From "A History of Baker, Grant, Malheur and Harney Counties"
Provided by The Grant County Museum

GEORGE P. MULCAHY - While much is due to the hardy propector that endures the grief incident to finding the veins of nature's hidden wealth, still there largely devolves upon the pron[?]oter of these prospects a responsibility that is second to none in the entire operation of mining, from outfitting the prospertor to conducting the full-fledged producer. The successful promoter has to be a skilled prospector, a good geologist, a judge of ores, a mechanical engineer, and capable of judging water powers and landscapes, as well as a first class business man and always filled with that enthusiasm that will interest the capitalist. He also should be able to judge of veins, which in itself is a profession. The gentleman whose name is at the head of this article has gained real distinction in a number of lines in his business life, but as a promoter of mines he is one of the leading figures not only of our county, but of the entire northwest, having gained a valuable reputation as wide as is the knowledge of the famous camps west of the Rockies.

George P. was born in Ireland, of American parents, on November 10, 1864, and the following year was brought to Toledo, Ohio, with the rest of the family. There and in Michigan he received his education, learning also telegraphy and becoming an expert operator. At the age of eighteen he came to the Coeur d'Alene mining section and at once took part in that business. Later he entered the employ of the Northern Pacific RailwayCompany as a train dispatcher at Sprague, then managed the same office in conjunction with the Western Union at Ellensburg. While in that city he organized the development company that discovered the iron mines on the Teenaway. At the time of the opening of the Okanagan reservation he went thither and participated in the early times of stirring interest there enacted, both in mining affairs and in county organization. He was nominated for the county treasurership and doubtless would have been elected to that office had not a bitter fight as to the location of the county seat been precipitated. He was not yet of age when that nomination was made. He was connected with some of the first mining locations on Palmer mountain. From here he entered the employ of the O.R. & N. Company in eastern Oregon, and served in several responsible positions. After this he opened a real estate and mining office in Spokane and began the operations that have made his name well known in all this vast mining region and himself famous as one of the most skillful and able promoters that have ever operated in the west. He helped to build Rossland, British Columbia, has aided in the promotion of many of the finest mines in that section and has induced large amounts of capital to seek investment in the mining camps of the northwest. At the present time he is operating in Grant county and territory adjacent thereto, while his headquarters are in Spokane still. Among the properties that he has promoted may be mentioned the famous Prairie Diggins near Canyon City, as well as many in Idaho and others nearer. Perhaps no other man of the county has been instrumental in assisting materially in the up-building of the interests, not only of the county, but of the entire northwest, more largely than has Mr. Mulcahy. His judgment in regard to a prospect has rarely been found to be incorrect. Happy is the prospector when he can succeed in getting Mr. Mulcahy to take hold of his claims.

The marriage of Mr. Mulcahy and Miss Louise Richenberg was solemnized in Ruby, Washington, in 1889, and to them have been born two children, Helen U. and Grace E.

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