Randolph County, Missouri ~ May 1941, Fannie L. Cave Situated 12 miles South of Moberly on the Moberly Harrisburg Road. Information: From old minute book in the possession or Kelley McCuen, also some information from Arthur Bradley, whose parents were among the early members, and from Mrs. C. L. Willis of Moberly, Mo., who is a member of the present day church.

The first "Church of Christ" was organized in 1859, by Elder John McCuen and Elder White. The first church building was built on the north side of the cross road. The new church, built in 1905, was on the South side or the same cross road. This same church was burned and totally destroyed Feb. 22, 1941.

The first church organization grew and harmony, for the most part prevailed until in the early days or 1900. Some of the older members believed that as everything had progressed, the church should change its name to "Progressive Church of Christ". This was not to be thought of by the original members, who said the name was taken from the Bible, and they believed there was only one "Church of Christ". The Progressives wanted to have instrumental music in the church and this was not to be considered by those or the early church.

The controversy caused a rift and a division among the members ensued. The progressives still continued to worship in the old building, and called their organization "The Christian Church".

Those who adherred to the old form built a new church buiding in 1905, still retaining the name of "Church of Christ". This organization was partly formed from the members of "Pershe Church" in Howard County. As the years rolled on, most of the members who had left the mother church returned, and today it is said that this is a very alive and active church. It has a membership of over 150 with an average attendance or 100. Reverend Searcy White is the Pastor in charge.

Very soon after the burning of the church in February of this year (1941), the elders and Trustees met and decided to start building their church at once. The work is progressing rapidly and it is hoped that within the next two months the church building will be completed.

This church is located twelve miles from Moberly and about 18 miles from Harrisburg. One hardly expects to find so active a church with a membership as large as this one enjoys, so far from a village. The enrollment of the church is 342. Just lately there have been 2l additions. There is an active $unday Shool. Servioes are conduoted every Sunday. The old order of services is still religiously carried on.

The Deed to the first Church was given by John Lewis, grandfather of Mr. Arthur Bradley. This property was donated. John MoCuen was the first minister in the old church.

Following is a partial list of the charter members of the first church:- John Lewis, S., Patience Lewis, John Lewis Jr., Thomas E. Brooks, Susan H. Hardin, Willie Bogie, Mary McCaully, Mahala Roberts, Eliza Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cable.

The land for the new church was donated by Henry White and Ben Sumpter. The Trustees of the new church are: Earl Lewis, Leo Wills, Mr. Clifford, Henry Lewis and Orby Goslin. Earl Lewis and Leo Willis are elders.

Among the pastors who have served the church are found the following names. Bro. John McCuen, John Lewis, Stevenson, Grey, Raymond Sumpter, Semple and Roy Bradley. Some of these have served more than once. The present pastor is Rev. Searcy White.

The writer of this article begs to be excused in omitting any names either of the members or of those serving the church. Dates and names are hard to find.

The Members

THE CHURCH OF CHRIST: Organized at "FAIRVIEW", Randolph County, MO.; May 7, 1859 by Elder John McCune and Elder William White.

May 7, 1859 Charter: John W. Lewis Sr., Patience Lewis (Davis), John F. Lewis (son of above), Margaret A. Lewis (wife of J.F.), Joseph Lewis (son of John & Pacience), Emily Lewis (wife of Joseph Gess), Thomas S. Bradley (Smith Bradley), Barbara E. Bradley (wife of Smith), Susan H. Hardin, Sarah Hardin, William Bogie, Sarah Bogie (Lewis ?)(dau of John & Pacience?), Mary J. McCaulley (gr. dau. of John & Pacience), (transfer from Redtop), Mahala Roberts, Eliza Lewis (widow of Jesse McClain), Elvira Lewis (dau of Jesse & Eliza)

June 11, 1859: George B. Dunnam, Nancy J. Dunnam

Aug. 14, 1859: Elizabeth Buckler (Lewis, dau of John/Pacience), Malissa Ridgway, Liz J. Davis, Harriet Davis (Lewis), Hannah Sweezer, Nancy Smith, Termelia Haggard, Malinda Roberts

