburger (date unknown)
MINKLER, Barney and Esther J. McHaley (Oct. 21, 1871)
MINTON, John and Mary Rizer (Oct. 28, 1885)

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