National Intelligencer

We find published officially in the "National Intelligencer" a law establishing post roads in the different States and Territories:

Oregon: From Astoria, via mouth of the Colitz river, Plymouth, Portland, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Linn City, Lafayette, Nathaniel Ford's, Nesmith's Mills, Marysville, John Lloyd's, Eugene F. Skinner's, Pleasant Hill, to the mouth of the Umpqua river. From the Umpqua valley to Sacramento City, in California. From Oregon city, via Champoeg, Salem, Hamilton, Campbell's, Albany, Kirk's Ferry, W.B. Malay's, to Jacob Spore's, in Linn county. From Nesqually, via Conlitz settlement, to the mouth of Conlitz river. From Portland, via Vancouver, to the Dalles of the Columbia river. From Portland to Hillsborough. From Oregon City to Harrison Wright's on Mollala. From Hamilton Campbell's to Jacob Conser's, Santyam Forks. From Linn City to Hillsborough.

Shasta Courier
Saturday March 11, 1871

Hood's Railroad Surveying Party, after having completed and corrected the preliminary survey of the contemplated Oregon and California line from Tehama county through Shasta and Siskiyou to the State line of Oregon, were discharged at this place this week. Hood and Shackleford went below and remain in the employ of the Company; the rest of the party were discharged, and a number of them struck out for "Ben Holladay's railroad" in Webfoot.

The San Francisco Alta, in its financial intelligence, has the following, concerning the bonds of the Oregon and California Railroad: "Subscriptions are invited in London by the London and San Francisco Bank (Limited), for $3,000,000 7 per cent. First Mortgage Bonds of the Oregon and California Railroad Company. Capital $20,000,000. The issue forms part of a total of $10,950,000, of which $4,150,000 were issued las year in Germany and the remainder is yet to be issued, the whole is repayable in 1890 at par, with principal and interest payable in New York in gold, and free of all United States Government tax. The railway is to extend about 300 miles from Portland, in Oregon, to the California frontier, where it will join the California and Oregon Railroad, running to San Francisco and at present in course of construction; it is partly finished and the whole, it is expected, will be open for traffic by the end of 1872. The company is also owner of adjacent lands, granted by the U.S. Government to the extent of 4,672,000 acres, all very fertile, and are to be sold by the bondholders' trustees, for the purpose of paying off the Mortgages. The price of issue is 154 25 6d, per bond of $1,000, equivalent to 68 1/2 per cent. of the nominal value. This is one of the choicest securities put upon the London market. The lands are at the rate of $2 25 per acre for the choicest select farm lands in the world. The loan, will no doubt, find prompt takers. The bonds themselves are convertible into the land at the will of the bondholders, on presentation to the trustees, who hold the lands applicable solely to their redemption.

Shasta Courier
Saturday, April 8, 1871

Stage. By referring to advertisement it will be seen that Sanderson, Parker & Co., are the proprietors of the California and Oregon Coast Line Stage Company. See change of time.

Summer Arrangements - Portland to San Francisco 5 Days - Through to San Francisco in 24 hours. California & Oregon Coast Line Stage Co. Sanderson Parker & Co. Proprietors. Departure of Stages for Red Bluff & Tehama 6 1/2 P.M. connecting with the cars at Tehama

For French Gulch, Trinity Valley, Callaghan's Ranch, Scott Valley, Yreka, Jacksonville and through to Portland, Oregon, daily, upon the arrival of the lower stage, 7 A.M.

Office - At the Empire Hotel. John Craddock, Agent.

Yreka Journal
Wednesday, April 12, 1871

Sold Out. We learn that the Sacramento river mail line has been sold to the Oregon and California Stage Company, and that the latter company will soon transfer their rolling stock to the Sacramento river road. It will probably take a month yet to fix up Stations, barns etc., before the transfer can be made. This change will certainly give us much faster time from the end of the railroad, by reducing the time to probably forty hours from Yreka to San Francisco, when the roads become dry and solid. The stage company is now making a day faster time, and as soon as it is safe to cross Scott Mountain in the night, will make 10 or 12 hours faster time between Yreka and Red Bluff. The snow is melting off rapidly and it cannot be many days before staging will be good over Scott Mountain.

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