Marriages Continued

MISENER, Edward and Jennie Hall (July 09, 1900)
MITCHELL, P.R. and Blanch Buttler Dec. 24, 1895
MOFFET, James P.(T). and Dolly Swick Mar. 08, 1878
MOFFET, Malvina F. and Chas. P. Rutherford (date unknown)
MOFFETT, Robt. P. and M.M. Gearhart Nov. 15, 1882
MOLCARE, Mollie E. and J.W. Allen (date unknown)
MONTAGUE, Susanna C. and O.R. Levens (date unknown)
MONTGOMERY, Margaret and John Sullivan (date unknown)
MOODY, Jenett W. and Jennie Grabo (Dec. 16, 1864)
MOODY, Kara F. and John H. Solinger (date unknown)
MOORE, Archie and M.C. Stockdale (date unknown)
MOORE, C. and Lillie M. Shank Oct. 10, 1891
MOORE, E.J. and A.W. Thornton (date unknown)
MOORE, Edna and M.G. Griffin (date unknown)
MOORE, Eva and E.L. Belshaw (date unknown)
MOORE, J.C. and S.A. Fields Mar. 31, 1883
MOORE, Jas. D. and Rebecca Thompson Mar. 25, 1889
MOORE, John A. and Mary Ryan (Feb. 14, 1898)
MOORE, Maud O. and B.M. Burton (date unknown)
MOREHEAD, A.E. and Edwin Hall (date unknown)
MOREHEAD, Emiline and J.H. Sater (date unknown)
MOREHEAD, Mary E. and Warren McCauley (date unknown)
MORGAN, George and Mollie A. Porter Sept. 29, 1887
MORGAN, Ollie and M.C. Carson (date unknown)
MORRELL, John and Ella Roussell June 30, 1887
MORRIS, Chas. and Mrs. Mehirde Manning Jan. 01, 1882
MORRISON, Alice Mae and Stephen A. Laurance (date unknown)
MORRISON, C.A. and S.M. Wilson (Nov. 19, 1885)
MORRISON, J.F. and Emma Farleigh Dec. 16, 1877
MORRISS, Charles and Mrs. Melinda Hannen Dec. 28, 1881
MORROW, Allie and T.H. Dunn (date unknown)
MOSS, Wm. L. and Bernie Mosier Feb. 09, 1888
MOSIER, Agnes N. and John F. Wolfinger (date unknown)
MOSIER, Arthur I. and Nettie A. Harper (Apr. 14, 1876)
MOSIER, Bernice and Wm. L. Moss (date unknown)
MOSIER, Emma and A.C. Dore (date unknown)
MOSIER, F.W. and Ida Combs Jan. 02, 1893
MOSIER, K. and H. Workins (date unknown)
MOSIER, Maggie and George Hatt (date unknown)
MOSIER, V (O) E. and Adel Chandler (Feb. 13, 1900)
MOTE, Annie and Archy Hunt (date unknown)
MOTLEY, Hattie and J.S. Worchester (date unknown)
MOTLEY, John and Harriet Pruitt (Jan. 09, 1875)
MOYES, Margaret and Charles Sarson (date unknown)
MULDRICK, John and Jennie McLaughlin July 10, 1884
MULKEY, Albert E. and Martha E. Warer (Feb. 11, 1865)
MULKEY, Harriet B. and N. Bettendorf (date unknown)
MULKEY, Syrena and E.L. Davis (date unknown)
MULLEN, Minerva and Phineus Thomas (date unknown)
MULLIGAN, Clara H. and S.H. Lofton (date unknown)
MULLIGAN, Lillie B. and Mark E. Timms (date unknown)
MULLIN, Joseph and Mary Graham (Dec. 29, 1871)
MULLISON, Ella and O.M. Wyatt (date unknown)
MUNJAR, Bertha and Dolph Bond (date unknown)
MUNJAR, Emma and Wilber Greenwell (date unknown)
MUNJAR, H.G. and H.M. Sheffield Dec. 22, 1892
MUNJAR, Hiram and Clarissa Pearl Loftin (June 08, 1907)
MURPHY, Henry and Malvina A. Balance Apr. 22, 1888
MURPHY, John J. and Ada R. Brown (Nov. 16, 1897)
MURPHY, Katie and John Welch (date unknown)
MURPHY, Lillie F. and R.W. Carter (date unknown)
MUSE, Polly V. and Byron Westerfield (date unknown)
MUSTARD, James and E.J. Sportsman Jan. [?] 1884
MYERS, Carrie and Wm. Owens (date unknown)

