Some of the below mentioned Rev. soldiers, along with some of our Civil War
veterans are buried at the, Ky. Blue Grass Army Depot. Please click here to view
their gravesites.
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Sen. Wendell H. Ford, Ky. Sen. Mitch McConnell
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County Attorney Bobby Russell @ 101 North First St., Richmond, Ky. 40475
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"Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Madison County, Kentucky"
Prepared from a research made by Mrs. Jerre B. Noland. Typed in it's entirety from,
"Glimpses of Historic Madison Co., Kentucky," by Jonathan Truman Dorris and Maud Weaver Dorris.

James Black( -1790), a private in Capt. Warley's Co. 3rd Regiment South Carolina troops under Col. William Thompson at the siege of Charleston 1780. Buried on his own grant of land near Milford. The Black graveyard is about 150 yards above the sulphur well on the left side of the road. The grave is not marked.

James Boggs (1747- ) "James Boggs on August 7, 1778 took the oath of allegiance to the State of Delaware vs. the King of Great Britain." He had four brothers also in the Revolutionary War, enlisting in Delaware: William, Robert, Benjamin and John. He is buried in the cemetery on his own exemption. The grave is not marked.

John Boggs (1759-1847), enlisted in New Castle, County Delaware. Cornwallis retreated through the Bogg's yard. At Valley Forge with Washington. Buried in the Bogg's Cemetery on his own farm one mile south of Richmond. Grave is marked.

William Briscoe ( - 183 1), a captain in the Revolutionary War. Died in Madison Co. No marker. See Miller's Genealogy, p. 379.

Edward Broaddus 1826), born in Caroline Co., Virginia. He was a Rev. War veteran. He died in Madison Co. on the farm where he settled as a pioneer. He was buried on his farm near the Speedwell road. He was the grandfather of the late Jerre B. Noland. Grave is not marked so far as known.

William Chenault (1749-1813), served in Capt. Henry Terrill's Co. and in Col. Josiah Park's 5th Virginia Regiment. Spent the winter at Valley Forge and was in the battle of Stillwater. Buried on the Josiah Phelps' farm north of Richmond. Grave is marked.

Oliver Cleveland (1749-1844), enlisted in Revolutionary War. Was at the surrender of Yorktown. Buried in the McWilliams' graveyard ten miles south of Richmont. Grave is marked.

Samuel Cobb ( -1835), Lt. in the Rev. War in Capt. James Upshay's Co. 2nd Virginia Reg. Commanded at various times by Cols. Alexander Spottswood and Christian Febiger Esq. He was commissioned in Sept., 1776 and retired in Dec., 1778. Grave is in the Cobb family cemetery near Union City. Grave is not marked. '

Conrad Cornelison (1763-1846), enlisted in North Carolina 1779-178 1. Buried in the Cornelison family cemetery one and one-half miles south of Richmond. Grave is marked.

Robert Covington (1760-1847), pensioner, buried in Duncan graveyard one mile south of Elliston. See Miller's Genealogy, p. 649.

David Crews (1740-1821), a private in the Revolutionary War from beginning to close. Buried in the Crews burial ground eight miles north of Richmond. No information as to marker.

Joseph Ellison (1758-1830), enlisted in the I I th Virginia Regiment in 1778. Buried in the Elliston graveyard ten miles south-east of Richmond. Grave is marked.

*Capt. David Gass (1732-1806), in active service in the militia of Albemarle Co., Virginia. Was in the siege of Boonesborough in 1778. Buried near Caleast, where he, as recorded in the courthouse, gave one-half acre forever, but the spot has been desecrated and all markers are gone. Grave is not marked.

Richard Gentry (1763-1793), enlisted from Albemarle Co., Virginia. Capt. in the Rev. War. Died in Madison County.

Robert Goodloe (1741-1797), Commander of company of militia during the war. Buried in the William Goodloe burial ground two miles east of Richmond. Grave is marked.

Henry Harris (1742-1833), no information is available as to his service. Buried near Panola, twelve miles east of Richmond. Grave is marked.

John Harris (1760-1816), no service record available. Died in the swamps of Mississippi of yellow fever. Marker in the Richmond Cemetery.

William Harris ( ), of Albemarle Co., Va. Private in Virginia. Died in Madison County.

