Places And How They Got Their Names

from "DAYVILLE - A Story Retold" by the
1972-73 Journalism Class of Dayville High School

Casey's Slide

Casey's Slide, a well-known landmark near Dayville, was named after Casey Officer who lived at the base of the hill.

There are many legends as to the origin of the slide. Some claim that it started from a few rocks rolling down the hill. Others say it was started by a water spout that hit the area, causing the soil to slide. Still others report that horses started the slide by running over the crest of the hill.

It is reported that the 14 humps or ridges on the slide represent Casey's 14 children, who slid down the face of the hill. Casey's Slide is located just east of Dayville, and can be seen plainly from most of the Dayville area.
Murray Creek

Murray Creek, which flows into the John Day River near the home of George McKay, was named after the Murray family who built a homestead near the creek.
Marks Creek

Marks Creek, which is located east of the Dalton Stewart ranch (now owned by and operated by Ed Uffelman), was named after Mark Reeves, who owned a homestead near the creek.
Ferris Creek

John Ferris gets credit for the naming of Ferris Creek, the location of his homestead. The creek flows near the Dayville City Dump and into the John Day River.
Cummings Creek

Ace and Jim Cummings lived near a creek which is now known as Cummings Creek, named after the men. The creek flows in the John Day River near the Holthouse residence.
Belshaw Creek

Belshaw Creek is named after Charlie Belshaw, who had a homestead near the creek. The creek is near Tirico's ranch.
Fields Creek

Fields Creek, which is located near the Overton residence, got its name from a homesteader named Harvey Fields. There is a campground up on the mountain which is named after Billy Fields.
Rudeo Mountain

Rudio Mountain was named after Bill Rudio, a homesteader on the mountain. Rudeo Mountain is located north of Dayville.
Sheep Gulch

Sheep Gulch, located between Mascall's and Brown's west of Dayville near Rudeo Mountain, was named after a band of wild mountain sheep that used to come down and winter in the gulch.
Venator Buttes

Two buttes behind the Sutphin residence are called Venator Buttes. These were named after a man and woman who homesteaded near the buttes. One butte is called "Pet" after the woman, and the other is "Tom" after the man.
John Young Meadows

John Young settled in this country about the same time as the Officer family. John Young Meadows are named after him.
Wyllie Creek

Wyllie Creek is named after James Wyllie, who homesteaded near the old Nodine Place, now owned by MacKenzies.
Aldrich Mountain

Aldrich Mountain is named after Oliver Aldrich. At the age of 19, Oliver was killed by Indians on the mountain. A few men from John Day paced him out of the mountains toward town, but only made it to a spot on the mountain behind the home of Lonnie Mott. There is now a white fence around his grave.
Bridge Creek

In 1875, Ace and Jim Cummings built a bridge across a creek near the home of Oliver Taylor, and named the creek Bridge Creek. They also built the first road on the north side of the river and called it the Cummings Toll Road. People paid to use the road because it was shorter than the other road.

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