NARDEN, Wm. and Sarah Baker (Dec. 24, 1874)
NEAL, Angeline and H.K. Burstow (date unknown)
NEAL, J.H. and D.N. Johns May 14, 1885
NEECE, Robert and Julia Hardisty Nov. 27, 1887
NELSON, C.M. and Annie S. Anderson Dec. 24, 1885
NELSON, M.A. and James Q. Sems (date unknown)
NELSON, Nelse and Agnes Hieslane (Hiestane) Aug. 26, 1893
NELSON, Rasmus and Hannah Anderson Dec. 17, 1887
NEW, Attilla C. and Nora E. Derr (Aug. 10, 1897)
NEW, Katie and Augustus Bachman (date unknown)
NEWMAN, Ada and J.E. Gear (date unknown)
NEWMAN, S.C. and C.M. Anderson (date unknown)
NICKEY, Louisa and Frank Dougherty (date unknown)
NICKEY, Martha and Wm. Shuman (date unknown)
NIERMAN, Lewis and Kate Barkley Nov. 02, 1890
NORMAN, James and Julia Gundlack (July 01, 1875)
NOYES, N.B. and Kate Livingston (Mar. 21, 1897)
NUCE (MUSE), Robt. and Julia A. Hardisty (Nov. 09, 1887)
NUNES, J.A. and Jennie Powers Feb. 19, 1881
NUNES, Jennie E. and Robert Lockwood (date unknown)
NYE, Frances I. and James N. Peuland (date unknown)
NYMAN, Gus and Eda Benson July 09, 1894

OFFICER, Ara and Etta Young (July 03, 1895)
OFFICER, C.J. and Anna Bunn Nov. 17, 1898
OFFICER, E.C. and Mrs. M.J. Steele Dec. 16, 1879
OFFICER, E.C. and Mary A. Rounds Nov. 05, 1891
OFFICER, E.D. and Lenora Hanson (June 01, 1898)
OFFICER, E.M. and L.D. Luce (date unknown)
OFFICER, Ebon and Nora E. Warren Nov. 15, 1893
OFFICER, F.L. and S.A. Fitzgerald (Oct. 11, 1898)
OFFICER, Helen and E.S. Shefield (date unknown)
OFFICER, James and Ellie Young (Jan. 29, 1903)
OFFICER, Josaphine and John A. Laycock (date unknown)
OFFICER, Julia and E.E. Lence (Luce) (date unknown)
OFFICER, Louisa and Oliver E. Aldrich (date unknown)
OFFICER, Mamie and John O. Smith (date unknown)
OFFICER, Missouri and R.T. Snyder (date unknown)
OFFICER, Sarah A. and R.S. Miller (date unknown)
OFFICER, Sona E. and David Magill (date unknown)
OFFICER, Varian and W.D. Glaze (date unknown)
OFFICER, W.D. and Ida E. Partin (June 12, 1905)
OFFICER, Wm. D. and Nellie Gilbest Oct. 31, 1889
OFFICER, W.W. and Amy Combs (June 11, 1902)
OGLESVIE, Nelse and Fanny Ivy June 05, 1898
OLIVER, Herman and Eliza Laurance (Feb. 20, 1906)
OLIVER, John and Mrs. Catherine Lewis May 01, 1878
OLNEY, Laura R. and J.A. Carsner (date unknown)
ONYETTE, E.M. and N.W. Thornton (date unknown)
OLP, Amelia M. and W.C. Elliott (date unknown)
OLP, Herman and Sarah A.J. Johnson (June 13, 1874)
OLP, William and Verna M. Kimberling Nov. 01, 1888
OMDORFF, Etna and Orrin Ledgerwood (date unknown)
OSBORNE, C.E. and Myra Harryman Mar. 26, 1894
OSMOND, Lizzy and Daniel Chute (date unknown)
OTTMAN, F.S. and Stella B. Baker (Sept. 01, 1897)
OURROTTA, Rose and Emil Straube (date unknown)
OVERFELT, Mary A. and John A. Robertson (date unknown)
OVERFELT, J.C. Griffith (date unknown)
OWEN, S.G. and M.C. Lee July 27, 1890
OWENS, Edward and Amanda Sage Apr. 14, 1867
OWENS, George V. and Frances P. Fancher Nov. 08, 1881
OWENS, Wm. and Carrie Myers (Mar. 23, 1898)