Capt. Nathaniel Hart (1734-1782), at Boonesborough in 1775. Was killed by the Indians in 1782. Buried in the north-east comer of the Lisle graveyard near Boonesborough. Grave is marked by field stones.

Leonard Heatherly ( -1836), spent the winter at Valley Forge. Buried in the Heatherly graveyard two rnfles east of Kingston, Kentucky. Grave is marked..., continuation of "Rev. Soldiers Buried in Madison Co., Kentucky",

Joseph Kennedy (1760-1844), enlisted in 1777 and served as an Indian spy and guard under Capt. Daniel Boone in an engagement with the Indians at Boonesborough. With George Rogers Clark against the Indians a Lt. under Capt. Adams. Enlisted in Capt. Hugh McGary's Co. Buried in family graveyard at Elk's Garden, his home three miles of Kirksville. Grave is marked.

Ishamm Lane (1757-1852), buried in Madison Co. and grave is marked.

Daniel Maupin (1760-1852), at Valley Forge, 1778 and at the surrender of Yorktown. A pensioner. Buried near the Alex Tribble house now known as Cumberland View on U.S. highway 25, south of Richmond.

Mathen Mullins ( - 183 6), enlisted Albemarle Co., Virginia, 1780. Served under Cols. Richardson, Irmis, and Lindsey. At the Battle of Jamestown and the siege of Yorktown. Died in Madison Co. See Miller Genealogy, p. 447. No marker.

Richard Oldham (1759-1833), served under his brother Capt. John Oldham of North Carolina. Buried in Estill Co. just across the Kentucky River from Madison Co. Estill was cut off from Madison in 1808. Grave was marked.

George Phelps (175 7-1803), nothing definite is known of his service. Buried in family graveyard off of the Red House three miles northeast of Richmond. Grave is marked.

Josiah Phelps (1755-1835), little proof of his service is available. Buried on his own plantation north of Richmond, but marker has been destroyed.

Loftus Pullins ( ) Collins' History of Ky. states that he was a Revolutionary soldier. Buried near Berea. Very old marker.

John Reed (1750-1816), signer of the Albemarle Declaration 1779. Buried two miles east of Richmond on the William C. Goodle (sic) farm, later owned by C.F. Chenault on the Irvine Road.

Charles Rice (1763-1809), was in Capt. Downing's Co. against the Indians under George Rogers Clark. A sargeant in 1782. Buried in graveyard of "Old Round Top meeting house near Old Town or Milford near the Lancaster Road. No information as to marker."

Capt. Robert Rodes (1759-1818), no information is available as to his service. Buried in the Richmond cemetery. Grave is marked.

Capt. John Snoddy (1740-1814), Capt. of militia at King's Mountain. Buried in the Richmond cemetery. Grave is marked.

Peter Taylor (1746-1812). Nothing definite is known of his service. Buried in family graveyard three miles southwest of Richmond. Located off Barnes Mill Road or reached by Tates Creek Road. Notknownifthe grave is marked.

BenjaminTurley( -1812) enlisted as a private in the 5th Company under Col. Archibald Ormes, July 1780 in Battery of Montgomery Co., Maryland. Burial place not located.

ThomasTurner( -1827), enlisted as aprivate in the Revolutionary War in Rowan Co., North Carolina. He signed the oath of Allegiance 1778. He died in Madison County. The place of his burial is unknown.

Capt. William Twetty( -1775), attacked by the Indians while with the thirty axemen cutting the Wilderness Road. Died three days later and buried within the first fort in Kentucky on Twetty's Fort. A marker was placed at his grave by the Boonesborough Chapter D. A.R. in 193 7.

Michael Wallace (1752-1809), a signer of the Albemarle Declaration, 1779. Buried just back of the Edmund L. Shackelford house (pest house) about 100 yards from the Irvine Road. See Miller's Geneology. No information as to a marker.

Galen White (1756-1833), served from Virginia 1776-178 1. Was a private at the siege of Yorktown. Buried in the White burial ground three miles south of Richmond. Grave is marked.

John McWilliams (1750-1824), enlisted in 1776 and served three years. Buried in the McWilliams graveyard ten miles south of Richmond. Grave is marked.