Nov 9, 1859: David B. Roberts, Susan Taylor, David Baker, Emily Baker, Anderson Davis, Martha E. Davis, Turner Baker, Margaret E. Jones, Martha J. Jones Nov 10, 1859: Sintha A. Lewis (dau of Nathan), Martha Lewis, Ellen Davis, Susan E. Bailey, William Fowler, John Roberts, William Roberts, Terry Smith, John B. Smith, Holland Baker

May 12, 1860: Elizabeth Spurlin

Sept 10, 1860: Zacariah Rollin, Elisabeth Rollin (this should be Rowland), Thomas D. Bailey, Sarah E. Bailey, Malinda Tapp, Ailey Ridgway, Margaret Smith, Joanna Smith (Buckler, wife of Richard), Nancy Sweezer

Sept 11, 1860: Caroline Smith

Nov 12, 1860: John C. Love, Liza J. Love, Asa K. Hubbard, Thomas Hubbard, Nancy Hubbard, Berry Davis, Ellen Hern, Susan Coats, Tarthena Roberts, Martha Smith, Toke Smith, David Sweezer, William W. Buckler (Washington, Wash?), John T. Lewis, Thomas M. Bradley (son of Smith), John Sweezer, Robert Coats, Emiline Bailey, Martha T. Smith, Smira Hirndau, Sarah E. Lewis ( of John F & Margaret), Pacience Lewis (dau of Nathan), Lucinda Lewis (m. John Vance, m.2nd Henry Kimbrugh), Sarah A. Lewis, John L. Lewis, Marian Sweezer, Sarah A. Sweezer, Thomas Roberts, Squire White, Danial Smith, Anna E. Roberts, Malissa J. Bradley (dau of Smith), Van B. Roberts, Ann Johnson, John T. Roberts, Joseph White, Mahilda A. Lewis, Stephen Collier, Mary E. Hardin, William Rollin, John W. Brown, Jesse Lewis Jr. (son of Jesse & Eliza)

Nov. 3, 1861: Abraham Smith, Asra Smith, Sarilda Hardin, James H. Hardin, John J. Ridgway, James Ballard, Daniel Roberts, William Johnson, Margaret E. Barton, George N. Myers, Margaret Swetnam

July 6, 1862: James Larance, Mary Vance, Nancy Hardin, Volincy B. Bohannan, Matilda Bohannan, Liza J. Roberts, Martha Lewis

April 14, 1866: G.W. Anderson, H.T. Buckler (son of Martin G. Buckler/Elizabeth Lewis), John Vance (m. Lucinda Lewis), Martin G. Buckler, Susan A. Embree, James Hamiton, Nancy D. Embree, Martha L. Hamilton, Martha T. Tiles, Susan J. Hamilton, Matilda E. Fowler, Cathern A. Garvin, Manerva E, Garvin, Genetta Garvin (Brooks, wife of 5), Sarah E. Osburn, Beverly F. Osburn, David Tiles, Stephen H. Garvin, James G. Garvin, Hesaciah Hamilton, Susan Hamilton, Collumbus Bohannan, John McCune Jr, John McCune Sr., Sarah A. McCune, Joseph McCune, Henry Hamilton, Sally B. Hamilton, Napolian B. Fowler, Manda J. Lewis (m. William Wright Bradley), Ellen Davis Sr.

