At a miner's meeting held in John Day district the 25th day of June, A.D. 1862 the following laws and regulations were passed to govern said District to take effect from the date of their passage.

This district shall be known as the John Day's District, the limit of which shall be as follows:

Commencing at the mouth of Canon Creek and running south to the head of the canon including all of its branches and tributaries, thence to the Middle Fork of the John Day's river, thence west to the place of beginning and shall be governed by the following laws, to wit:-

Article 1 - Each person mining in the district shall be entitled to two claims by location, one in a ravine, hill gulch, creek or flat as the case may be and one in the river and one by purchase. Every claim located or purchased shall be represented.

Article 2 - Claims in Canon Creek shall be 75 ft. up and down and from bank to bank, present occupants or owners to have choice of ground and to have until 10 o'clock Monday the 7th in st. to make such selection.

Article 3 - Bank claims shall be 75 ft. face and running back to centre of hill.

Article 4 - A creek claim shall be considered workable from the first of June until the first of November except Canon Creek which shall not be deemed workable until the twentieth of July.

Article 5 - A ravine claim shall be 150 ft. in length by 100 in width running up and down the ravine gulch and creek. Claims to have the same limits and boundaries except Canon Creek.

Article 6 - A hill claim shall be 150 ft. face and extend back to centre of hill.

Article 7 - Quartz claims shall consist of 100 ft. on the vein or lead with all its widths, depths and angles, the discoveries to hold 50 ft. extra.

Article 8 - No claim shall be deemed forfeited from the first day of November until the twentieth of June A.D. 1863.

Article 9 - Any person or persons making discoveries of new mines within the limits of this district on any unprospected creek or gulch shall be entitled to one extra claim each.

Article 10 - All persons holding claims within this district shall be required to do one day's work in every seven or the same shall be deemed forfeited. This law to take effect from and after its passage.

Article 11 - All notices on claims now located shall be renewed within three days of the passage of this law or they shall be deemed forfeited.

Article 12 - All difficulties between miners shall be decided if possible by a miner's meeting or by arbitration.

Article 13 - Any person or persons locating water privileges for the purpose of conveying water from one point to another within the limits of this district shall declare their intention of doing so by notice posted in some conspicuous place and have the line of said ditch surveyed and shall commence actual labor thereon within 7 days after the location of said water privilege or the same shall be deemed forfeited.

Article 14 - Chines or Tartars are hereby prohibited from working these mines under any and all circumstances.

Article 15 - Any person or persons shall have the privilege of a drain race through any claims or claim.

Article 16 - The first claim or claims located shall have the first right to the water running in any ditch or stream.

Article 17 - Any person taking the water from the natural channel shall when required be compelled to leave at least one sluice head of water running therein.

Article 18 - Thirty square inches of running water shall constitute a sluice head.

Article 19 - No person disabled by sickness or absent in any Indian wars shall be deemed to have forfeited his claim by reason of sickness or service.

Article 20 - All claims shall be distinctly marked by notices at the ends of bounds thereof and no more ground shall be deemed claimed than is specified in the notice which notice shall be in the name of the claimant.

Article 21 - All claims purchased shall be represented according to law.

Article 22 - When 2 or more claims join each other and worked by companies they may if they see fit work any portion thereof without forfeiting the rest.

Article 23 - No hill or bank claim shall be allowed to tail off or sluice into the river during the working season thereof to the detriment of the miners working the same.

Article 24 - All persons who may hereafter locate claims in this district shall have 7 days from date of location in which to record their claims.

Article 25 - All persons now holding claims in this district shall have 7 days to record the same from July 5th, 1862, the date of the passage of the Resolution.

Article 26 - All persons bonafide holders of claims at this time July 5th, 1862 who are absent on business shall have 20 days in which to record their claims provided their partners come before the recorders and make oath that their partners are so absent and that it is their intention to return to report themselves in person to the recorder and the recorder is empowered to administer an oath.

Article 27 - All claims not workable for want of water or that cannot be worked save to the detriment of river claims as specified in the by laws of this district shall not be forfeited provided the said claims are recorded. All laws in conflict with this are repealed.

Article 28 - "apparently missing?"

Article 29 - The Recorder shall act as Secretary at all meetings of miners of this district.

Article 30 - The Recorder shall hold his office until July 4th, A.D. 1863.

John Day's District
July 8, 1862
George Woodman

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