*Capt. Archibald Woods (1749-1836), served in the Virginia militia perhaps until the surrender of Yorktown. Buried in the Richmond cemetery.

Edward Baflard( -1835), saw service in Virginia frontier. Buried in Madison Co., but grave unknown.

Robert Burnsides ) was in the service -- see Madison County Circuit Court records. File Box 20, bundle 39. Grave unknown.

Thomas Farris was a Revolutionary soldier. See Madison County Circuit Court records. File box 20, bundle 39. '

Christopher Harris, Sr.,( -1794) served on Virginia's frontier. SeeMiller'sGenealogy.

John Johnson In Pat Kern's Company of Col. H. Lee's horse troops in Va. A pensioner. Grave unknown.

Henry Lynch (1764- ) enlisted for three years in 1780 or '81 in Virginia. Under Capt. Thomas Martin, Company commanded by Col. Fubecker in Virginia State Line. Was in service until 1784.

David Lynch ( ) had a certificate for military service on expedition against the Shawnees under command of Col. Ben Logan. Grave unknown.

James Martin, Sr. - 1799) Service unknown. Buried in Madison Co., Kentucky.

Thomas Maupin( -1855). Served Virginia State Line. Died in Madison County. Placeofburial unknown.

Henry Noland( -1807). Service on the Virginia frontier. Buried on own farm near the Kentucky river on the Red River pike beyond Old Cane Springs Church. No further information as to burial place.

Thomas Parkam ( ). Private in Revolutionary War. See Madison County Court records.

Yelverton Peyton (1755-1840) served under Capt. Joseph Renfro. Served as spy and scout at Estill's Station and siege of Boonesborough. No information as to grave.

John Phelps (1745-1798) lived at Boonesborough during the siege and helped in the defense. Place of burial unknown.

Capt. Nathan Reed Soldier of Virginia State Line. No data of death in Madison County. Grave unknown.

William Towles Terrill (1764-1830) served Capt. John Snoddy in Lincoln Co. militia. With Clarke from October 22 to November 25, 1782. Buried in the garden of the old Terrill home about three miles south of Richmond.

John Wagle Lt. in North Carolina frontier in Revolutionary War. See Madison County Court records. Grave unknown.

Aquilla White ( ) Deposition says he was of full age in 1776 and came to Boonesborough in 1779. Service on the Virginia frontier.

Bush Settlement - Clark County

The following settlers came with Capt. William Bush and settled on lower Howards Creek, Clark County: Fielding Bush Ambrose Bush Philip Bush Francis Bush Henry Cain Robert Clark Ambrose Christy Joel Embry Elder Robert Elkin Smallwood Eckton Richard French George Gordon Nicholas George John George Lewis Grigsby John Halyard Nathaniel Haggard James Hodgkin James Haggard David Hampton Richard Jones Allen Neil Elder James Quisenberry Joel Quisenberry John Quisenberry Roger Quisenberry Tandy Quisenberry, Nathaniel Ragland, John Ried, Robert Richard, James Ragland, Sr., James Ragland, Jr. Joseph Stevens Wm. Tate Wm. Wills.

The foregoing taken from a chart made from surveys in court records of Clark County by S.J. Conkwright and S.H. Rutledge.

Squire Boone's Station

Settled before 1781 by Squire Boone where Shelbyville stands today, on Clear Creek, branch of Brashear's Creek. Captain Squire Boone's Company, June 23, 1780. Partial List (stationed at the "Painted Stone," near now Shelbyville):

Squire Boone Capt., Alex. Bryant John Buckles Richard Cates Chas. Doleman John Eastwood Joseph Eastwood Jeremiah Harris John Henton Abraham Holt Morgan Hughes Evan Kenton John McFadden John Nichols Peter Paul John Stapleton Robert Tyler Abraham Vanmeter Adam Wickersham, Jacob Wickersham Peter Wickersham James Wright George Yunt.