PAGE, Anna and George W. Harkness (date unknown)
PAGE, Henry and Bertha Clark Dec. 12, 1886
PAGE, Sarah J. and Geroge W. Heckathorn (date unknown)
PAINE, Augustus and Mary Shields Dec. 07, 1890
PAINE, Loet and Florence Shields (July 13, 1895)
PAINE, O.E. and J.L. Greenwood (date unknown)
PARKER, Augusta and Byron Terrill (date unknown)
PARKER, Ella M. (Mrs.) and James T. Thorp (date unknown)
PARKER, John and Ella A.M. Aldrich Dec. 25, 1877
PARKER, Walter B. and Edra A. Witzel (Oct. 06, 1886)
PARKER, William and Catherine Cail (Aug. 11, 1870)
PARKINSON, Mary and J.W. Blackwell (date unknown)
PARKS, Dollie and C.L. Ferry (date unknown)
PARLEIGH, Emma and J.F. Morrison (date unknown)
PARRISH, C.L. and Linnie L. Chambers (Jan. 23, 1901)
PARRISH, Emma C. and W.A. Gowan (date unknown)
PARRISH, Geo. E. and Lucy Gilliam (Jan. 26, 1898)
PARRISH, George H(W). and Florence L. Lewis July 28, 1889
PARRISH, Jenne D. and C.C. Mariker (date unknown)
PARRISH, Jessie C. and George Hagey (Hagny) (date unknown)
PARRISH, Josiah L. and Nelly Emily Stone Oct. 19, 1892
PARRISH, Nellie and J.W. Gilchrist (date unknown)
PARRISH, Revena J. and John C. Errickson (date unknown)
PARRISH, Susan Louise and Wm. McTilton (date unknown)
PARRISH, W.E. and Hettie Stone (June 02, 1903)
PARRISH, Winnie E. and Victor G. Cozad (date unknown)
PARROT, Benjamin E. and Bertha Cooley (Apr. 07, 1894)
PARTIN, Ida E. and W.D. Officer (date unknown)
PARTIN, John C. and Ida E. Bonham (Dec. 17, 1896)
PATE, Moses and Melissa Mannon July 02, 1881
PATTERSON, Ivy E. and F.L. McCord (date unknown)
PATTERSON, Jennetty and Wm. H. Hartley (date unknown)
PAUL, Elizabeth A. and F.M. Templeton (date unknown)
PAUL, Emily and F.M. Templeton (date unknown)
PAUL, Minnie M. and Jas. H. Turner (date unknown)
PAUL, Wm. H. and K.I. Cochran (Aug. 14, 1895)
PEFFERS, Laura and M.D. Adams (date unknown)
PEPPER, Jane and W.W. Cowne (date unknown)
PERINE, L.B. and Fanny R. Shook (Apr. 26, 1871)
PERKINS, Chas. and Esther Fisk Mar. 15, 1892
PERKINS, Emma and Patrick J. Finlan (date unknown)
PERKINS, Frank E. and F.E. Jacobi Nov. 05, 1891
PERKINS, Fred A. and Laura E. Cameron Apr. 02, 1884
PERKINS, Nellie M. and D.W. Fisk (date unknown)
PERRY, H.J. and Amanda E. Starr June 26, 1882
PETER, Zepha and Lee William (date unknown)
PETERSON, Volley B. and Mary C. Kinder Jan. 20, 1888
PETERSON, Necoline and John Benson (date unknown)
PEULAND, James N. and Frances I. Nye (Jan. 23, 1874)
PEULAND, W.H. and Ruth Reynolds June 05, 1887
PIERCE, D. and John H. Settle (date unknown)
PIERCE, Matilda A. and John A. Cameron (date unknown)
PITMAN, Ephraim and Rachel Vinson (Nov. 14, 1870)
POINDEXTER, P.E. and Clara Sels July 14, 1887
POLLARD, Dora and Martin A. Benson (date unknown)
POMEROY, Mary E.D. and Peter Deardoff (date unknown)
POOR, Arkey and Nancy J. West Sept. 10, 1885
POPE, James S. and Emma C. Eddington Jan. 17, 1882
PORTER, Allen and Florence Burnside (June 30, 1888)
PORTER, Edith and William Wyllie (Wattie)(date unknown)
PORTER, F.H. and Wm. H. Geiger (date unknown)
PORTER, Leslie A. and Mary J. Kelly Dec. 25, 1894
PORTER, Mollio A. and George Morgan (date unknown)
POTEET, A.J. and Minerva E. Shoot (Dec. 01, 1873)
POUND, H.F. and M.E. Gregg (Sept. 21, 1897)
POWELL, Ethel and L.C. Kelsay (date unknown)
POWELL, John W. and Margaret M. Trowbridge Dec. 26, 1887
POWERS, Agnes E. and Chas. Campbell (date unknown)
POWERS, Annie W. and John H. Sayres (Sayers) (date unknown)
POWERS, Catherine and John Zepf (date unknown)
POWERS, Jennie and J.A. Nunes (date unknown)
PRESTON, Bessie and Thomas Cooley (date unknown)
PROPHET, Jesse A. and Alice Breeding Jan. 10, 1895
PRUETT, Lewis and Maggie S. Timms Sept. 24, 1880
PRUETT, Mary V. and George M. Cleaver June 18, 1875
PRUIT, Lotta and John Aydolett Oct. 14, 1878
PRUITT, Alma and Elmer Kimberling Feb. 12, 1904
PRUITT, Harriet and John Motley Jan. 09, 1875
PRUITT, Ida and M.H. Thomas June 17, 1888
PRUITT, Jos. and Lucy Martin Nov. 04, 1888
PUELAND, Wm. W. and Ruth Reynolds June 05, 1887
PUETT, Marshall and Emma M. French Jan. 12, 1893
PURCELL, Maranda I. and Emmett Barr (date unknown)
PURDEN, Owen and Fanny Stallings Oct. 04, 1888
PUTNAM, Joseph and Angeline Burstow Apr. 09, 1883

Queen, Naomi and W.E. Ayers (date unknown)

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