New-York Daily Tribune, Friday, October 29, 1858 Washington and Oregon

The Battle of Four Lakes. - The following are the officers in command of the United States troops at the battle of the Four Lakes, mentioned in our summary of Oregon and Washington Territory, news:

Commander, Col. George Wright. Staff - Capt. Ralph W. Kirkham, Quartermaster; Lieut. P. Owen, Assistant adjutant-General; Dr. Hammond, Surgeon.

Third Artillery - Capt. Erasmus D. Keyes, Commanding. Staff - Lieut. Lawrence Kip, Adjutant of the Battalion; Lieuts. Robert O. Tyler, R.D. Ransom, Geo. P. Ihrie and James Howard.

Mountain-Howitzer Battery - One section commanded by Lieut. James L. White.

Dragoons - Brevet Major, Wm. N. Grier; Lieuts., Henry B. Davidson, Wm. D. Pendu and David McM. Gregg.

Rifles - Capts. Fred. T. Dent and Chas. S. Winder; Lieut. H. B. Fleming.

Surgeon Randolph was also in the field. Capt. E.O.C. Ord and Lieut. M.R. Morgan were with the reserve; Capt. J.A. Hardie and Lieuts. H.B. Lyon, H.G. Gibson and G.F.B. Dandy, were with the companies left as guard to the camp.

The command was to be pushed forward immediately to Spokan River, in pursuit of the hostile tribes.

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