List of names taken from depositions given in Richmond, Kentucky, 1801, 1806, 1807, 1808, 1811, 1814 by pioneers at Boonesborough (date opposite names indicates time they reached Boonesborough, according to deposition):

James Anderson Thos. Allen (Surveyor Mercer Co.) Daniel Boone, 1775 Anthony Bleasco (Surveyor) James Berry (Apr. 1779) Wm. Benton George Boone Wm. Bush (March 1775) Joseph Barnett James Bridges James Bryant (Before 1778) Edward Baxter (Col.) John Boyle (1775) Moses Bledsoe George Bedinger Squire Boone Green Clay (Surveyor, Fall of 1780) Robert Caldwell John Callaway Wm. Cradlebaugh (to Ky., 1768-1775) Wm. Cooper John Crooke (Surveyor) David Crews Elijah Crews Jacob Coons Wm. Calk Thos. Collins John Colefoot Lewis Craig David Cook John Constant Samuel Duree John Durbin John Doniphan Samuel Davis Wm. Dryden Samuel Estill (1779) James Estill (Capt. 1775) Talton Embry Sally Estill (Born at Ft. Boonesborough, Oct. 19, 1782) Boudee Estill Ben Estill Richard Epperson (1776) Joseph Fowler Robert Fleming John Farrar, 1775 (Farrons) James Finley (Mr.) Wm. Fall (Surveyor) Higgason Grubbs (Capt.) 1778 James Gates, 1776 *David Gass (Guess, Gist) Samuel Gilbert Martin Gentry Peter Guerrant Jesse Hodges (Surveyor, Oct. 1777 to 1786) Wm. Irvine David C. Irvine John Kennedy (killed fall of 1780) Wm. Kavanaugh Charles Kavanaugh (son of Wm.) Joseph Kennedy, 1776 Thos. Lanham David Lynch (Surveyor Dec. 24, 1779) Samuel Logan Abraham Lewis Lawrence Long Thos. McQuean Jesse Morris (Miss) Jacob Myers Wm. Miller Wm. Mays Thos. Mosely Thos. Miller Ralph Morgan Wm. Martin Wm. Morgan Nicholas Meriwether Neichael Overstreet Tyree Oldham John Peak, 1781 Thos. Phelps Josiah Phelps, 1776 (Son of Thos.) John Pitman Reuben Proctor Joseph Proctor (1778) Nicholas Proctor (Capt. 1778) Rachel Proctor (Widow of Capt. James Estill. Nicholas Proctor her second husband) James Proctor Yelverton Peyton, 1780 James Russel (Before 1778) Robert Rhodes James Reed Joseph Rice George Robinson Samuel Rice Dudley Stone Richard Searcy John Snoddy (1775) Asa Searcy (Gen.) John South Samuel Snoddy Michael Sherley Michael Stoner (Surveyor and Hunter, 1775) Thos. Swearingen Benoni Swearingen John Tanner (Turner) Hale Talbott Peter Taylor, 1780 Lawrence Thompson (1780) James Thompson John Taylor (Baptist Preacher) Oswald Townsend (Surveyor 1775) (Capt.) Thomas Twitty Joshua Townsend Wm. Turpin Solomon Turpin David V. Walker Joel Walker Aquilla White (April 1779) (Capt.) John Whitaker William Williams Wyate Wilkerson Richard Wells Thos. Warren Archibald Woo--(the last two letters did not copy); (Capt.) Dec. 1781; Adam Woods (135 names mentioned in deposition.)

*Names and places are spelled "exactly" as they appeared.

Captain John Holder's Company, June 10, 1779 (in Madison County, at and near Boonesborough):

John Holder, Capt. Uriel Ark Thos. Bailey Bland Ballard John Baughman G. Michael Bedinger James Berry James Bryan James Bunten John Butler John Callaway Elijah Collins Josiah Collins Wm. Collins John Constant David Cook Wm. Coombs John Dumpord James Estill Edmund Fear *David Gass Stephen Hancock Wm. Hancock John Hawiston Wm. Hays Jesse Hodges Jeremiah Horn Robert Kirkham Samuel Kirkham John Lee Charles Lockhart John McCollum Wm. McGee Ralph Morgan Wm. Morris James Perry John Pleck Samuel Porter Nicholas Proctor Reuben Proctor Pemberton Rollins Hugh Ross Bartlett Searcy Reuben Searcey John South, Sr. John South, Jr. John South, younger Thos. South Barney Stagner Jacob Stearns John Stephenson Benoni Vallandigham Daniel Wilcoxson Moses Wilson.