Jan. 26, 1867: Malinda Naylor, Roda Muir

July 26, 1867: William McCune

Aug. 22, 1868: James Bradley, Sarah E. Bradley

Aug 23, 1868: Martha J. McCune, George Angel, James J. Angel (son of Geo.), William W. Bradley, Mary L. Lewis

Dec. 24, 1868: Thomas Buckler, Fanny Embree

Mar. 9, 1870: Nancy J. Lewis (Lay)(Couley) m. John, David S. King, Elisabeth King

Aug. 15, 1870: Matilda Lewis, Lueasy Whitmore, John Cleeton, Liza Jane Cleeton, Mary Roberts, Mary E. White, Sarah A. Roberts, Alick Roberts, Hampton B. Bradley (son of Smith), Enoch Ridgway, Squire Bradley (son of Smith), Elizabeth McCune, Larkin Robb, James W. Lewis, Sarah A. Lewis, Calib Haggard, John W. Smith, Laura King

Jan 28, 1871: Sarah Nagle, Nancy J. Young, Martha E. Young

June 23, 1871: John Naylor, Mary E. Bailey, Francis Bradley (Francis Patience Buckler m. Smith Bradley), Elisabeth Bradley, T.G. McCully, Mary E. Buckler, Sarah McCune, Ellen McCune, Elisabeth Cleeton, Berry Davis Jr., Manerva Lewis (McClain ?, wife of Nathan), Mary A. Ridgway, Mary Palmer, Thomas Farris, Margaret Farris (Davis, dau of Madison & Serelda McCauley), Melvina Smith, William C. Clark, Esra Lewis, Elisabeth Lewis (Bradley), John Whetston, Mima Whetston, Margaret A. Haggard, Luvisa Jane Brundig, Sarah R. Buckler, Elliott Davis, Francas Davis, Sarah E. McCauley, John Buckler (son of Martin G & Elizabeth Lewis), Jesse Q. Perkins, Betty Perkins, Francis Bradley, Mathew Perkins, Benjamin Sumpter, George E. Lewis, James Lewis, John White, William White, Harriet Sherly (Lewis, m. F. Marion Sherly), Sally Sperlin, Annie Fowler, Vianna White (mother of Green), Samuel Jarman, Ellen Jarman

Sept13, 1879: Madison Davis, Serelda Davis (McCauley, dau of Samual and Cynthia Ann Lewis), Joseph Embre, Jesse Fowler, John T. McCauley (son of Samual and Cynthia Ann Lewis), John F. Bradley, Green White (m. Martha E. Lewis), Isabella Davis, Mary E. Bradley, Arthusa Davis, Mary Trogdon, Manda Bradley (repeat), Lucy A. McColley (McCauley?), Ellar Perkins, Mag Lewis, E.D. Angel, Annie Smith, Nancy C. Brazier?, Crecy Wright, Jasper J. Brundige, James Sumpter, John Nagle, Marion Sherly, John Trogdon, Caleb Embre, Savanna Embre, John J. Patrick, Ann Patrick, Wm. H. Coats, Jane Sweezer, Lina Lewis, Jane Hamilton, Orpha Hamilton, Sarah M. Lewis, Lou Perkins, Jacob Bias

Nov 27, 1881: Tarthena Buckler (Parthena?, dau of John L), James F. Bogie, Louisa F. Bogie

Dec. 15, 1881: M..F. McClane, Agnes Bradley, Lucy E. Davis, Genette L Buckler (Vernetta?), Lorena Nagel, Susan Conlin (Conley), Thomas Whitmore, Sarah E Bradley (repeat)(Lewis), Mary E.Cox

Sept 1884: Ellen Edwards

Oct 1884: George W. Bradley

Nov, 1884: A.J.Kannatzer, Lelah Kannatzer, J.A. Hendren, William Buckler, John McCune, Ellen McCune, Anderson Davis, Martha B Davis, Robert Sumpter, Fanny Buckler (dau of John L), Jannie Buckler, Lena Lewis, Jennie Whitmore, James Kannatzer

Oct. 1885: Newton Adams, Arthusa Adams, Isabel Adams, Manerva Sherly (dau of Harriet Lewis & Marion Sherly), Isabel Adams

May 1886: Sallie McCune

July 1886: Jesse Q. Perkins, Betty Perkins

Sept 1886: James Morton, Lucinda Kimbrough (Lewis), Wm. Kannatzer, Lueller Fowler, Eller N. Hamilton, Florence B. Buckler (dau of John L. & Eveline Gipson), George W. Bradley, Hibert Bradley (son of Smith), Eliza Harman, Wm. Robinson, Mary B. Sumpter

Oct. 1887: Eller Ridgway, Mary F. Smith, Rosa White, Richard White, Charles Sumpter, Minnie Sumpter (dau of Benj & Patience Ellen Lee), Fratie Sumpter (dau of Benj & Patience Ellen Lee), John Haythrnan, J.B. Haythman, Sarah B. Embre

Nov. 1888: Waller Buckler, Lora Bradley, Maggie Buckler, Lucy Bradley, Virginia Lewis (bro & sister), Clifton Lewis (bro & sister), James S. Davis, Mary A. Davis, Cassie Davis, Bluford Lewis, Wm. T. White, Martha White, James L. White, Henry White, Squire H. White, M.T. Embre, Henry Slauter, Lucy E. Cable, W.C. Williams, James F. Smith, Thomas M. Bradley (son of Smith), Sarah B. Bradley (Lewis), John S. Bradley (son of Thomas M., father of Omar N. Bradley), William Bradley, A.J. Barnes

Oct. 1889: James F. Cleeton, Emma J. Cleeton, Mary White, Joseph Sumpter, Levi Brakehill, Ezra Lewis

1890: Annie Ridgway

June 1890: Jadie White

Nov 1890: Agnes Slaughter, _____ Sutliff, _____ Sutliff, _____ Sutliff, John R. Sutliff, Silas Bradley, Nancy Kenatzar, Amanda Kenatzar, Mary Slaughter

Oct 1891: Jackson White, Ozella White, Nellie Sumpter (dau Benj & Patience Ellen Lewis), Ollie Sumpter (dau Benj & Patience Ellen Lewis), Luella Slaughter, Wm. Smith, Mattie Buckler, Mary A. Farris

Oct 1893: T.G. McCully, Matilda E. McCully, Sarah C. McCune, J.W. McCune, Kelly McCune, Carie McCune, Susie McCune, Samual McCully, John McCune Jr., Elizabeth McCune, Lou Bradley, Yourith Bradley, Odus Bradley, Thomas Bradley, Richard White, Oliver White, Goly Stephenson, Holice Lewis, Emit Farris, Laura Duncan, Annie Slaughter, Nicholas Farris, Pearl Osborne, Versie Osborne, Daisey Whitmore, Ottice Fowler, Charley Sumpter, Hardin Cable, Tommy Smith

Sept 1896: Nancy J. Fowler, Betha Regway, Sopha Eubanks, Barber Eubanks, Nora Harris, Dora Harris, A.L. Bradley, Roas Stone, Lizzie Stone, Alice Stone, Eller Embree, Bennie Bradley, Bennie Strean, Jasper Kannatzar, Jesse Kannatzar, Anthony Fox, Girtrude Fox, Joseph Fox, Mary Chaney, J.S. Sperling, J.L. Jones, David Harris, Mitchell Roberts, Katie Pattern, Hilbert McCune, Hiett Vance Ada Vance

1898: Joshua Bogie, Lelar Bogie, Sarah J. Croughs (Cross ?)

Nov 1898: Milton Bradley (Uncle of Gen. Bradley), Mamie Bradley, Benjamin Duncan, Susie Slaughter, Eva Lewis, Iva Lewis, Nannie Harris

1899: Meda White, Lillie Smith, Henry South, Bertha Embree, Nancy South, Paul C. Smith, Bessie Gentry, Dora Embree, Sadie Bradley, Lillie King, James W. Gipson, Willie Smith

1900: William Sumpter

Boswell Note: It is said that John Lewis Sr., my gr-gr-grandfather donated the land for the original church and cemetery, and that he is the first person buried there. Each member of the Lewis family that I have talked to always claims his gr-grandfather is the one, but we know that this land belonged to John Lewis at about the right time. He died in the 1860's, and athough there is no stone to mark his resting place, it seems reasonable that he could have been the first person interred here.
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